What I Got For Christmas 2013

Hi Everyone, So I hope you had an amazing christmas, I think we can all agree blogmas faled a little but I did try my best with it. Todays post is a what I got for christmas post, I love reading these posts so thought my readers might also enjoy it as well. Just want to throuh out there i'm really not trying to brag in anyway and i'm so thankfull for everything I did get. If you have done one of these posts please let me know so I can cheek it out. 

So to start off this is the stuff I got from my mum and dad. 
Create a bear- now i'm almost 18 but I still love bears I still go to build a bear and all that but my mum thought it would be nice to get me this so I could do it all myself I actully made her on christmas day. 
Lipsy leperd print bag- now I really was not expecting this at all, I love this alot and cant wait to use it. 
walet- I was actully with my mum when she got this but I really thought it was for my sister but I love it and have started using it allready. 
Slippers- these are nice christmas print slippers, I got 2 pares of slippers this year and warm socks as everyone knows I have really bad serculation in my feet and hands. 
Fairy enchanted mug- love this mug
welly socks- got 2 pairs in this set, love welly socks as there lovely and warm. 
Kindle fire case- mine is pink and pretty and I love it
Kindle fire- me and my sisters got kindle fires this year and so far im in love. 
I got one more thing from my mum and dad but it was too big to add, I got a pin and white board. 

from my grandma on my mums side I got primark boot slippers which I love, she also gave me money as well
and from my gran and grandad on my dads side I got the glow by jlo, hanckys and some chocolates which I have actully given to my mum and dad as I cant actully eat them. 

From anties and uncles I got some really lovely things. 
A betsey johson makeup bag set- this is beautiful and I really like it, with this I also got a caberys selection 
A dotty purple bag
and a watch and lovely E necklace 

My sisters got me some lovely things, 
Rebecca got my an Infinire watch its lovely its gold and it sparckles perfect for me haha, I did have to get some links out as it was far to big but now its perfect 
from Rachel I got a E bangle (see a theam) and this beautiful iphone case from miss selfriges. my sister works in miss selfrige and I was in in the beginning of the month and saw this and loved it and I guess she remembered. 

from my mum best friend I got a Celine Dion perfum set 
and from my best friend Amy I got far to much and im So greatfull for it and she is amazing but I did give her into troble for getting me so much. she got me the Urban decay vice 2 palette now I have had my eye on this for ages and its so amazing I cant wait to use this palette, Thank you so much amy for this palette, she also got me the snowflake cookie yankee candle a beautiful mask and a pop art lip balm. I love all this stuff so much. 

then lastle my stocking fillers. Now I will name the items but not go into detaile. 

I got Mustash bottle, touch screen gloves, a diary, manacure set, glutin free cookies, braslet, soft and gentle, fairy snap, butterfly pins, sheep pencil, owl contact case, fairy mirror, fox gloves, pocket light, bunch of sweets, tishues and 2 morgan tallor nail polishes in seal the deal and all the right moves. 

I love everything i got and say thank you to everyone who said happy christmas and sent cards and everything. If you enjoyed this post let me know and if you want me to do something simmeler for my 18th please let me know as well. 

Blogmas #18 | my favorite christmas Smell

Hi everyone, im so bad at this blogmas shindig I keep missing days so its like bloging every second day instead of every day but now I promiss I will try my best to blog the next 5 days. omg that sounds so close cant beleve its only 6 days till christmas... have you all got your christmas shopping done, if not what i'm about to show you might make a lovely girft. 

now I have never blogged about a candle before but this candle is a yankee candle that I got last year on boxing day for only £2 and I didnt light it at all untill this monday passed as I have been keeping it for this years christmas, I love candles but I dont light them very offten unless its christmas or there is a power cut but ohhh well even I cant resist the christmas sented candles. now this one is called christmas cookey and it smells devine a nice sweet smell that isnt too over powering or sickly. christmas cookie is luckly out again this year and im pretty shure my friend Amy has bought be the smaller one as part of my gift, you can get this candle in many sizes fairing in price and can find there at yankee candle and clinton cards and many other places as well. 

I have actully just maid some glutin free christmas cookes so if you want I will do a post with the resapy? 

Blogmas #16 | Urban Decay Naked 3 First impressions

Hi everyone, Sorry I missed yesterday, im not to good with thi blogging everyday thing, haha. anyways todays post is a post im very exited about it my first impressions on the urban decay Naked 3 palette, now this post is litraly a first impressions as I got home from work 45 mins ago and thats when I opened this up and god im already in love with it. 

First of packaging. I like the outer packaging and the palette packaging better than the other too as this one is card board packaging with the colours in the palette on it, is it just me or dose everyone else like that. also I like how they have maid this palette bumpy and my favorite colour rose gold. 

this palette also comes with a sample of all the urban decay primer poshions. I love urban decay pp anyways as it makes your eyeshadow stay all day with no faiding no creasing and no going anywere, if you dont have it you need it!!!

now as for inside this palette, we have a brush which is nice its quite like the one we get in naked 2 but this one is better quality and nicer shape. you also get your 12 colour like the other palettes ranging from the light to the dark. this palette is more rose toned and I really like all the colours way more than the other two, dont get me rong though i love love love my other 2 nakeds but you know I think everyones the same when they get a new palette and there like this is amazing my new favorite. but yes the colours in this are beautiful and I cant wait to were them, I wont be wering them tomorrow though as im going to be using some bright colour which may be a bit ott for work but strate after work im going to be doing something every exiting so I need to look a sertin way, You will learn more about that at some point though but all you need to know now is to please wish me luck!.

so this palette is avalable now, not sure on stock but you may want to grab it as soon as you can because like the other naked palettes it is highly wanted and its not going to stay in stock for long. 
avalable at urban decay websight, debenhams, beauty bay, house of fraser, sophora and urban decay counters. 
this palette retails for £37 

so what urban decay naked palette do you like best? I will be doing a comparasing post in a week or so after xmas though. 

Blogmas #14| Nail polish loves for winter/christmas

Hi everyone, sorry about no post yesterday like I said on thursday I have been down to england visiting family and got home today after a wonderful day and a half down there with my lovely grandma and my grandma and grandad as well. 
so over my time down there I have decided that im not going to be blogging christmas eve or christmas day as on christmas eve i'm actully at work then its family fun time so I dont really want to blog that day and christmas day there is really no need to explane that but you know, I will be takeing pictures of my christmas like I did last year though. 

any way its after today I only have 8 more blogmases for you, crazy the time is going to fast its unreal, but I have a busy week ahead so its going to be christmas before we know it. 

Todays post is my nail polish loves for christmas. this christmas i'm so into glitter its unreal and what else is unreal is I have actully just bought these 5 polishes in the past week and a half. 

so I have two makes of nail polish in this post and there both avalable at sallys. we have some china glaze and some morgan taylor. starting from the top of the wheel. 
Your Present Required- this is a glitter packed clear nail polish with a mix of white blue and purple chuncky glitter. the white glitter looks like snow so I really love that. 
Be Merry Be Bright- this again is a glitter packed clear polish with a mix of smalish purple and pink glitters, its very pretty. 
Put a Bow on it- this is so pretty it needs 2-3 coats to get glitter delishios nails, im debating over this one and the next colour for tusday. 
New York state of mind- this polish is amazing its just amazing its black with a tone of multy colour glitters in it its amazing and so pigmented with 2 coats. 
Whos that girl- thi is a purple glitter polish its very christmasy and lovely with just 2 coats its a beauty. 

so thats the nail polishes im showing you again, I have a few posts in mind but would love some suggestions. also please let me know if you want to see a what i got for christmas post and a what i got in my stocking post? 

Blogmas #12 | Christmas gift guide for him

Hay everyone, its blogmas day 12 today!!! its getting so close to christmas im so exited. I'm heading down to england in a few hours and wont be back till saterday night so I wont be doing a blog post tomorrow but will be back on saterday with hopfully a good post. 

Anyways for todays blogmas im doing the Christmas Gift Guide For Him. 
I found this quite hard to do as i'm a girl but just thought of a few things so I will share them with you. 
1. A red lether retro radio. this one is avalable on ebay store for £39.99. my dad has asked my mum for a good radio this year so she has got him a red lether one, not shure if its the same as this one but its a idea. 
2. mens socks, Every male needs socks as lets face it men seem to make holes in socks faster than woman. you can pick up good socks from places like sports direct for around £4
3. a watch. I have asked for a watch like you saw in my wishlist but all men seem to like watches too my dad likes a good watch so thats another idea there. 
4. a phone case, this ones a cute christmas male iphone case, but you could get him one with like his fave sport ect on it for his one tipe phone. these ushaly vairy in price from like £1 to £10 
5. lynx deo gift set, lets face it if you find it hard to find something there is no harm getting a deo gift set. these are like £2.99 or so in home bargains right now. 
6. and finally a onsie, my dad wants one most people have them I love mine so its a nice gift defently if you have a pj trodition at christmas. 

anyways that that for my male gift guide. hope it helped even just a little bit. 

Blogmas #11 | Breakfast At Tiffanys

Hi everyone, so I have decided insted of the post I was going to do today which was going to be a christmas gift guide for men, that will be up tomorrow but I have decided to do a post about my breakfast at tiffanys photoshoot. 

A few weeks ago me, Fiona (photographer) Charlie (model) and Amy who is a designer and my best friend were doing a poison ivy photoshoot in the amazing emp studio. I was doing the makeup in the makeup room when Amy came in saw a canvice of Audry in breakfast at tiffanys and said to us that it would be good to re create that, me and charlie agreed and taked to fiona who liked the idea as well, so a date was set for the shoot to be the 8th of december which also would be our last shoot of the year, because as you may know im very christmasy and very family orintated so like to spend as much time with them in december that I can. 

Anyways on the 8th of december we hedded to glasgow all exited for our shoot, I did the makeup and hair and Amy styled And the amazing charlie turned in to Audry. Keith and Fiona were our photographers and I think they have captured the image to a T. Anyways the picture in this post is my favorite from the shoot and my mum might be getting it put on canvice for my 18th. 

I have been seeing alot of breakfast at tiffany things the past week so i'm thinking it must be fait. 
wish us luck as we have sent these images into a magazine. 

do you like the image, dont you think Charlie maid a exelent Audry. 

I love our raindeers, this is the first year we have been able to get them on the wall. 

Blogmas #10 | My Christmas Wishlist 2013

Hi everyone, I can not beleve its day 10 all ready and its only 14 days till christmas, Im really exited but as soon as next week is over i'm going to be buzzing but i do have to work the 23rd and 24th :( also im working all next week as well so i'm not to happy about this as I want to enjoy the christmas spritit and would of liked to have been asked if I wanted the extra shift of not but oviosly they dont really care so ohhh well guess im working, atleast im off christmas day though and it will come fast too like the rest of this year has been.

anyways today blogmas post is my christmas wishlist 2013. 
1. A owl contact lens case, As you may know about 2 months ago I started wering contact lences when my eye doctore told me my sight had gotton alot worse and I would have to were glasses full time. Now I like my contacts but really want this cute little case to hold them in. it retails for about £4
2. Rose gold watch from miss selfride, I love this watch and need a new watch and this remids me alot of the micheal kors watch. its £20
3. Urban Decay Vice 2 palette, This is a beautiful palette and I love all the colours and it would be amazing to have in my kit. its £42 
4.any morgan taylor nail polishes, If you saw my last post you will know im in love with the new morgan taylor nail polishes evelable in sallys for about £4.75
5. Kindle Fire, this is the top thing on my wishlist, I really want a kindle fire as I travel alot and think it would be really good to hold my port folio on. £99 on amazon.
6. Iwata Eclipse airbrush gun. this is actully something im going to buy with my money after xmas, its something I need as my iwate neo is not powerfull enoth for a body paint. its about £120
7. urban decay naked 3 palette. again im going to be buying this on monday as soon as it comes out as I really dont want to miss it. £37

so thats my wishlist for this year. Would you like to see a christmas "haul" ? 

Blogmas #9 | Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

Hi Everyone, I have got a review for you today, On the Morgan Taylor nail polish brand, Its a newish brand that came out this year and its avalable at sallys and I think thats the only pleace its avalable in the UK.

Morgan Taylor nail polishes are 15ml and have a cool shape bottle and are a high end brand retailing for like £10 to the public and like £4.75 to sallys traid members. Morgan Taylor have a big range of polishes including many glitter polishes which I love. They are very fast drying and dont chip much but if your wering glitter nail polish its best to put on a top coat. I personaly have 3 jobs and all my jobs are chalanges for nail polishes, so today at work I did chip it a little and ended up picking at my nails all day, this always happens though but I have tried nail polish remover with asitone on this glitter but its very very hard to remove. 

the two colours I own so far are Whos that girl? and new york state of mind. there both purply of corce as everyone knows I love purple. Out of them both I like new york state of mind the best and its the one that didnt chip at all so I love it even more. 

these polishes are full of glitter and are very opace neeing just 2 coats to get a nail of full on glitter. Im personaly very very in love with this brand of nail polish, its amazing and I think there glitter polishes are so much better then OPI. (please donk kill me though its just me personal opinion)

anyways thats my day 9 of blogmas, hope you enjoyed, if there is anything you really want to see in blogmes let me know. as i'm starting to run out of post ideas but I have enothe idease I hope for this week. Its only 15 days till christmas and 14 more days of blogmas and i'm very exited, who else is exited?

our hanging star

Blogmas #8 | Stocking Filler Gift Guide

Hi everyone, Todays blogmas is a little bit late but its still the 8th so its ok, I have been at a photoshoot all day so been a bissy bee. todays shoot was amazing and was inspired by Audry Hepburn, If you want to see the pictures they will be up on my facebook later this week. I also will post a few on my instagram. 

anyways today's post is my second gift guide of the year and its my stocking filler gift guide. I have only added 3 things to this gift guide but today I have found a tone of cute things but I do think stockings are not things you can really plan. 

1. China Glaze christmas collection. My dad has bought some of these for my mums stocking with my help there beautiful colours this year and I really want some in my stocking as well as another brand of nail polish which im going to be talking about in tomorrows blog post. china glaze is on 3 for 2 in sallys right now and retail around the £4.50 (traid). 
2. Urban Decay Glitter eyeliners. these are a love of mine right now, I own 2 and there amazing, the new formula is brill. these are around £14 but are a great product. 
3. Lynx this is just in general any deodurant, mens or femails. great thing to put in a stocking as everyone needs deodurant. fairys in price though. 
4. Fluffy Socks. a must have for any stocking our stockens are never compleat with out fluffy socks, my mum always gets ours at primark, reatail about £2 
5. Hotel Chocolate raindeer, these are really cute and hotel chocolate is one of the best kind of chocolate in my opinion. not too sure how much these are but they do different sizes. 

so thats pretty much it the rest is really up to you, if depends on what you find and who your buying for. for example I have asked for a owl contact lens case as I have contacts. 

anyways my next gift guide will be up probably wednesday but I will see you tomorrow with my next blogmas post. x

Blogmas #7 | Christmas Giveaway 2013

Hi everyone, Its blogmas day 7 today and todays the day i'm doing my giveaway. todays quite a boring day for me as nothings really happaning, going to pack my kit for tomorrows photoshoot watch harry potter and wright some christmas cards. I really wish I had some pressents to rap up but thats all done but I love gift rapping so i'm going to beg my dad to let me rap the presents for mum haha.

Anyways if you have followed me since this time last year then you will know I did a holliday giveaway last year and gave away some nail polishes, but the giveaway went down really well so I have desided to do a giveaway in this years blogmas, Im actully giving away this Urban decay naked basics palette, I dont actully own this one myself but I do own the other naked palettes and i'm planning on getting the naked 3 aswell. anyways I thought it would be nice to giveaway something I know everyone will love. 

Please enter using Rafflocopter, and please do read the rules and enter correctly. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you all like the giveaway and I will see you tomorrow night with a new post. 

Blogmas #6 | The Christmas Tag 2013

Hi Everyone its blogmas day 6 today and I have had a very busy day today, I was at work all morning then me and my dad have been in town the rest of the day doing christmas shopping for my mums stocking, My mum will love her stocking this year, its so good and I'm glade I was there to help my dad as other wise it would be full of stuff from hawkins bazar. Anyways when we were out I bought the christmas pressent for my giveaway which will be going up tomorrow and I'm supper exited about it. 
anyways today post is going to be the christmas tag 2013. 

Do you prefer real or symthetic Christmas trees?
As far as I can remember I have never had a real tree always had symthetic, I like symthetic trees but right now we have a kind of really ugly black tree but I have maid it pretty with the red theam we have, also I love my little white tree thats in my room defently with the beautiful light blue theam. 

Your in a coffie shop, Its december, what do you order?
well today when I was out I ordered the white hot chocolate and I really hated it so I will have to say a normal hot chocolate with cream and a flake, I had that all the time last christmas and loved it. 

What is your favorite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
we change our colour scheme every year but for the black tree I love this red tree we have going on this year, my white tree I really really love the light blue scheme!

Giving or reciving?
Both when I was little of corce I loved reciving but now i'm older I love going out and picking the perfect gift for everyone, But I also love Reciving the gifts people have selected spechaly for me. 

To mince pie or not to?
I love Mince pie so much, but I cant eat them as im glutin intolorant. my mums going to try make me glutin free mince pies though so hopfully they work. 

Whats your troditional christmas lunch?
Chicken, Peas, carrots, brussles (minging), stuffing (mums makeing me glutin free), for pudding I ushaly make a triffle even though I dont eat triffle. Actully I now cant basicly eat any puddings so we will see. 

Christmas Day Fashion?
Pjs then after lunch we get dressed ushaly into new clothes and we used to not were makeup but I do now. 

What's Your favorite christmas song? 
I love christmas songs so much, I love that song that goes you scumbang you magot your a cheep lousy fagot happy christmas your arse and thank god its our last, Cant exactly remember the name but I always remeber the words. I also love the song river but the glee version. 

Whats your favorite christmas movie?
the santa clause movie is my all time favorite well actully the 2nd one. 

Open Pressents before or after lunch?
Before always before. We wake up at about half 7 this year were getting up at 8 as my sister is now back at home and is refusing to get up at half 7. so we get up at 8 go and get our stocking and go to my mum and dads room. we sit there and open our stockings on mum and dads beds then we have breakfast and open the pressents under the tree, after that we have christmas dinner. 

So thats the tag, Please do this tag and leave me a link in the comment section. 

( My lovely raindeer I got last year from b and q but it was like £1.50 but this year I got 3 for like £1)

Blogmas #5 | Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Hi everyone, todays blogmas is my Christmas Gift Guide For Her, over the next week I will be doing 2 more of these A gift guide for him and a stocking filler gift guide. 

1. Naked 3 Palette From Urban Decay. This palette is not actully out yet but comes out on the 16th so just in time for christmas. Im really exited about this palette and I think it would be a perfect gift for and makeup lover. I think it will retail for about £36

2. Real Techniques Sam's Picks. I love real techniques brushes and think this would be a wonderful gift for someone who both loves beauty and loves the pixiwoo sisters. this retails for £29.99

3. Hunter Wellies, such a wonderful gift defently for the season. I resently bought my hunter boots as my doctore actully recomended them for me. hunter boots are really good quality worm and feel nice on your feet. these ushaly retail between £70-£85

4. Kindle Fire. This is actully what me and my sisters are getting for christmas and i'm very exited about it as its going to be amazing as I travel alot. the kindle fire is £99 on amazon. 

5. Viva la Juicy perfume. This is one of my favorite perfumes. smells really nice and alot of girls really like this one. it retails for around £30 

6. Iphone 4,4s,5 and so on are great items, I love my iphone but would not recomend getting it on pay as you go so I would go with contract and contract all depends but ushaly starts at about £25 with a iphone. 

7. Asda Love photo frame. I have actully got this as part of my mums christmas pressent and have put in pictures of me and my sisters. it is actully really cheep at £4 

8. MAC holiday mini Pigment set. I love these there so handy defently for makeup artists. I love my one I have the one with purple and pink. these retail for £25.50

so thats everything on my gift guide. hope this helped some of you if you havent done your christmas shopping yet. 

One of our hanging decorations, we have had this for a very very long time. 

Blogmas #4 | Urban decay Lipstick in Shame Review

Hi Everyone, for todays Blogmas i'm going to be reviewing the Urban Decay Lipstick in Shame. This lipstick is a really great lipstick for winter so its a wonderful  lipstick to featcher in my Blogmas series. 

the urban decay lipsticks are very moisturising and easy to apply even though I would defently recomend using a lipbrush and a lipliner with this lipstick as it is dark and dose blead without a lipliner. 

The packaging for this lipstick is lovelie, its king of a purply gun metal kind of colour which its like shiny like a mirror, its a lovely shape and it just looks very glam. the lipstick winds up using the purple secton on the lipstick and the name is clearly wrote on the bottom as well as the tipe of lipstick 

the pigmentation of this lipstick is really good and a little bit of it goes along way. The colour of this lipstick is a mixture of a red mixed with purple.

The aplication for this lipstick is very good it alpplys really well but you need to be very carfull as like I said a little gose along way and it will look aufull if you get alittle bit of the lips as it will blead like crazy. 

the price is mid range same price as a mac lipstick at £15 but debenhams are always doing 10% - 15% off deals so you can get this lipstick cheeper. 

Would I recomend this lipstick? hell Yes!!!

So who else feels like its getting christmasy? Also like I said in yesterdays post, Please can you let me know what kind of thing you would like to see in my christmas giveaway which will be going up next week. 

Im finding it hard to get a full picture of our tree but this is part of the tree, really like our red theam! 

Blogmas #3 | A fashion with a little beauty Haul

Hi Everyone, so its day 3 and so far i'm enjoying blogging every day, Thinking i'm finding my love for blogging again. Before I get into today post though I want to ask you all something, I'm going to do a christmas giveaway probably on day 10 and it will most likely run for a week, I want you guys to let me know what you would like to see in the giveaway in the comment section below. 

Anyways as you may know from blogmas day 1 I resently went on a trip up to aberdeen and when I was up I did a little bit of shopping, may of spent quite a bit of money but I have finished all my christmas shopping and I have worked hard to make my money so I kind of treated myself. some of these items were actully nesaserry as well. 

now first thing is I got my Hunter wellies, these were a nessasery as my doctor actully recomented I get these wellies as I have a problem with my feet there a weard shap, slightly flat and I have really bad cerculation, and I were wellies alot so these were deffently worth it and they were on sale in USC for £60 there a size 4 and i'm ushaly a 4 or 5 so they run well to your actual size. I was originaly going to get lilac or pink ones but thought that the matte blue ones would go with alot more than pink or lilac. very happy with this perches so far have worn them 2 times already as I do work part time on a farm to make some money for doing my freelancing. 

I next got these shoes from dishmin there from the graceland collection. Again I got these because of my feet as I have been told not to were my vans all the time as they wont help me feel they can actully make them worse so I got these shoes to were to my other part time job at home bargains. these were a bargain at only £14.99 and there a good hight as well and there confy too. 

Next at tkmax I got these snow thermal socks, there is actully 2 pairs but I actully have a pair on my feet right now, these are so warm and I love them and they were only £4.99 instead of £12

Next off is miss selfridge, my sister actully works here so I did get a 20% off friends and family discount code so I bought this most beautiful winter party time top and I really like it, Miss selfrige actully had a tone of really nice winter part tops and dresses in and if I was rich I could of seen my buy alot more, Anyways that top was pretty expensive at £34.99. I then got these denim short style dungarees, dungarees have really been in style this past summer and I could not pass these off even though there a little big as they were only £15 but they only had a size 4 and a size 8 left and im a size 6 in miss selfridge so there a little big but im going to were a thick jumper and stuff underneeth so it will all be good. 

Ok so the last think you all will know about all ready, my mac studio fix fluid in nw10. which I have a blog post on which I did just 2 days ago so you could cheek that out if you would like. 

So my house is now feeling very christmasy with all our decorations up, I'm just hopping for a small layor of snow so I really feel festive, anyways must go now as I have work in just over a hour so must finish getting ready. Hope everyones having a good 3rd of december. 

My bedroom christmas tree, loving the white and light blue theam its really christmasy.