My Makeup Collection and Storage

Hello Peeps, Today I'm doing a post I did about year ago a very requested post which I myself love to read, my Makeup collection and storage. Now is it just me or dose everyone else find when they read makeup collection posts they always want to buy more makeup.... sorry if this dose this to you its not my intension. 

Disclamer- This post is only happaning as its been requested so much, Im not trying to brag or show off... Keep in mind through this post is that most of this makeup in the makeup I actully only use on my clients and in photo shoots and it in my draws for safe storage, I do now have a set bag so when im doing shoots the makeup I need gose into there. some of my makeup is actully in my set bag ready for a wedding. But all this makeup is bought by myself or given as a gift. 

So my storage and desk and mirror are from IKEA the storage is called the alixe unit and this is the small size. It holds alot of stuff and relails for around £40 I think. I have had this unit for almost a year and a half and its been moved around a million times and is still in really good condition. The alixe unit has 2 small draws at the top then the other three are bigger. The desk/vanity is also from ikea, i cant remember the name but it comes in many different sizes you also have to buy the legs sepretly which I know what a bummer. 

I hold quite a lot of things on the top of my storage like deodrant, moisturiser, brushes, lush stuff, and just random stuff I like there. there is always stuff added and taken away from the top but you can see in the picture what I have there right now. 

Now I Just want to say one bad thing about my storage and thats the desk collects dust like there is no tomorrow you can clean it then 5 minutes later is dusty again.... so anoying. 

so this is my foundation and conceler draw.. the right and the back is my kit foundations and the left is my own. As you can tell most of the foundations I own are illamasqua skin base this is because the illamasqua skin base is amazing and looks so good on the skin it also photographes amazing. 3 foundations and 2 concelers are missing from this draw as there in my set bag ready for a wedding. 

My blushes and body paints. again the system is the right and the back is my kit and the left is my own. at the back I have all my body paints and this collection is still growning alot as I have only just started body painting, my favorite body paints are mayron parodice paints, these smell amazing and there just such good body paints. again this draw is missing a few blushes and such as there in my set bag ready for the wedding. ohhh and PS the illamasqua blushes are my fave for my kit but for myself I love my mac blushes

So if you go back to around this time last year and have a look at my makeup collection you will see a tiny lip draw, it has grown alot. again the system the left and the back is my kit and the right it my own. so its actully some of my airbush stuff at the back. most of the lipsticks i own for both me and my kit are illamasqua and mac as there the best lipsticks I have tried. Illamasqua is great as there mostly matte shades and are crazy colours which i love the most for my photo shoots. again a few lipsticks and glosses and my other airbrush gun compresser and airbrush foundations are packed away for the wedding. 

 so my eye draw. again the right and back is my kit and the left is mine. The glitters in my kit are mostly from eye kandy. these glitters are amazing I love them they can be used any wair on the body, I personaly am a great fan of glitter lips. at the back is most of the eyelashes i have minuse a few pairs, as a makeup artist I need lots of lashes for photo shoots so i'm always buying more, if you recomend any wair for my to buy some good but not too expensive ones please do let me know. my favorites so far are eldora. 

so last but not least is my palette and rendom crap draw. this holds all my kit palettes at the frount then at the back in a plastic tube has my own palettes. this draw als has a tolet roll in it for no aparent reason and my collage face paints. Again 2 or 3 of my palettes are in my bag ready for wedding but my favorite palettes in my kit are my suger pill palette, my kryolan uv palette, my kryolan greesepaint palette and both my mac palettes. my favorites for my self are my urban decay theodora and urban decay smoked. 

So that is my makeup collection so far, hope to build it up some more as I really want to get some more kryolan and ben nye products. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. if you would like my kit brush collection let me know. I have lots of posts planned for the next few weeks as after that I dont know if I will be able to post as regualy. 

Review | Kryolan UV Dayglow Compact Colour Palette

So if you saw my imats haul post you would of seen this little baby in it. This is a pretty crazy amazing palette from Kryolan... Kryolan is a germany based brand and is known by and covertid by makeup artists around the world. Its a very populer well priced brand that more makeup collages are now using. If a makeup artist had to pick betweek kryolan and mac, I would garantee at least 90% of them would pick kryolan as its quality is amazing and I personaly cant find a falt in the products I have tried 

Any ways this palette is not actuly avalable to buy yet I dont think as it was a special release at imats. I think this palette will be out soon though... I wish I had picked up lots more from the charles fox stand at imats but I didnt so if anyone has recomends that I need let me know and around christmas I will pick them up from PAM. 

Kryolan dont focise on packaging, of corse they make the packaging useful and so it protects the products but kryolan dont spend a bunch of time comming up with pretty packaging they like to stic to the mettal tipe packaging with there logo on the top. Basic packaging I dont care all I care about is the product in side and that is exactly what kryolan care about. 

This palette is a uv palette so if you have a uv light these will activate but sadely I dont have a uv light but im hoping to do a uv shoot in the futucher so keep an eye out for that. 

anyways the colours in this palette are supper bright and very pigmented, you must use a primer under them though as there very powdery. 
this palette comes with 8 colours and can team up with the uv aqua colour palette and the uv Supracolor palette. the colours you get in this palette are UV yellow, UV green, UV blue, UV violet, UV mandarin, UV orange, UV red and UV pink 

well a few thoughts on one of the colours in normal light... in normal light the UV red is actully pink which is quite strange but its a defferent pink to UV pink. 

so this is the palette swatched without any primer but the colours are alot more bright with a primer under and of corce in a UV light. 

Kroyolan focases on the product quality and not the packaging, the uv colours are very pigmented and bright, there a very good size of pan. this palette also has an amazing mirror. 

The God Dam BAD
Kryolan products are hard to find in shops, not as bad as some brands but is hard to get if your not in london. also these eyeshadows have a kind of strange smell to it. now im actully going to mone a little about the packaging, i dont actully care but this might be something that would anoy someone is that the packaging dose scratch supper easly. 

This products is not actully avalable in the UK yet to buy but when it is I think it will retail for around £50 I did buy this palette at IMATS for £40. 

You can buy kryolan from PAM, Charlse FOX and guru makeup. 

Hope this review was helpfull to you,let me know your thoughts on Kryolan 

Fantasy is my Friend ( A Personal Post)

So you may know I'm a quite shy person who finds it hard to show who I am... Today i'm doing something a little different i'm going to show you me through my makeup, its a kind of personal post but includes makeup if that makes any sence at all. anyways lets get on...

I have always found it very very hard to express who I am, I was never notised in school and as I missed alot of school people sometimes forgot who I was, I also had and still have a very bad self confadance.

About 5 years ago I got very ill and missed alot of school, I was in and out of hospital and lets put it this was the doctores could not find out what was rong and I was told I was a lier, this nocked my confadence a lot as I was very very ill anyways go forward about 4 and a half years they finaly find out what is rong with we and I actully have a glutin intolorance. 
anyways because of me missing so much school and being so ill I had a huge confadence nock and found it hard to comunicate in frount of others and express myself, Untill I fould a product called makeup.... Makeup helped me alot, I would practise applying it when I was sad and it would cheer me up and put a smile on my face, it also made me alot more confadent.

Back then I did not think I would be were I am today, Very helthy, And able to express myself through the art of makeup.. People look at my makeup and sometimes call me crazy, and very creative. I have always been creative as I have dislexia and the crative side is the most active side of my bran (if you want me to do a post of my story with dislexisa i will) but I have finaly found a way to show my creativity. 

this is a picture from a shoot I did a few weeks ago, it was in the planning for quite along time and I was so happy with the results... this look came directly from my brain and i'm very very happy with it and I know its not everyones cup of tea but it makes me smile. 
Photographer- Jamie Howden 
Model- Jenny Clewlow
Stylist- Amy Copland 
Makeup- Myself. 

I love pop art makeup so decided to do a shoot inspired by pop art, this was actully a last minute shoot but one of my favorites to this date. 

Photographer- Ashleigh Godsmark 
Model- Lauren Rose Williams 
Makeup- Me

the last look im showing you in this post is actully my favorite shoot as it was such a privalige and a once in a life time opotunity to work with the famouse John Farrar (if you have not herd of him look him up) This was a very improvised shoot with three different looks done by me. this one is goth and was done in about 15 mins as we were relly running out of time but to this date is my favorite work of mine of all the shoots Ihave done 

Photographer- John Farrar
Model- Jenny Cawlow 
Makeup- myself 

so that is alittle about me and my makeup work, let me know if you like this kind of shoots and I might do somthing simmeler. hope you like the makeup looks and to fine out a little somthing you did not know about me. 

FOTD A Vinatage Twist

Before I get in to this blog post I want to say a little something.
Yesterday we have lost a beautiful talented makeup artist, She has fought her battle with cancer for over 6 years of her life. My heart broke when I read the news as she inspired me and many others to follow out dreams. Will miss your positivity and shinning personality little Talia. Rest In Peace.
I didn't know Talia but part of me felt like I did, I think the whole world felt like that as well, Talia didn't just inspire me to follow my dream of becoming a makeup artist but has helped me gain my confidence and with the loss of little Talia I feel I need to work my hardest and fight to become the best makeup artist that I can be.
Todays post is actually going to be a quick FOTD I'm actually away out in a bit so this is not the post I was planning, that post will hopefully be put up on Saturday, I'm thinking I'm going to have to start a schedule and actually schedule posts when I'm busy like I have been the past few weeks and when I go back to collage.
anyways I have names this FOTD A vintage twist, and will explain more why when I get started.
Now first of this picture of me is not very good I look very tired and to the truth of the matter I am been working long shifts the past 2 weeks and its just caught up with me.
I named this a twist on vintage as I started with a 50s style pin up look and decided to add some orange under the eyes just for something a little different because if you know me you know I like colourful things.  
Products Used
- Illamasqua skin base in 02
- Collection concealer in 01
- Nars Laguna bronzer to contour
- Mac pinch o peach blush
- Urban decay Kinky all over the lids
- Urban decay back door as a cut crease blended slightly up
- Kryolan UV Orange under the lash line
- Mac cromoline in black black on top lashline winged out
- Maybelline mega pluch mascara added on both top and bottom lashes
- Mac charcoal brown through eye brows
- Mac cromopencil in basic red
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A Review! MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in Basic Red

So its no surprise that I am not MAC's greatest fans right now!! first of they need some nicer staff in stead of hiring the snobby ones that ignore you and think they know everything, and second they keep making the prices higher... WHY MAC WHY Lipsticks are now £15 WHAT!!! 
anyways enough of that rant I actually have a positive review of one of MAC's products that I got the beginning of this year when it was like £12.50 instead of £13.50 its the MAC Chromagraphic pencil in basic red. the cromographic pencils are amazing I own a few of them now and no joke there the best pigmented creamy liners I have ever used and I have tried a lot of pencil eyeliners.
As always mac pencils come in sleek black packaging with the colour on the bottom. there packaging is simple but handy dandy. there easy to sharpen unlike the urban decay 24/7 glide on pencils which I personally find hard to sharpen as they keep braking for me.
this pencil is part of the pro line that mac dose but any one can order it you do not have to be a pro member.
this colour that I'm reviewing is called basic red but I don't think this is basic at all, this colour for one is the only red that looks good on me and two it has some orange tones which I really like.
the formulation of this pencil is not like mac lip pencils that I have tried this is a lot more creamy and I ware it alone without a lipstick and it dose not feel dry or look dry at all.

This is the perfect red for very pale skin like me and a plus it looks really great with my hair colour which has actually faded so much and its been done 2 time :( anyways I like this colour with my hair.
what do you think of this colour?
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My almost 1000 follower giveaway

Hi there lovelies so as you may know I am almost at 1000 gfc followers and it makes me very happy and so shocked to get there. when I first started blogging I never thought I would get to 10 followers never mind almost 1000. 
The items im going to giveaway are quite summery so perfect for the wether we are getting at the moment. 

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Review| SugerPill Pro Palette

Hayya Lovelies, Today I'm actully wrighting a few posts as i'm going to england for a few days and want to be able to post while i'm away. but today i'm going to review the SugerPill Pro Palette. now this is one of the most beautiful palettes I have ever seen,bought and used but this pallette is only avalable at imats this year, which is such a shame but the colours in this palette are actully the colours in the other 3 palettes so if you buy or have them then you have this palette.

Also I really want to say Happy 4th of July to everyone who celebrates it.

Now leys get on with the review 

First off this is my first ever sugerpill product, sugerpill is a american online brand which is also available in the uk on some sights like love makeup its also avalable at IMATS. Sugerpill make amazing eyeshadows, pigments and eyelashes. 

This palette has really nice sleek but fun packaging with a funky font which I really like. the 4pc palettes have really pretty pictures on the front but personaly for my own pro kit I like this alot better. 

This palette comes with 12 very bright, very pigmented beautiful colours, this palette includes a very pigmented whight some pretty greens blues pinks and purples a very pigmented orange red and yellow which is quite hard to find. 

starting with top rown R-L Mochi, 2AM, Flaimpoint, buttercupcake, dollipop and Afterparty
bottow row R-L Acidberry, Velocity, love+, Poison Plum, Midori and Tako 

I used quite a few of these colours on my last creative shoot which pictures will be comming soon. there very very pigmented and very viborant and I Love them all. 

I really love the pigmentation of these colours all the swatches are with only one swipe, the most pigmented cours are the orange the yellow the dark purple the pink the light blue and the whight. 

This palette was £58 at imats which I agree is alot of money but I think its totaly worth it for 1 and for 2 if you were to buy the three palettes inderfidualy it would come to £75. 

What do you think of this palette, have you tried sugerpill before? 
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