Review- Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Today's post was meant to be on my silk cream foundation but I have been at work all day and im burned every wear  so I decided to go ahead and do a review on something I said I would do a long time ago, Maybelline dream bouncy blush!

I reserved this product in a swap and was so exited to try it but Maybelline products seem to be a hit or miss for me and this sadly is a miss. Lots of people adore this product but i find that it is hard to apply evenly and you have to apply so much for the color to shine through. my color is number 70 hot tamaly, and its a pretty dark coral which is a color i love in any other form. 

The packaging is not the niced it looks quite cheep which im not a grate fan of, also there is not a lot of product as you use up a lot each time you use it. there is 5.6 g. The only thing i like about this product is that is bounces its so cool as you can play with it haha. 

I wanted to love this product but i really hate it but i know every one has there own opinion so please let me know what you think in the comment section below 

Love Elysa xoxo

Beauty Haul!

Hi everyone, hope your all having a grate weekend. As some of you know I have been away for a week visiting family and doing some makeup shopping, So i bet i don't have to tell you but today's post is going to be a makeup haul.

If you have not seen yet im hosting a summer giveaway so i would recommend going and entering. 

Lets start with the mac items, shall we?
Just before i went away i decided to phone mac cosmetics if they had any products left from the Heavenly Creature collection, I was presently surprised that they still had a few of the items that i wanted in stock. So i asked them to keep the products for me. I got Star wonder MSF which is my first MSF and i love it, So i ended up getting light year from another mac. I got the last one of both of these products (don't you just love it when that happens) 
(Light Year, Star Wonder)

I also asked them to hold two of the blushes, both these blushes are amazing and gorgeous and im so exited to have them. I got Supernova which i just swatched for the first time and it is so beautiful its unbelievable then i also got Stratus which i have worn two times all ready and its perfect all i have to say is use a very light hand! 

(Supernova, Stratus) 

Since I had some items to back to mac I decided to get a new lipstick in Vegas Volt, this lipstick has been on my list for a long time so im so happy I got it. Its the perfect coral!

(Vegus Volt)

Now on to the other brands!

I desided to pick up the urban decay build your own palette as it is limited edition and it was the last one in the shop i was at. I love the packaging

I went to benefit and finally decided to go a head and get high beam. so happy i did as i love this little bottle of shine.  Review coming soon!

Last but not least i got my laurs mercier silk creme foundation (little party) I love this foundation so much it is most defiantly the best foundation i have ever used and i can tell you this, this product will now be my holy grail foundation and i am going to be buying this foundation again. 

So thats everything i bought and i love every item so much. No more hauling for me till after i get my camera! 

Have you bought makeup products lately?



Revlon Lip butter Giveaway!

Hello everyone so I'm back from my little holiday and decided i think it is time to hold a giveaway! today's post was meant to be a big beauty haul but that will go up later on either tonight or in the morning. so i have a Revlon lip butter to giveaway in the color Strawberry shortcake witch is perfect for summer.

If you want to see swatches of this color and find out more about Revlon lip butters i would recommend cheeking out my review hear.

This Giveaway is Internationale! 

- Must follow my blog with google friends connect (i will cheek)
- If your under the age of 16 please get parental permission
- Must comment below telling me ether a blog post request or your all time favorite  makeup product
- ends the 7th of august

please remember that following my blog with google friends connect is mandatory and if you don't do it you will be disqualified

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember you can earn extra entry's by coming back every day and tweeting about this giveaway!

Best of luck


Be back soon...

Hi everyone, just to let you know I am in England visiting family and friends (and shopping!) for the next week so I won't be able to blog, but look forward to lots of posts coming up in the next few weeks!


Current Favorites: Purple Lip Combo

Hi everyone today I'm going to start a new series called Current Favorites. I have done these kind of post before but this time im going to focus on a product and give a review on it. So today its going to be on my purple lip combo. 

Purple lips are my new favorite lip color. As I have Green/Blue eyes Purple looks good but so dose orange. I also like the purple lips as it makes my teeth look whiter which is grate. 

My lip combo includes the mac lip pencil in Magenta and the mac Casual Colour in Evening Stroll. The reason I picked these two items is because when I went to mac a few weeks ago all the makeup artists were wearing this lip combo and i just loved it when they tried it on me.

- Evening Stroll Casual Colour: This product is very smooth and dose feel like a gloss/ lip conditioner. But this product can be used on lips and cheeks but i think i will only be using on my lips as I'm not a grate fan of the feel on the cheeks. This product can be light but it can be built up to a rich purple defiantly if you use it on top of the magenta lip pencil.

pros: Love the texture for lips
       Beautiful rich colour
       Can be used both on lips and cheeks 
       Nice packaging
       Lasts a very long time 

Cons: Expensive £17.50
        I don't like the texture for the cheeks.  

- Magenta Lip Pencil: This lip pencil is so soft and smooth. Mac lip pencils are the only ones I own but will most defiantly be getting a lot more lip pencils for my freelance kit including another magenta. Magenta lip pencil comes of a little bit more pink but defiantly  has that purple tint. I would not ware it alone but with the casual colour its perfect. 

Pros: Lasts a very long lime 3- 7 hours 
       Lots of colours 
       Good price 
       Good colour pay of

Cons: Can be drying 

This picture is not the best because of my camera quality but when i get my new camera i hope to get a good picture of this lip combo up so you get a better idea of the colour. But i really love the colour even though the camera is making it look pink i can tell you its a mid toned purple that i think would soot most people. 


New Collection: MAC Haute + Naughty Too Black Mascara

Today's post is going to be on something im supper exited about its the launch on the new Haute and Naughty too black mascara by mac. Haute and Naughty lash is one of my all time favorite mascaras and when I heard this was coming out I got very exited.

Release Date: 23rd of August (all stores)

 Haute and Naughty Lash £18 British pounds $20 US Dollars £23.50 Canadian Dollars 
- Too Black: Deepest, Darkest, Richest black 

So im very exited to get this mascara and I will most deffently be snapping this up I might even be doing a giveaway for one (let me know if you would like that). the original makes your lashes look false but i can assure you dose not make your lashes clumpy. 

Disclaimer: These pictures are only press pictures. These pictures do not belong to me and are only used to advertise this product. 


Fashion Show 2012

Hi everyone, Last week I was part of a fashion show to raise money for the cystic Fibrosis trust that my friend Amy organised. Amy maid most of the clothing and some of it was lent from Asda.  All the clothing looked really good and i think we all had an amazing time and ended up raising over £600 for the charity.

(Elysa(me), Claire, Amy)

I also did some of the makeup for the fashion show. 
My own makeup i did quite bold with purple lips (My new favorite lip combo which i will right about in another post) Faulse lashes and a look which was inspired by a mac makeup artist named Becca. The eyeshadows I used were expensive pink all over the lid and shroom in the crease. 

Claire's makeup is quite bold as well with bright pink lips using candy yum yum and a pink lipglass from the Chan man collection at mac. I did a purple smoky eye on her as well as she has green blue eyes so the purple really complements them  with a pair of false lashes. 

Amy's makeup I did quite neutral using the naked 2 pallet. Amy loves neutral makeup so i maid it nice and neutral. 

My Outfits

My outfits were a mix between Amy's cloths and cloths from Asda. I loved all the outfits but i think my favorite were the top left outfit.  

Claire's Outfits

Claire's outfits were also a mix of Amy's cloths and asda's cloths. Claire pulled of all her outfits and i have to admit a much better modal than i am as i was very scared.

Chloe's Outfits 

Chloe may of been the youngest of all of us but has the most experience as she has done other fashion shows in the past. her outfits were very pretty and some were different from the rest of ours being the only one sent out in a nightie, which i have to say she rocked it.  

Kayleigh's Outfits

I loved the outfits Kayleigh wore expectantly top left. She was the oldest of all of us. 

I'm so happy for Amy she did so well organizing this fashion show. So if your reading this a supper duper Congrats to you. 


And The Winner Is....

Hi everyone, the giveaway has ended and me and Forever Glam X have picked a winner, It was all done by random. and remember if you have not won you might win next time. We had about 50 + entry's so im very happy about that. Its now time to say who the winner is.

And the winner is...


well done Kylie your prize will be shipped to you as soon as possible. I would like to thank everyone who entered and for following both blog's it means the world to both of us. every single one of you puts a smile on my face when you comment on my posts or when another person follows my blog. Thank you 

Stay tuned for more giveaways, reviews and more... If you have any requests let me know. 


Collective M.A.C Haul

Hi everyone today's post is going to be a MAC haul. As you may know if you read my last post my camera is broken so the picture quality really is not to grate but i will be getting a new camera next month. I also have not been posting lately because i have been supper busy this week also been very ill.

so last week i went to MAC. I love going into MAC as i always end up having to order online but i was down at my sisters so got to go to MAC. As always I was in there for ages as i just love speeking to the makeup artists and try on a tune of stuff.

I did not buy all this stuff at ones I did go to MAC twice but I am so happy with all the items i did get.
I got quite a lot of lip products as i have really been into them lately.
Mac lipstick in Impassioned: Its such a pretty bright pink which is not to barbie so its perfect for ever day.
Mac lip pencil in Embrace Me: this pencil is perfect for under Impassioned and of coarse my favorite Candy Yum Yum
I also got one of the new Casual Colour's at first i was like what on earth no way but the mac artist had this on and i asked her to try it on me and it was love. The colour it Evening Stroll which is such a pretty purple and i LOVE it.
I also got another lip Pencil in Magenta which is more of a pink purple and it looks grate under evening stroll.

I then got 2 new eyeshadow along with another pro pallet.
I got expensive pink. which is a pink but not a pink, Its so hard to explane. But the makeup artist had it on with the other shadow i got and I loved the look.
I also got sketch which is a purple but brown colour.

I also got a new studio fix fluid in NC15, this is such a good foundation but it is a little to dark.

That is everything from MAC that i have bought lately and i love everything.

Have you bought anything from MAC lately?


Hi everyone. Im sorry for the lack of posts. I have been ill all week also my camera has given in :( I will be doing as many posts as i can but the camera quality will not be as good until i get my new camera next month. When i get my camera next month the quality will be much better and there will be very detailed pictures.

My next post was going to be my makeup collection but im going to put that off till i get my new camera. Until then i will be doing posts that don't need the best of quality.

If you have any requests let me know. Also go cheek out my polio page as i have added new pictures.

If anyone would like to do a add swap with me please email me at or message me on facebook at

New Collection: MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

Today's post is on a new collection called Mac Marilyn Monroe which is due to by released fall 2012. I am so exited for this collection and even my sister is and she douse not wear mac makeup.   This collection is meant to be released in October but no official date has been released for either UK or US/Canada This collection also is massive having 30 products.

♥ Eyeshadows £12  British Pounds/ $15 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- How To Marry: (Veluxe Pearl) Soft white 
Preferred Blond: (Veluxe Pearl) Pale champagne beige
- Silver Screen:  (Veluxe Pearl) True Silver
- Show Girl: (Veluxe Pearl) Dark Blue Gray

 ♥ Eye Kohl £14 British Pounds/ $15 US Dollars (Permanent)

- Smolder: Intense Black
- Fascinating: Intense Matt White 

 ♥ Lipstick £13.50 British Pounds/ $14.50 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- Deeply Adored: (Matt) Deep Scarlet 
- Charmed I'm Sure: (Matt) Dark True Red
- Pure Zen: (Cremesheen) Hot Nude 
- Love Goddess: (Satin) Mid Tone Red Pink 
- Scarlet Ibis: (Matt) Bright Orange Red (Repromote)

♥ DazzleGlass £16.50 British Pounds/ $19.50 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- Phiff!: Sheer Yellow Peach (Repromote)
- Little Rock: soft sheer white with pearlized pigments 

♥ Lip Pencil £10.50 British Pounds/ $14 US Dollars (Permanent) 

- Beet: Vivid Reddish-Pink
- Redd: Clearly Red 
- Cherry: Vivid Bright Bluish Rad

♥ Beauty Powder £21.50 British Pounds/ $23 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- Forever Marilyn: Sheer Pale Peach Highlighter 

 ♥ Powder Blush £17.50 British Pounds/ $20 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- Legendary: (Satin) Pale Soft Coral 
- The Perfect Cheek: (Matt) Natural Pink Beige (Repromote)

♥ Nail Lacquer £9 British Pounds/ $16 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- Vintage Vamp: (Cream) Rich Deep Retro Wine (Permanent)
- Stage Red: (Cream) Dark Red Berry
- Flaming Rose: (Cream) True Red
- Orange Kid: (Cream) Coral (Repromote)
- Rich Rich Rich: (pearl) Glitter Gold

♥ Penultimate Eye Liner Rapid Black £16 British Pounds/ $18.50 US Dollars (Permanent)

♥ Penultimate brow Marker Universal £15 British Pounds/ $18.50 US Dollars (Permanent)

♥ Clear Brow Finisher £12.50 British Pounds/ $15 US Dollars (Permanent)

♥ False Lashes Extreme Black £18.50 British Pounds/ $19 US Dollars (Permanent)

♥ Lash £10 British Pounds/ $19 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- 35: Dramatic Lash with emphasis on the center of the lash

Is anyone else really exited about this collection. I think it would be best if there was Limited Edition Packaging as it would look supper cute but ohh well i will still get something from this collection.

Favorite Blogs Of The Month

Today's favorite blogs of the week is actually going to be my top favorite 4 that i have told you about  this month. There are some blogs i have been reading for a long time and some i just discovered this month. I hope you cheek out all there blogs and love them as much as I do.

  • Sprinkle of glitter - I can not rave enough about this blog its so fun to read and i just love Louise's personality she seems so sweet and funny and she douse act her self and lets us know she is just a normal person. 

  • Zoella - Zoe is so down to earth and her blog posts are full of detail but don't make you fall asleep reading them her and Louise give so much detail but keep you entertained all the way through  

  • Starry Eyed Beauty * - Christine is so good at blogging and she needs more people to read, she spends so much time on her blog and I think that time has really payed of. we have also become quite good friends and i love speeking to her she is one of the most friendly people i know.

  • Behind These Closed Eyes - Kirsty's Posts are so good as the camera quality is amazing and she knows what she is on about. her reviews are amazing as there is so much information and she always lets me know if i should or should not buy the product. 

And that's my top 4 blogs. I recommend looking at all of them as there all equally amazing.