Ginger And Co Moisturising Bubble Bath + Wash

Hi everyone, sorry about that little brake, I have been very busy lately with work and shoots, But I have a little bit of time today so I'm going to start my little serise of reviews on Ginger and co products. were going to start with the Ginger and Co Moisturising bubble bath + wash. 

So Ginger and Co is a 1940s inspired bath and body brand of procuct, all of witch is born and bread in England. There is a big product range from hand cream to bubble bath to body lotion. I will be reviewing each product sepretly but today im reviewing the bubble bath. 

This bubble bath has a moisture blast of marshmallow leaf, blossom honey and lemon balm. For a perfect bubble bath just add 2 capfulls off this bubble bath under warm running water and you will have a lovely bubble bath.
this bubble bath smells amazing and makes your skin feel clean and smooth.

I really like this bubble bath and when it arived I was so exited to try it out as I do love a good bubble bath. as I have very sensitive skin I was a little worried at first but I can use this without irritation to my skin or anything. 

This product was sent to be for reviewing perposes but all opinions are my own. you can find Ginger and Co products at SemiChem. 

Hope you liked this review.

My MAC Lipstick Palette

 Hi Lovelies... as you know I resently depoted all my mac lipsticks, since I did this I have been asked to do a post on all my lipsticks in the palette, So I have decided to do that today.

So first of I used the mac duo palette with the 12 well insurts on each side to do this. The reson I decided on the 12 well and not the 24 well is because the 24 well seems to be very shallow and dose not hold alot of lipstick unlike the 12 well which will hold a full lipstick. these palettes are very handy and around chrismas time I will be making another one with my illamasqua lipsticks and also a cream foundation palette following this tuturial here

anyways the reaon I decided to do this is because as a makeup artist I need more space and need to be able to take many colours on a job as you never know the photorapher might have a cirtin colour in mind of whatever and its not very praticle to carry around like 30 lipsticks at a time so this palette holds 24 lipsticks so it much easyer and takes up alot less space. 

so the way I have laid this palette out is by one side I have pinks and purples and the other is my nudes and reds, as you can tell there is 7 spaces in this palette these will be getting filled up soon though, also when I do the illamasqua palette I will be getting the single palette to use as I dont have as many illamsqua as mac. 

pinks and purples
purple from left to right - Cyber (satin), Reble (satin), Gose and gose (pro longwair), Evaning strole (casual lip and cheek colour), Violetta (amplified) 

Pinks from left to right - Impassioned (amplified), Girl about town (amplified), Show Orchid (amplified), lickable (cremesheen), Chatter box (amplified) 

Nudes and Reds
Nudes left to right - Fleshpot (satin), Viva glam gaga 2 (amplified), Madly Creative (frost)

Reds left to right - Morange (amplified), Retro (satin), Ruby Woo (retro Matte), Sin (matte) 

so thats them all if there is any colour you really think I need please comment down below. 

MAC Pro and Blog Sale Haul

Hi Lovelies, So I have a haul for you today its a mixture of MAC pro and a blog sale. so I now have a full mac pro card were I get 35% discount so I did get discont on these items.

Mac pro duo palette- £11.71 
Mac pro insurt 12 well x2- £4.22.5 haha weard amont with discont 
MAC pro Lipstick in Show Orchid - £9.74
MAC pro lipstick in Sin - £9.74
MAC pro lipstick in Fleshpot- £9.74

Blog Sale
MAC old pro eyeshadow palette - £8
MAC lipstick in Madely Creative - £5
MAC lipstick in Lickable - £5 

this girl has some amazing deals and she still has it going if you want to cheek it out

thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. 

How To Depot Lipsticks

What you will need!!!
I MAC duo palette (or another palette depending on what you want)
2 MAC 12 well insurts 
Your lipsticks (all of mine were MAC for this palette)
A stainless steal meshering cup
A spatula
A hob or a candle 

Step 1- Take a lipstick your wanting to depot and wind it up to the top the one im using is cyber. 

Step 2- cut the lipstick at the end then use a spatula to get the rest of the product out. you get alot of extra product in the bottom of these lipsticks so its quite handy to depot defo if your a mua.

Step 3- hold the stainless steal cup over the hop or candle and let it melt it might take upto a minute 

Step 4- let the lipstick totaly melt then pore it into the palette. 
Then if you wish take the labe of the lipstick and stick on to the palette. and your done... this dose take quite a while but I do think its worth it in the end. this 12 well palette take a whole lipstick too. 

So thats all my lipsticks now depoted and I now have anough for 3 more lippys from back to MAC so if you have any recomendations please do let me know what they are..