Blogmas #8 | Stocking Filler Gift Guide

Hi everyone, Todays blogmas is a little bit late but its still the 8th so its ok, I have been at a photoshoot all day so been a bissy bee. todays shoot was amazing and was inspired by Audry Hepburn, If you want to see the pictures they will be up on my facebook later this week. I also will post a few on my instagram. 

anyways today's post is my second gift guide of the year and its my stocking filler gift guide. I have only added 3 things to this gift guide but today I have found a tone of cute things but I do think stockings are not things you can really plan. 

1. China Glaze christmas collection. My dad has bought some of these for my mums stocking with my help there beautiful colours this year and I really want some in my stocking as well as another brand of nail polish which im going to be talking about in tomorrows blog post. china glaze is on 3 for 2 in sallys right now and retail around the £4.50 (traid). 
2. Urban Decay Glitter eyeliners. these are a love of mine right now, I own 2 and there amazing, the new formula is brill. these are around £14 but are a great product. 
3. Lynx this is just in general any deodurant, mens or femails. great thing to put in a stocking as everyone needs deodurant. fairys in price though. 
4. Fluffy Socks. a must have for any stocking our stockens are never compleat with out fluffy socks, my mum always gets ours at primark, reatail about £2 
5. Hotel Chocolate raindeer, these are really cute and hotel chocolate is one of the best kind of chocolate in my opinion. not too sure how much these are but they do different sizes. 

so thats pretty much it the rest is really up to you, if depends on what you find and who your buying for. for example I have asked for a owl contact lens case as I have contacts. 

anyways my next gift guide will be up probably wednesday but I will see you tomorrow with my next blogmas post. x

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