" A few Of My Favorite Things" 1 Year Blogging Giveaway

Hayya There my lovelies. So today is a special day for me and for you, today is Makeup by Elysa's first birthday whoooo. Now I first started blogging on the 31st of march 2012 as I was board one night and thought it would be fun and interesting if I started a beauty blog. Now never to this day did I think I would still be blogging nor did I think I would reach over 850 followers. I know I would not still be here today if it was not for all my supporters and followers.

So to thank you all i'm going to be doing my biggest and most exiting giveaway I have ever done on my blog. you should be exited!!

Now your not going to be winning my little girl in this photo I just thought this picture was cute so I would use it. Your actually going to be winning a few of my favorite things.

Prize 1
Illamasqua Blush in Moral (this is a beautiful colour of blush, I dont own it myself yet but I'm getting it very soon for me to)
Lush space girl bath bomb ( this smells amazing and is one of my favorites as its turns the bath water purple which is my favorite colour)
Elf powder brush (I need to get another for me as well as this makes foundation flawless)

Prize 2
Lush space girl bath bomb
Elf Powder Brush

Please Please do read the terms and conditions!!
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Good Luck 

Review | Dainty Doll Pan Concealer

Hayya Lovelies today i'm still a little sleepy and wobbly as yesterday I had a sedation when I had a biopsy. wasn't a nice experience and dont wish it on anyone. but i'm off collage today as I had to be watched for 24 hours after it so here I am righting blog posts as i'm board out my mind so thought I would get some posts scheduled for while i'm away for a few days. 

Anyways today i'm doing a review on the dainty doll pan concealers. 

As you may know dainty doll is on frangrance direct for about £1.99 per product so while this offer was on (its still on) I picked up a blush and 2 concealers. Im going to review the concealers today. 

Dainty Doll | Is a brand created by Nicole from girls aloud. she created this line for people with really pale skin like her. she always had problems getting foundation pale enough to soot her skin tone so decided to create her own range dainty doll. 

the two shades I bought were 001 and 004 as I would mix for in between shades. 

First thoughts | I first thought these concealers were pretty crap, I know alot of bloggers have said this as well. I tried using this product with both my finger and a brush and it just seemed like they were very powdery and not creamy at all, but that was until I tried using it the way I was planning on using it. as a makeup artist I have to be very sanatery and use a spatula when it comes to a cream product. so here I went scraping this product out the tub like I would with a lippy or a eyeliner. guess what this concealer is actully really good if you scrape it out. its creamy and has quite a lot of coverage. 

What I Like | I like that there are supper light shades and I also like how this applys and the fact you can use it to highlight. 

What I Dont Like | this is not a problem for me but I know alot of people dont want to have to scrape there concealer out to get it to be creamy and to apply. 

Final thought | If you dont mind scraping out concealer or your a makeup artist wanting to get more concealers this is a good product expeshaly for the £1.99 price tag. the packaging is also very cute. this product is not a must have but it can be quite good if your looking for a concealer that will not brake the bank. 

what do you think of this concealer?

Makeup Artist Freelance Kit | Haul

Hayya there my lovelies Hope your having a good weekend. Today I have decided to do another makeup artist freelance kit haul as my last one was soooo popular still receiving like 100 views a day and it was like months ago, so here is a new one with some items I have picked up over the past week or 2. Now I have more items coming so I might do another post in the next month or so. 

So I went to a few places, MAC, Illamasqua, Elf, and Boots. So far i'm enjoying using all these products 

So from boots I bought 3 new foundations from l'oreal there were recommended by the amazing Jillian Elizabeth MUA. I'm loving them a lot so far. also these were 3 for 2
So I got 
L'oreal Infalliable foundation in 15 Porcelain £12.50
L'oreal Infalliable foundation in 260 golden sun £12.50
L'oreal true match foundation in N8 £9.50 

 I got 4 brushes from elf also recommendations from Jillian. 

Elf powder brush this is amazing i love it a lot to blend foundation and apply powder £3.75
Elf Stipple brush. Its just like mac 187 but is only £3.75
Elf Eyeliner brush (flat) this is good for applying eyeshadow under the eye £1.50
Elf Smudge brush its good for smokie eyes £1.50

 From MAC I bought one thing, well I actully got more but this was the only thing I got for my kit. 
MAC Fasanating eye kohl, I got this for a shoot I have coming up £14

Illamasqua I bought one this again for a shoot, the same shoot as the white liner which is next week. 
Illamasqua Intence lipgloss in Galactic, its a pure silver. £14 but got it for £12.40 

so thats everything I got so far through the post. I hope you enjoyed this post 

Lush Review | Mmmelting Marshmallow moment Luxury bath melt

Haya there my lovelies, today is yet another lush review, sorry if its a bit boring its just I have been supper busy with shoots and collage and health and other stuff. If you want to see some photos from the shoot do let me know in the comments. Today's lush review is on the mmmelting marshmallow moment luxury bath melt. 

This is a pretty bath melt, its pink so of coarse its pretty, it also dose look like a marshmallow. This bath melt would easly do 4 baths as it creates a lot of fluff. It smells like the famous snow fairy but its better as this is available all year round. 

(I just had to add a picture of water hitting it as its pretty)

You cant tell but this bath melt maid the water a movi pink and leaves it smelling amazing

Lush say | Great for dry skin, as the almond oil and cocoa butter will leave your skin silky smmmooth. Also the chamomile, marigold and marshmallow all help to calm irritated or delicate skin types. 
If you love our sweet products like Snow Fairy Shower Gel and Godmother Soap, you’ll be pleased to know that this has the same fragrance. 

My thoughts | This bath melt if defiantly worth the price at only £3.85 and can do 4 or more baths. Its available all year and smells like the Christmas snow fairy so if your down in the dumps or just wish it was Christmas this is the perfect product to through into your bath. I would recommend this to people who like sweet smelling items but I dont think its a scent that everyone would like. 

Pricing- £3.85 its available at all lush locations or online 

Time To Say Goodbye RIP GFC

Hayya my lovelies, today is a very sad day for all of us bloggers as today we have heard that our beloved GFC will die later on this year along with google reader. *tear 

This is sad for the people who have built up there readership via GFC but also sad for the readers, but please dont worry there are still ways to follow me. 

for one you could follow me on blog lovin, this is were I would most recomend following as its very user friendly and keeps you up to date. my link is http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/3724567/makeupbyelysa

you could also follow my blog on facebook 

or twitter

please dont panic though as GFC is not dead yet (but please do follow me on blog lovin for when it dose)
goodle reader will die on the 1st of july 2013 and a later date for GFC 

Lush Review | The Brightside Bubble Bar

Hi there my Lovelies. Today i'm here with a review on one of my favorite lush bubble bars, Sadly this is limited edition and I think i'm going to have to go out and get ten of these to stock up before I have to say a sad fair well till next year, the bubble bar that I love so much is called the Brightside.

The Lush brightside bubble bar is huge and can easily do between 2 and 3 baths but for the purpose of this review I hoyed it all in my bath. This bubble bar is not like lushes ushaual bubble bars this one smells like an orange its so nice and refreshing and is dubble the size and im afraid is dubble the price as well. It reminds me a bit of the comforter but this one is much better in my eyes. 

Because of the size this bubble bar took a bit of braking up so I would recommend if you want more uses then you cut it with a knife. 

As you can tell this bubble bar turns your water orange and creates a bucket load of bubbles that smell amazing. 

Lush Says | Everything’s bright about this bubble bar, from the swirling orange and red colour to the juicy citrus fragrance. Simon calls this scent ‘Triple Orange’, and it’s easy to see why – close your eyes and you can imagine you’re lying in a sunny orange grove (without the danger of falling fruit landing on your head!) If you prefer to keep your eyes wide open, you’ll enjoy the sight of vivid orange water and mountains of foamy bubbles.

My thoughts | this bubble bar smells and feels amazing, it moisturizes the skin leaves it feeling refreshed and smelling amazing. Its twice as big as normal so you can enjoy more baths with it or through it all in the bath to create a bunch of bubbly goodness. I would defiantly recommend this bubble bar but if you want it I would get it quick as just like a cream egg its hear today but gone tomorrow or more like gone by the end of this month as it is part of the eater collection. 

The Brightside retails for £4.25 and you can find it in your local lush store or online 

do you like this bubble bar? 

Haul | Dainty Doll Sale

Hayya lovelies, As you may know I have very light skin and I find it sad that brands dont really do shades to match supper pale skinned people. When I herd about the brand Dainty dolls I got very exited, the only problem is the huge price tag. As you may know there is a discount shop on line called fragrance direct, they sell a tone of things from essie nail polish to Dainty doll cosmetics. dainty doll cosmetics are on sale for as little as 99p. I ordered 3 items for my kit and if I like them i'm going to get there foundations for both me and my kit. 

First off I have to say how much I love this packaging. Its sleek but fun with a cartoon type pictured of Nicole Roberts.

then for the packaging of the actual product is pretty simple just black with gold righting.

So from dainty doll I bought 2 concealers and one blush. I wish I had picked up another 2 blushes but didn't want to get to much just in case they were not good.

so I got.
001 concealer | this is a pretty pale concealer which would be perfect for a skin tone like mine
004 concealer | this one I would use for a medium /fair skin tone as its not light but its not dark at all ether.
003 blusher | this is a brown with a bit of pink and glitter in it, its very pigmented and will be perfect for very pale skin like mine.

have you bought anything from the dainty doll sale?

Urban Decay The Grate and Powerful Glinda palette

Hay there lovelies, today I have the Urban decay glinda palette to review, as you know I recently reviewed the theodora palette and loved it so decided to get glinda with some birthday money. Urban Decay are really stepping up there game with there amazing new packaging, I love it so much more than the old cardboard packaging. anyway this palette was a colab by urban decay and Disney  they created two new palettes to go with the Disney Oz the grate and powerful movie which has just been release in cinemas. Urban decay are some of my all time favorites for eye shadows so look out for more reviews.  

Tornado | This is a beautiful dark/mid toned purple. Its beautiful all over the lid or in the crease. 
Aura | this is a duo shade, Half is light blue and half is light pink, there both perfect highlight shades.
Magic | magic is a mid toned pink, its beautiful and has quite a bit of shimmer in it. 
Illusion | This is a nice creamy colour its quite yellow under toned. Its grate for highlighting as well. 
OZ | this is another duo its half silver and half gold
South | This is a gun metal colour, its beautiful and even my nails are drawn to it. it now has 2 holes in it :(
Rockstar |  its a really dark purple/ brown really creamy
Glinda | this is a lip colour, its a nice nude 

What I Like?
This palette makes a supper girly eye look and can be used for ether day or night. the pigmentation is amazing in all the colours and I love the highlight shades that come with this palette. The lipcolour is perfect for everyday and is so easy to apply. This palette is not to expensive in my eyes as you get 6 full size eyeshadows, a UD 24/7 glide on eye pencil and the glinda lip pencil which I love. the colour magic can also be used as a blush. 

What I Dont Like?
I dont think there is anything I dont like. 

My Final Thoughts
My last review I told you that the Theodora palette was not a nessasery unless you are a total urban decay collector, this one I think everyone needs in there life. This palette compleats a whole look so its worth the price and all the colours are very very pigmented. 

You can Buy Urban Decay Glinda palette from debenhams stores or online you can also save ten percent until tomorrow the 9/3/2013

What do you think of the new urban decay palettes?

Glinda Oz The Grate And Powerful Makeup Look

Hayya Lovelies, As you may know I own both the Urban Decay Oz Palettes and I have decided to do looks for each of them. So this one is my Glinda Palette makeup look. I really like this palette, I know a lot of people prefer one over the other but I really love them both a lot. I will be doing a review on this palette in the next week so keep an eye out. 

So this is the beautiful palette. Its so beautiful and can create lots of looks. 

I dont ushaly were pink eye shadow but I actually really like it. The glinda palette makes such a soft purple eye look. 

how to create the look | Apply Urban Decay Primer all over the lid. Apply Magic all over the lid and up to the crease, Apply Tornado to the outer corner and a little in the inner corner and blend, apply Illusion to the center of the lid to highlight, apply the silver in Oz to the inner corner. apply Tornado under the eye and blend. Finish of by applying mascara to upper and lower lashes. Then apply Glinda lip Pencil to lips. 

I used Laura murser silk cream for the first time in ages, Dont think I like it as much as I used to. I used MAC harmony blush to contore and pinch o peach on apples. I also appled charcole brown eye shadow to brows. 

What do you think of this makeup look, I really like it and I think you could were it whenever.