Simple FOTD 24/6/2012

♥ Eyes
- Urban decay primer all over lid to brow
- Mac brule eyeshadow all over lid to brow bone
- Mac charcole brown in crease smoked out
- Mac satin toape along the crease and the top lash line
- Maybelline gel liner along the upper lash line 
- Chanel eye kohl in black along the water line 
- Benefit there real mascara on upper lashes 
- Mac brow pencle in fling 

♥ Face
- Mac studio fix fluid  nc15 mixed with nars sheer glow (mac studio fix is a little to dark for me)
- Mac pro longwair concealer nc15
- Mac minrelized skin finish natural light
- Nars laguna bronzer to contore
-Mac fleet fast blush
-Mac sunday afternoon to highlight

♥ Lips
- Makeup forever lab shine star collection lipgloss in s4

Favourite Blog's Of The Week

Its that time of the week again its time for my favourite blog's of the week. I think next week I will do my four favourite blog's for the month to change it up a little bit.

  • BeautyBaby44 - She has been doing youtube for a long time but just started her blog and so far I'm loving it. 

  • Fleur De Force -  I have been watching Fleur on youtube for about a year now and her videos are amazing she is also in some of sprinkle of glitters videos so i like them even more haha. Her blog is full of reviews and she often has giveaways as well.

  • EssieButton - I found this blog through sprinkle of glitter and zoella and fell in love with it right away its well designed and her posts are very detailed.

  • Lips so facto - The pictures on her blog are amazing quality and that's one of the things I look for when I look at blog's, I love to see things clear as it gives me a better idea of what I could buy and that's why I love this blog. 

  • Temptalia - One of the best blog's out there. Tamptalia shears info on all the upcoming collections and gives very full detailed reviews both in blog form and video form. 

That's all the blog's for this week. I hope you cheek them out and love them as much as I do. remember our giveaway is still running so make sure to go enter for a chance to win a big nail package.

Summer Obsessions Tag!

Today I'm going to do the summer obsessions tag. This tag was created by Louise (A Sprinkle Of Glitter) and Zoe (Zoella).

This tag is divided into 5 categorise, Product Obsession, Youtube Obsession, Website Obsession, Fragrance Obsession and Read Obsession.

Lets Get Started...

♥  Product Obsession

Too Faces Summer Eye collection is my favour summer product. This Pallet is full of summery colours which you can were day and night. My favourite colours are the classic look with peach fuzz, coral crush and chocolate sun. 

Fragrance Obsession 

Viva La Juice is the perfect fragrance for all year round its sweet but not to sweet and there is also a bit of a flower sent in there as well. The bottle is also very cute.

Website Obsession

Behind these closed eyes is my favourite blog at the moment her blog posts are amazing and very detailed and she makes me want to buy a tun of nail polish.

Youtube Obsession

Sprinkle of glitter is the best youtuber in the world. I watch every single on of her videos and she is so joyful and funny and always brings a smile to my face. Please never stop doing youtube Louise as i would miss you so much. 

Read Obsession

The hunger games is the best book ever. I'm now reading it for the 3rd time and love it just as much. 

I tag you all do do this and if you do let me know in the comments.

Worst Mascaras: Benefit Bad Gal Lash

Today I'm going to start another series called Best and Worst mascaras as you can see from the title this is going to be a worst mascara. I was actually requested to do one post with all the mascaras I like and all the ones I hate but i decided to do it like this instead.

Benefit have two different mascaras and i own both of them the there real is the best mascara i have ever tried but it hurts me to say the bad gal lash is one of the worst's.

Benefit say: "Sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes. It's as BAD as you want to be! Famously big, bodacious brush coats lashes with our super black formula."

I'm sad to say this mascara dose NOTHING for my lashes and I'm glad this is just a sample as I would have been very annoyed it i had bought the full size as this dose retail for £16.50 which is a whopper of a price as you can get some maybellin mascaras for £7 which are so much better. 

The only thing I like about this mascara is the brush. I have the bad gal lash brushes in my kit and the brush works amazing with different mascaras. when the brush is used with other mascara your lashes look huge and that is one of the reasons I thought I would like this mascara but Its such a let down. 

also the packaging is cute but that dose not really count for something that is good about it. I would say save your money and get a better mascara.  

The opinion on this mascara is my own as I know people who do really like this mascara but I also no people who hate it, everyone is entitled to there own opinion. 

Remember out giveaway is still open so if you have not entered yet now is  the time to do so. 

Favourite Blog's Of The Week #2

It's time for my second favourite blog's of the week. This post was meant for yesterday but I did not have access to the internet as I was at a wedding in England. So it is going up today. I have Five new blog's to tell you about and I think you should deficiently follow them as there all amazing.

  • Behind These Closed Eyes -Kirsty is also from Scotland which is ace as I  dont really come across blogers from Scotland. her blog is all beauty related with a lot of nail thing haha (she has gotten me obsessed with nails) she is so friendly and her blog posts are a pleaser to read. I found Kirstys blog last Sunday and ever since I have read ever single post on her blog. 

  • Zoella - I found Zoe's blog when I found Louise (sprinkle of glitter) this one again is one that maid me want to right a blog. Zoe is so funny and her blog posts and videos are amazing. 

  • What I Heart Today - Lily blog's almost every day and that's what I really love as there is always new things to read. her posts are very informative and also fun at the same time. 

  • Starry Eyed Beauty * - Christine is amazing she is so helpful and we are good friends. she really inspires me and I'm like amazed at her makeup collection. I think we are quite simler when it comes to makeup as we always tend to go with the same things. 

  • Florals and Freckles - Amy is so sweet and her blog posts are grate. she was one of my first followers and she is just amazing and makes people happy also her prom makeup was amazing. 

Thats all the blog's for this week remember if you would like me to cheek out your blog then let me know in the comment section below. 

Going Into Town FOTD

♥ Eyes
- Urban Decay Primer original 
- Mac Brule Eyeshadow all over lid 
- Mac Satin Toupe Eyeshadow in crease 
- Maybeline Master Precise liquid liner on upper lash line
- Channel eye Kohl on water line 
- Benefit there real mascara
- Brows mac brow pencil in fling 

 ♥ Face 
- Mac pro longwair concealer
- Nars sheer glow foundation 
- Mac soft sand bronzing powder to contore
- Mac Fleet Fast blush
- Mac sunday afternoon to highlight

  ♥ Lips
- Revlon lipbutter in sweet tart 
- Mac lipglass in Forse of Love 

This weeks favourite blog's of the week will be up on Monday as I'm away at a wedding this week end. Hope you all have a good weekend. 

New Collection: Mac Heavenly Creature Collection

Today's post is on a new collection that mac is releasing called Heavenly creature collection. This collection is this years minerlized collection like last year it was semi precious. 

Release Date: UK- 5th July  US and Canada- 5th July

This collection will be realised in three different parts, Colour collection, Eyes collection and skincare collection. 

Colour Collection

Lipsticks £13.50 British Pounds/ $14.50 US Dollars/ $17.50 Canadian Dollars 
  • Pleasureseeker: Creamy peach (glaze) Re-promote 
  • Venus: Sheer yellow pink with pearl (lustre)
  • Cut a caper: Mid-tone peachy pink (lustre) Re-Promote 
  • Cusp of dawn: Beiged pink (lustre)
  • Fire sign: Red pink (lustre) 
Cremesheen glass £16.50 British Pounds/ $19 US Dollars/ $22.50 Canadian Dollars
  • Celestial kiss: Pale cool peach
  • Strictly plutonic; Mid-tone pink brown
  • Meteoric: Mid-tone vibrant coral
  • Astral; Bright yellow pink
  • Galaxy rose: Mid-tone violet pink
Mineralized Skinfinish £21.50 British Pounds/ £29 US Dollars/ $34 Canadian Dollars 
  • Light Year: Peachy pink with gold shimmer 
  • Earthshine: Tarnished Bronze With Gold Pearlized pigments with pink reflects 
  • Star Wonder: Plumy Pink with multi dimensional pearlized pigments 
  • Centre of the universe: Coral with gold shimmer 
Mineralized blush £19 British pounds/ $23 US Dollers/ $27 Canadian Dollers 
  • Solar ray: Peach and gold melange
  • Stratus: Amethyst and golden brown melange
  • Supernova: Magenta and burnished gold melange
  • Ring of Saturn: Terracotta and gold melange
  • 188 ( pernement)
  • 187 (pernament)

♥  Eyes Collection 

Mineralized Eyeshadow £16.50 British Pounds/ $20 US dollars/ $24 Canadian dollars 
  • Invincible Light: icy white, lavender and warm gold melange
  • Bright Moon: Grey, silver and icy green melange
  • Earthly: Beige: peach and cool brown melange
  • Aurora: Peach: green and brown melange
  • Neo Nebula: Cream, warm amethyst and warm pink melange
  • Magnetic Attraction: Orange, pink and gold melange
  • Water: Yellow, lime green and blue melange
  • Sky: Green, gold, turquoise and cobalt melange
  • Universal Appeal: Gold, bronze and violet melange
  • False Lashes: False Black £18
  • 286
Skin Collection
  • Mineralize Volcanic ash exfoliator
  • Mineralize Charged water cleanser
  • Mineralize Charged water moisture gel
  • Mineralize Charged water moisture eye cream 

I'm exited about the minerlized skin finishes as i missed them last year. what are you exited about?

Disclamer: i do not own these images these are for show only to show what you are going to expect. 

Do you like this type of post? if you do let me know and I will do more. 

Mini Mac Hay Sailor Haul

Today's post is going to be a very tiny mac haul from the hay sailor collection. The mac hay sailor collection is this years big summer collection and I wasn't to into it but I think it was better than last years and the packaging is a lot better.

Everything in this haul was bought by me with my own money.

The packaging really drew me into this collection. I wasn't going to get anything from it but my friend Christine (Starry Eyed Beauty) recommended the blush fleet fast to me so in the end I ordered it and one of the bronzers from debenhams. The shipping took ages like almost 2 weeks so I was getting kind of annoyed with delivery.

The first thing I got was fleet fast blush. this blush is a beautiful pure coral with a little bit of gold shimmer. This blush retails for £18 which is 50p more expensive as the new packaging. This blush I would most defiantly recommend for any skin tone as you can weir it light or it can be built up.

the last this i bought was soft sand bronzer. this bronzer is perfect and kind of reminds me of benefit hoola and nars laguna but I will have to give them a swatch to find out. The packaging of this bronzer is what steeled the deal for me as it just looks amazing. this bronzer retails for £20.

Both the colours are beautiful and grate for everyday so I'm very happy with both things I bought.

Did you buy and thing from the mac hay sailor collection? if so what do you think of it.

Favourite Blog's Of The Week

Today I'm going to start a new series I have decided that every Sunday I'm going to do a favourite blog's of the week post. So lets get started. 

  • Forever Glam X - She is my best friend and we tell each other everything its weird as i know her so well but we have never met. we met through youtube last summer and from there on we have talked almost every single day. cheek out her blog for all beauty related posts from reviews to hauls. 

  • Coleyyyful - Cole dose amazing nail tutorials and gives me inspiration for my own ones. I found her on youtube at first as i was looking at inglot hauls and she did a huge inglot haul and that led me to her blog. 

  • Sprinkle of glitter  - Louise is so funny in both her youtube videos and her blog posts she was one of the people who inspired me to start my own blog. Louise looks like and acts like one of the nicest most caring person ever and I really wish that I could meet her and her little baby glitter. 

  • An Urban Sweetheart - Ok so last year i stumbled across her youtube wile looking for mac hauls (I love mac hauls) and she had tuns and I fell in love with her videos. then she stopped doing mac hauls for a little bit and I maid a new youtube so just this week I found her again and found out she had a blog which I really recommend 

  • athriftymrs - Last but not least we have a thrift mrs or mrs thrifty as people call her. i got introduced to this blog by Louise as mrs thrifty was in one of her videos and i loved her personality so cheeked out her blog and it is supper helpful with tips on how to save money (really helpful right now).

Ok so I do love a lot of other blog's but I'm only including 5 a week so leave your blog's down below so I can cheek them out and maybe you will be in next weeks "Favourite blog's of the week"

Mac Cosmetics- Mac Blush Collection/Review

Today I'm going to be doing a post on my most favourite thing in the world... Mac Blushes. before i get started I would like to thank you all for following me and for getting me to 200 followers it means so much to me, I would also like to remind you all to go enter the giveaway that running right now. I only own 5 blushes but believe it or not until I turned 16 I HATED blush and only owned 2 blushes but that has all changed now and i think blush is one of my favourite makeup items along with bronzer and mascara. most of my mac blushes are limited edition but I do want to get a lot of the ones from the normal range as they all look so pretty. 

3 of the blushes in this post I have done a separate review on and there the cream blush so click hear for the review.

♥ LadyBlush
        Warm neutral coral Blush creme

My Thoughts - Ladyblush is in the old formula for a creme blush which to tell you the truth I'm not a grate fan of. Its a nice suttle pink coral and is perfect for ever day wear. the blush cream can be worn alone as they dry unlike some other creme blushes.

Optimistic Orange
               Clearly Orange Cremeblend blush

My Thoughts - Optimistic orange is from the mac spring collection. it is a perfect colour for the summer and its a nice formula, saying that i would not take the blush in the heat as it will melt (I found that out the hard way) the colour pay off is amazing and you can build the colour up to how bright you want it.

        Bright hot pink Cremeblend blush

My Thoughts - Florida is a very hot pink which you need to blend very well as its supper duper pigmented.  this colour is from the 2012 spring collection but also came out a few years ago. you could probably find this colour in a cco (post coming next month). again this is the new formula so is easer to blend.

       suttle baby pink with heart Mineralize Blush

My Thoughts - as you can tell this baby has been in the wars it broke wile I was on holiday last summer and it maid me very sad. this blush is perfect for everyday and i love it so much. giggle came out in the quite cute collection last spring and I wish i had picked up the other 2 as well but then I was not in to blush and only really picked this up because of the heart but i have no regrets about it. I'm hoping I will be able to find the others in the cco next month.

Fleet Fast
           light true coral satin blush

My thoughts - To tell the truth i have not tryed this one yet as it just came in the post this morning. Fleet fast is the most beautiful colour blush i have ever seen. i also love the packaging of this blush as its from the hay salour collection. If you want this blush I would recommend picking it up now before it gets sold out.

 ♥ Over few
          I love mac blushes so much and there something I really want to get more of as there so worth the £17.50. I would recommend mac blushes to every single one of you as you will all love them.

let me know what you think of mac blushes and if you would recommend a shade to me.

Urban Decay Review/ Eyeshadow collection

Update - As of the 6th of July urban decay have decided not to sell there products in china there fore they will not be doing any animal testing. Thank you urban decay for taking everyone in to consideration. 

Today I'm going to do a review/collection on my urban decay eyeshadows. Urban decay was the first "high end" brand I ever tried. Urban decay is on the more pricier side but the pallets are a good value for money as you can get up to 15 eyeshadows for about £36 so its not to bad if you think about it that way.

Eyeshadow Collection

I have a total of six eyeshadow pallets from urban decay but only two of them are still available to order on debenhams in the UK.

Urabn Decay Book Of Shadows No.3

  •  Perversion: Deep matt black
  • Uzi: Giltter full White 
  • Loaded: Supper dark green
  • Kush: Grass green
  • Midnight Cowboy Rides Again: glitter packed gold champaign
  • Last Call: Pinky Purple
  • Rockstar: Dark muted purple
  • Money: Silver with hints of green
  • Hight: Dark Blue with green
  • Maui wowie: clear gold with lots of glitter
  • Smog: Dark bronze
  • Bordello: Pink Champaign
  • Radium:Dark midnight blue
  • Snatch: Light Yacky pink
  • Suspect: light bronze
  • Psychedelic sister: clear purple

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows No.4

  • Blue Bus: Blue/Purple
  • Gunmetal:Dark silver
  • Cobra: Brown/Green
  • Baked: Orange gold
  • Bender: Dark Grass green
  • Gravity: Dark Purple
  • Lost: Browne bronze
  • Hyjack: green blue with lots of glitter
  • Midnight Cowboy: Light gold
  • Sin: Clear champagie
  • Midnight Rodeo: Brown with pink hints 
  • Cristal: Light Baby blue
  • Bust: Brown with purple undertone 
  • Missionary: Light brown with pink undertones
  • skimp: skin toned pink
  • Zaphyr: White 
Urban Decay Naked Original

  • Virgin: Light Skintone
  • sin: cleer Champaign
  • Naked: Light Brown
  • Sidecar: Glittery light pink brown
  • buck: Matt mid toned brown
  • half baked: Glitter full Gold
  • smog: Copper with lots of glitter
  • darkhorse: Dark drown
  • Tosted: Pink mixed with brown
  • Hustle: Deep brown
  • Creep: black Blue
  • Gunmetal: Silver Blue

Urban Decay Naked 2

  • Foxy: Matt White
  • Half Baked: Very glittery gold
  • Bootycall: Pink white
  • Chopper: Pink Gold
  • Tease: Purple undertoned gray
  • Snakebite: Copper gold
  • Suspect:: silver brown
  • Pistol: Gray with glitter
  • Verve: Light silver
  • Ydk: Dark pink Champaign with LOTS of glitter
  • Busted: Purple brown
  • Blackout: Matt Black
If your wanting to see a review on both naked pallets click here 

Urban Decay Peacock Pallet (un known name)

  • snatch: pink/ orange
  • Mildew: clear grass green
  • Flash: Purple 
  • Painkiller: bright blue 
  • Smog: Gold bronze
  • Toasted: light copper
Urban Decay summer loves 

  • Flash: Purple
  • Moui wowie: Clear gold with lots of glitter
  • Chopper: Pink gold 
  • Smog: Gold Bronze
That are all the urban decay shadows I have and the colours are really pigmented but do have some fall out issues. I will not be buying urban decay again as I dont find them as good as mac and they are now going to be selling in china where they will be testing on animals, this does not usually bug me BUT urban decay puts on all there products "we don't do animal testing. How could anyone" This bugs me as there doing something they claim they dont believe in just to get more money. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to check out the giveaway me and Forever glam x are hosting right now.

Huge Nails Giveaway with Forever Glam X

This is one giveaway between two blogs: Forever Glam x and MakeupByElysa. This is a giveaway on nail items. These are all items we have purchased with our own money.

What you will get:

♥ 3 Kiss French Manicure Nails
♥ 9 Broadway Diva Nails in Different Designs
♥ Kiss Nail Art Stickers
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♥ L.A. Colours Nail Polishes
♥ Nail Artist Polishes with Stencils

This is the perfect giveaway for people who love NAILSS!!

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5.) Must be 18 and over to enter otherwise parents permission
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How to enter:
1.) Write a comment on either blog telling us what your looking forward to wearing in the summer on either blog.
2.) Also leave your email on the comment.
3.) For a better chance comment on both blogs.


Elysa and Khadz

Nail Art: Queens Diamond Jubilee Union Jack

Happy jubilee everyone, Today I'm going to show you how I did these union jack nails. I have just started doing nail art so I'm not to good but I just wanted to let you know how to do this union jack nail art. 

What You Will Need
  • Naive Blue Nail polish- I used one by barry m called cobalt blue
  • Red nail polish- I used one by china glaze called make some noise 
  • White nail polish- I just used a random white that I got in a set 
  • 2 different nail doters a thin one and a supper thin one.
Step One

Apply two coats of any naive blue polish you have it douse not have to be the one I have. 

Step Two

Using a thin dotting tool run the red nail polish in a + shape down the nail. This is quite easy but take your time to try and get the lines quite even. 

Step Three

Apply the red nail polish in a cross going through the + with the thin dotting tool. try to make the cross lines smaller than the + lines.

Step Four

last thing to do is to create the white outline. Using a supper thin nail dotting tool outline the red with a white. try to be very still handed as you can tell my hands shook a little wile doing this as I was trying to be supper still but it didn't work out. 

This union jack is quite easy to do but just take your time with it. This look is perfect if your going out to celebrate the queens diamond jubilee.

I hope you like this nail art post, let me know if you want more.