Love's Of 2012

Hayya Lovely's, So its the 31st of December which means tomorrow will be the 1st of January 2013, Boy this year has gone fast, Whats been your favorite part of the year? mine was getting to do the makeup for the isolated heroes fashion show! Anyways today i'm doing my Love's Of 2012. 

Foundation | I have tried a million foundations this year, but I have two favorites but I have to say I reach for my Nars sheer glow the most as it feels nice on the skin it also matches my skin tone. 

Blush | this year I have gone blush crazy I started the year with 2 blushes and I now have 12! but the one I have used the most and has been my go to blush most of the year is MAC fleet fast. 

Highlighter | I dont own to many highlighters but out of the ones I do own Sunday afternoon by MAC is my favorite. 

Eyeshadow | I own a lot of eyeshadows but its something you can never have to many of, My favorites are most defiantly my MAC ones. The ones I have used most this year are, sketch, expensive pink and cranberry. I also love omaga for my brows. 

Primer | again I have used many different eye primers this year but I always go back to the amazing urban decay primer potion. 

Eyeliner | I love winged liner so this year I went on the hunt to fine the best liner, I have decided that MAC cromoline in Black Black is my favorite.  

Mascara | my Favorite this year is one you cant actually get in the UK *sad face* its the cover girl lash blast and I love it so much. 

Lipstick | I have quite a lot of lippys again I dont know what happend as I stared the year with like 4 and nowIi have over 20. My go to lippy keeps changing but the one I have used most is Up The Amp by MAC. 

Tv Program | Its joint. Vampire diaries and Pretty little liers. 

Music | I have been loving a lot of music this year but a new artist I have fallen in love with is Taylor swift for some reason her music never got to me but now I love it

What are your Favorites this year? Any plans for 2013? 

My Christmas

Hayya Lovely's I would first like to say sorry for the lack of posts and also mention that if you go back a few pages you will notice my pictures have gone out of place, if anyone knows how to sort it please let me know.
Today's post is about my Christmas, This year I had an amazing Christmas it was a little different than normal as this year it was just me my mum and my dad as my sisters did not come home this year. anyway this year was maybe better as there was no fighting like there normally is. 

I would like to thank everyone who said merry Christmas and to all my family and friends who gave me gifts there all amazing and I love every single one of them. 

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and hope you have a good new year.

Tell me your favorite gift your received this year..

My Week On Instagram #3 | Merry Christmas

Hayya lovely's. First of I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and an amazing new year. 
Today i'm doing a very quick my week on instagram as it is Christmas eve and I still have things to do for tomorrow. anyway I hope you enjoy this post!

My secret santa pressy | Cyber <3 (still cant find it :'( ) | My snow flack nails
Lipstick collection | My Lush Bath | 12 days till christmas 
My new phone cases | party | I liked this picture 

so that was my very quick my week on instagram, Hope you enjoyed. 
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Merry Christmas 

My Lipstick Collection


Hayya Lovely's today's post is my lipstick collection. I thought you might enjoy this post and video. This is a mix of my lippys and the ones I hold in my kit, minis cyber as my mum lost it so I need to find it. 
My lipstick collection is a medium size its not the smallest and not the biggest but its a good size.

I have a mix of different lipstick brands but most are mac as there my all time favorite lipsticks. 

My descriptions-
Naturally Eccentric- A very pale concealer shade with pink undertones 
Vegas volt- A pure coral shade
brave red- a creamy red which looks grate on pale skin tone
saint germain- a barbie pink
ruby woo- a matte red
up the amp- a beautiful pigmented purple
violetta- Is a really pretty glittery purple 
candy yum yum- bright bubble gum pink
pure zen- light peachy pink
rebel- a dark berry colour
innocence bewere- a light pink
viva glam gaga 2- a ugly poopy light peach
impassioned- a red toned dark pink
strawberry shortcake- a pale bright pink
tutti frutti- a bright orange
cupcake- a barbie pink
sweet tart- a bright pink looks like impassioned
apocallips- a dark greeny blue
mystic- a old lady pinkie purple
gose and gose- a dark purple. 

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Benefit and Lush Haul

Hayya lovely's. I was naughty again and spent money. I know I know its only a week till Christmas but woopty do here is a haul. 
On Sunday I went into town with my Dad and went to benefit and lush. I had a £10 voucher for benefit and £20 on my beauty card. 
I bought 
 - Benefit Belabamba (sorry for that wearied spelling) | £23.50 then 10% off
- Benefit peek a bright eye | £24.50 then 10% off
- Lush Candy mountain bubble bar | smells amazing like candy in the sky £2.45
- Lush party popper bath ballistic | smells like lemon £2.95 

That's everything I bought. have you bought anything from the lush Christmas collection?

What's In My Benefit Goody Bag?

Hayya Lovely's today's post is about the benefit goody bag. Last monday benefit held an event, I was so exited about it but I ended up being to ill to go. Benefit were so sweet and sent me a goody bag anyway and I have to say it's the best goody bag I have ever had. 

Whats in side?
- Benefit Dandelion ultra plush lip gloss- this is full size and retails for £13.50
- There real mascara- This is one of my holy grale mascaras, its a deluxe sample worth £10
- Posie tint- deluxe sample 
- 2x samples of the pore-fessional
-sample of its potent eye cream
- sample of  Triple performing lotion 

I'm really impressed with benefits goody bag. what has been the best goody bag you have received?
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Holly Jolly Holiday Tag | vlogmas 11

Hayya lovely's sorry I missed yesterdays post, today is just a quicky as i'm not very well and just feel like sleeping. today's post is the Holly Jolly Holiday tag. 

1.  Do you start your Christmas shopping on black friday or wait till last minute?
As i'm from the UK we dont actually do black friday, if we did i probably wood but as we do not I start my Christmas shopping supper early like September but I only finished this weekend 

2. If you could be in any Christmas movie, what would it be?
I would have to say the santa clause 2. love that movie its amazing. 

3. which do you like better, Christmas eve or Christmas day?
I would have to say Christmas day just because I just prefer it as I enjoy the family time. 

4. when douse your family put up the Christmas tree and who decorates it?
We put out tree up the first weekend in December. I decorate it every year. 

5. white lights or colored lights?
colored lights. they make the place look amazing!

6. Are you guilty of peeking at presents or do you like surprises?
I'm supper guilty of peeking and feeling presents as I hate surprises.

7. would you rather live in a ginger bread house or in santas workhouse?
defiantly santas workhouse!  

8. tell us your Christmas eve traditions.
we always open one present on Christmas eve.  

9. if you could be under the mistletoe with anyone who would it be?
Emmm defiantly Ian Somerhalder   

10. what tops your tree?
we used to have an amazing star but sadly we lossed it last year, this year we got a new star. 

11. can you name the 12 days of Christmas?
I can name up to 7 but after that I get supper mixed up. 

12. have you ever gone Christmas caroling? 
i don think so.

13. do you countdown to Christmas?
Yes I always have done I actually have a app on my iphone

14. what are some foods and sweets you can count on having around the holiday season?
Defiantly hot chocolate, my grandmas Italian cream and banoffee pie

15. how has Christmas kept its magic for you?
I have always loved Christmas but the past few years it has not really felt the same as my sisters dont spend Christmas with us any more. 

I tag you all to do this tag!

review - MAC cyber lipstick |blogmas day 9

Hayya Lovely's today's post is on my new favorite lipstick, cyber from MAC. As some of you know MAC lipsticks are my all time favorites and I am really in a purple lipstick vase, Cyber is a dark almost black purple perfect for winter. 

- Satin finish
- available in all mac counters/stores
- £14
- dupes available

First thoughts
I bought cyber for my kit and thought I would never try it as I would look crazy with it on as I have such fair skin and light hair, until I saw a video that made me really want to try it. Cyber can be a very scary colour to a lot of people as it is very dark but if you apply it correctly and pair it with a very natural eye then its perfect. 

What I Love
I love the creamy smooth texture, the amazing pigmentation and the colour. I also love that it is a perfect dupe for 2 other mac lipsticks, Dramatic encounter which is the same colour but a amplified finish and Smoked purple which again is the same colour but a matte finish. smoked purple is only available from mac pro. 

What I dont like
I dont like nothing about this lipstick, it is amazing and perfect for the winter. 

have you tried MAC cyber lipstick?

NOTD- Raindeer Nails | Blogmas day 8

Hayya Lovely's, Today's post is a NOTD. My last NOTD was so popular so i'm guessing you quite like them. This NOTD is a little different than normal because this is raindeer nails.
I love experimenting with different nail art and I thought this little guy was so cute I had to show him off. If you want a tutorial on how to get him just let me know in the comments. 

The nail polishes I used. 
China Glaze Make Some Noise- This is a neon orange red. Its from china glaze summer collection. 
Maybelline Taupe couture- This is really just a cool toned brown. 
Black nail art pen
wight nail art pen

I hope you enjoyed this post. remember if you want a tutorial please just leave a comment in the section below. 

Blogmas day 7- My Week On Instagram #2

Hayya lovely's. I have a my week on instagram post for you all. (over 2 weeks really) 
anyway its now only 17 days till Christmas isn't that soo exiting!

Lets get started
Row 1- Snowflake nails, Halfway through my face chart, Isn't she cute, Bee nails
Row 2- Collage, Look were I went, We still need a star, Starting my face charts 
Row 3- notes for bblogger summary, ready for my mums party, raindeer nails, Elysa
Row 4- My christmas nail art, my mini christmas tree, Look at my puppys twin, Day 3 of advent

So thats my instagram for the week or two. 
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Blogmas day 6- Mini Haul

Hayya Lovely's. Today's post is going to be a very small haul, I was not going to do a haul but when I posted a bag from space nk on instagram I was requested to do a haul. 
I only bought 2 things as it is coming up to christmas only 18 days to go! 

So at the weekend I went to Space NK for the first time (I never new there was one in Edinburgh) and I decided to just pick up my NARS sheer glow foundation in light 1. As some of you know if you have read my blog for a wile, I love this foundation, its the only foundation that really matches to my skin tone. If MAC bought out a colour the same I would be so exited! £29.50 

The other thing I bought were pro charts, I asked on twitter if anyone new were I could get some good quality face charts, Cole from Coleyyyful recommended pro charts, I placed my order on friday and they arrived yesterday. I also had a coupon code from pixiwoo two magazine so I got these for a pretty amazing price. I will keep you updated on these. I'm so exited to try them out tonight. 

Anyways that's everything I have bought. Have you bought anything lately? 
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Blogmas Day 5 TAG- All I Want For Christmas

Hayya Lovely's. today's post is going to be a Christmas tag called All I Want For Christmas. It was created by the wonderful Lauren Alice. This year I'm going to be doing a few Christmas tags and decided to start with this one.  I have also decided to do blogmas, I know its the 5th today but its better late than never. 

1. What was the best present you received as a child? Well how old would you class a child..... I would say it would probably of been the Bratz rock angels car. When I was a child I was obsessed with bratz dolls.
2. Whats at the top of your wish list this year? I really hate to say it but at the top of my wishlist is money so i can buy stuff for my kit as that is quite expensive. also so i can get my imats tickets.
3. Do you have a funny Christmas tradition? we have a lot of traditions but non of them are funny sorry. 
4. What are your 3 Christmas party beauty essentials? My sheer glow foundation, Mac glitters + Pigments and mac reble lipstick. 
5. Whats your favorite christmas movie? santa clause 2 im watching it right now.
6. Are you a giver or a receiver? I'm both I enjoy giving but I think every one enjoys receiving but some people just dont admit it. 
7. who will you be kissing under the mistletoe this year? Emmm SANTA hahaha... No one 

I tag everyone to do this tag as its really fun.
ps. sorry for the low quality photo I used one of my instagram photos. 

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Hayya Lovely's, Today I have decided to do a Christmas gift guide for her. I love these kind of posts and find them helpful if your struggling to pick a Christmas presents for the girls in your life.

1.Benefit Upgrade to Gorgeous - £35. Comes with full size high beam, full size sugerbomb blush deluxe samples of porefeshional and there real. 
2. Urban Decay Smoked eyeshadow pallet- £35. this is one of the items i'm actually getting for Christmas from my dad. it comes with 10 eyeshadows a deluxe sample of primer potion and a perfershion eye pencil. 
3. OPI skyfall minies- around £12 depending were bought. this set comes with 4 mini OPI nail polishes from the skyfall collection.
4.GHD's- £99-£139 GHD are some of the best hair stratenars around and I know I would be over the moon to get a pair of these.
5. Nars Travel brush set- £55 nars brushes are really grate quality. this set comes with 4 brushes, a blush brush, eye shader brush, small domed shadow brush and the push eyeliner brush
6. Benefit High flying glosses- £19.50 this set comes with 6 mini glosses from benefit. this is also on my wishlist.
7. illamasqua mystery set- £36 this set comes with 6 mystery illamasqua products 
8.michael kors rose gold watch- £229 well I know lots of people love this watch but to tell the truth I'm not a watch person. 
9. Iphone 4,4s,5- everyone loves iphones. I got the 4 just a fortnight ago and I love it. (if you want a whats on my iphone post just let me know)

Hope this gift guide was useful.