Favorite Blogs Of The Month

Today's favorite blogs of the week is actually going to be my top favorite 4 that i have told you about  this month. There are some blogs i have been reading for a long time and some i just discovered this month. I hope you cheek out all there blogs and love them as much as I do.

  • Sprinkle of glitter - I can not rave enough about this blog its so fun to read and i just love Louise's personality she seems so sweet and funny and she douse act her self and lets us know she is just a normal person. 

  • Zoella - Zoe is so down to earth and her blog posts are full of detail but don't make you fall asleep reading them her and Louise give so much detail but keep you entertained all the way through  

  • Starry Eyed Beauty * - Christine is so good at blogging and she needs more people to read, she spends so much time on her blog and I think that time has really payed of. we have also become quite good friends and i love speeking to her she is one of the most friendly people i know.

  • Behind These Closed Eyes - Kirsty's Posts are so good as the camera quality is amazing and she knows what she is on about. her reviews are amazing as there is so much information and she always lets me know if i should or should not buy the product. 

And that's my top 4 blogs. I recommend looking at all of them as there all equally amazing. 


  1. awww elysa you are seriously too sweet :') thank you <3

    1. well your blog is amazing you deserve it x