Bad Taste Party- FOTN

So one of our friends is having a bad taste party tonight, so we had to wear a horrible outfit horrible makeup and bad hair. This is the makeup I came up with.

So this makeup is something I would never ever weir but tonight is a fun night and ever one is going to look funny so I guess its all right

~ Urban Decay Primer Potion 
~ Random Bright Pink Eyeshadow from the Blush Professional Pallet up over the crease 
~ Urban Decay PainKiller Eyeshadow on the upper and lower lash line and into the crease 
~ Maybelline The Falsies mascarra
~ Eylure Naturalites 107 lashes 

~Mac Brow pencil Fling 

~ Nars Pro-prime Por Refining Primer 
~ Estay Lauder Double Wear Concealer
~ Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation
~ Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light 
~ Bare Minerals Powder Fairly Light (n10)
~ Nars Orgasm and Angelika mixed to contour
~ Mac Sunday Afternoon to Highlight

~Revlon Lip Butter Tutti Frutti  

So I know this is crazy but thought I would show you anyway.


Naked Pallet Comparison/ Review

Are you a newbie to makeup and looking for a good neutral pallet or just after the Naked pallet but wondering which one is better? hopefully this review/ comparison will help you decide.

This comparison is going to be between the Naked original and the Naked 2 pallet. I know that these pallets have been out for a long time but I wanted to be able to do a good review/ comparison. I have done a video on these pallets before but it wasn't very good but if you want to see the video click hear.

(top: Naked 2, Bottom: Naked original) 

As you can tell the packaging of these pallets are very different, one being metal and the other being carbord covered in fabric.

The pallet I'm going to start with is the Naked original.
Urban Decay say: " THIS is how Urban Decay does neutral! Far from boring, Urban Decay's Naked Palette features a shade range that runs from the palest champagne to the grittiest gunmetal. Not just "shades of beige", each shadow has a distinctly Urban look, yet works for EVERYONE."

(Virgin ,Sin ,Naked ,Sidecar ,Buck ,Half Baked , Smog, DarkHorse , Tosted, Hustal, Creep, Gunmetal)

The Naked original came out about 1 year ago and had so much hype around it, it was imposable to find. I was able to get this pallet from house of Fraser summer of 2011. I have to say I don't use this pallet as much as I would like to. The colours in this pallet are very nice but some I would not say are very neutral. I would of liked some more matt shades as all most all these are shimmery or glittery, matts are better for a everyday look. 

  (Virgin ,Sin ,Naked ,Sidecar ,Buck ,Half Baked , Smog, DarkHorse , Tosted, Hustal, Creep, Gunmetal)

Urban decay shadows are very pigmented and that's what I love about them but some other brands I would say are a little better and cheaper such as inglot. You get some nice golds in this pallet which i really love but all the colours are in the brown line. A bad point about this pallet is that the packaging kind of sucks as it can fall apart.  

Pros: Very Pigmented
      £36 (not to bad as you get 12 colours)
      Can create lots of different looks 
      Creamy formula  

Cons: Hard to find 
      Lots of fall out
      Cardboard Packaging can get wrecked easy

Next up is the naked 2 pallet.
Urban Decay says: " The most anticipated sequel of the decade! Our new palette is meticulously packed with 12 Taupe + Greige Neutrals, featuring FIVE EXCLUSIVE NEW SHADES."

(Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite,Suspect, Pistol,Verve,YDK, Busted, Blackout)

This pallet came out the beginning on this year (2012) on high demand. But to my surprise it was not hard to get at all. I got this pallet at debenhams before the realise which I was very exited about. When I first got this pallet I used it like crazy but then I haven't really used it for about a month or two. But this pallet is amazing for a neutral smoky eye. I like how this pallet has more matt colours but still most of them are shimmery. 

 (Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite,Suspect, Pistol,Verve,YDK, Busted, Blackout)

I love how this pallet has a mix of browns and greys as that is what was missing from the naked original pallet. The formula of these eyeshadows are there new formula that they just released and I love it, there so smooth and pigmented. They have also really improved on the packaging as this one I don't think will get wrecked as easy. 

Pros: Very Pigmented
      Nice selection 
      Very Smooth 
      Easy to find

Cons: Has half backed like the original
      Lots of fall out 

All together I love both these pallets after getting re introduced to them I would say I prefer the original as I use it more. But I also love the naked 2 as its amazing for smoky eyes.

You can find both of these pallets at Debenhams and there on sale for only £32.40 
Hope this review/comparison helped you out, let me know which one you prefer.


Going To The Cinema FOTD And Giveaway Idea

~ Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer 
~ Urban Decay Sin All Over Lid
~ Urban Decay Half Baked In Crease 
~ Urban Decay Smog In Outer Corner
~ Urban Decay Virgin To Highlight 
~ L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss on upper lash line
~ Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Zero On Waterline 
~ Maybelline The Falsies Mascarra On Lashes

~ Mac Eye Brow Pencil In Fling 

~ Nars Sheer Glow Foundation In Siberia ( Click hear for review)
~Estea Lauder Double Wear Concealer in 01 light
~ Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light 
~ Nars Laguna To Contour (Click hear for comparison on Laguna and hoola
~ Nars Angelika Blush 
~ Mac Sunday Afrernoon Face Powder to Hightlight

~ Revlon Lip Butter In Tutti Frutti ( Click hear for review)

Hope you Like My face of the days. I have been thinking about what kind of giveaway I want to do, so I think I will do a Inglot giveaway were you can win a two eye-shadow pallet with both colours. Let me know if you like the sound of that and if you would prefer fun colours or neutrals and which ever one has most comments will be what I pick up. I will be going to Inglot on the 12 so the give-away will probably be posted then.    


Review: Inglot Cosmetics

As some of you may know I have loved mac eye shadows for quite along time now, But now I have a new favourite eye shadow brand and there name is Inglot.

So i have been wanting to try Inglot for a while as I have heard some amazing things about them but i kept putting it of saying I have a million eye shadows (and that is the first thing I wanted to try from them.) So last Thursday I finally caved and ordered from there online store . The  shipping was very expensive being £6 but my items arrived the next day so I cant complain.

(top: 66, 378, bottom: 357)

I decided to get a 10 eyeshadow freedom system pallet and 3 different eyeshadows. i got two matt shades 
and one AMC shade which is full of glitter.

These eyeshadows are amazing so I'm really glad I decided to get them. There so pigmented and blend really well.

I love to use the matt shades to fill in brows. The purple didn't photo very well so this picture douse not give them justice.

Pros: Only £4.50 per shadow
      So pigmented
      Blend really well
      A million different colours
      Got a very strong magnet so will not fall out

Cons: Got a very strong magnet so hard to get out
      Hard to find a store. (i will have all the stores there are in the UK at the end of this post)

All together i think these eyeshadows are better than mac as some mac eyeshadows are not pigmented but all these ones are and there a lot cheaper as well.
What would you prefer to do spend £10 at Mac or spend £4.50 at inglot? I know what I would pick.

Were can you find inglot in the uk?
England : London, Westfield shopping centre.
Scotland: Aberdeen, Union Square shopping centre and 6 market street
Ireland: Dublin, Blanchardstown Centre, Dundrum Town Centre, Jervis Shopping Centre and Liffey Valley Shopping Centre
Limerick, Crescent Shopping Centre
Also if your from the UK you can order from there website hear

hope you enjoyed this review/ haul, Let me know if you have ever tried inglot and what you think.


Review- Revlon Lip Butters

Before i get started with this review i would like to appolagise for my short brake, my internet has been broken all week and we just got it back. 

This review is going to be on the revlon lip butters. 
I know that there are lots of reviews out there for the revlon lip butters but I have decided i would like to tell you my thoughts. 

Revlon say: "Get soft lips and irresistible colour with Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter"

I got these lip butters last week after a long time waiting (if you want to know the story cheek this out) and i can say I love them. These are the bees knees and if you ask me there better than mac lipsticks
( Cupcake, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, Tutti Frutti)

I have been using these lip butters like crazy all week. There so smooth so they glide on the lips just like butter and they last a good amount of time. There very pigmented for being more of a lip barm. 

Pros: - Very Pigmented
      - Lots of different colours to pick from
      - Glides on your lips
      - Helps keep your lips soft.
      - £7.99

Cons: - Dont last as long as lip stick (would not expect to)
      - Can get used up quickly.

( Cupcake, Strawberry Shortcake)
( Sweet Tart, Tutti Frutti)

I love the revlon lip butters and there so worth the £7.99 each. I hope to get them all as there so pigmented and look amazing on the lips. My favourite one is tutti frutti. I have found one of them a dupe.

( Cupcake, Saint Germain)

Of course the lipstick is a bit more pigmented but i think they look very similar

I hope this review helped. Let me know what you think of the revlon lipbutters. 


Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the versatile blogger award. Thank you Amy (Florals and Freckles) and Paige (beauty and me)for nominating me even though I don't exactly know what this is thank you anyway.

So as I understand this award is more of shout outs but I have to say a very fun way to do it so hear goes. 

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2. Let them know that you have nominated them.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the bloggers that have nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog.

7 Facts

1. I am originals from North England ( Newcastle)
2. I have a illness called fibromialga 
3. I start my exams in a week and a half
4. I finish school in 1 month
5. i worry easy
6. I have dyslexia so find it difficult to spell.  
7. I used to want to be a orca trainer  

I nominat these people because i love there blogs but some of them are not new. 


1. ForeverGlam x
2.  meganharlowx
3. Sprinkle of glitter 
4. Zoella
5. What i heart today
6. Chic Shabby and me
7. Starry eyed beauty
8. She shops alot
9. Florals and Freckles
10. dinorahbaby

sorry there are only 10 i just started blogging and these are the blogs i have fallen in love with so far.

Thanks again for nominating me 


Revlon Lip Butters Glory

As most of you know Revlon lip butters have been in the states since before Christmas, So if your in the US I'm a little late hear.

I have been wanting to get the revlon lip butters since I hared about them on YouTube being raved about by other gurus who I love. I was looking for ages for the realise date in the UK but I could not find one and forgot the idea of ever being able to get the revlon lip butters, until I heard the wonderful Fleur De Force talking about them and saying they would be out in the middle of march, I got so exited. When the date of there realise came I headed to my local boots store to be told they were not coming out in stores in Scotland and that I would have to order them of line (which I did not want to do as I wanted to swatch them). 

A new boots opened 5 minutes away from my house on the 4th of April and i was dying to go in and see if they had any of the lip butters, my dad said to me a million times that they would not have them in as all the other boots didn't, but I wanted to have a look anyway.

so this morning April 14th my dad decided it was time we had a look in the new boots and I'm so glad I did as look what I found.

( 055 Cupcake, 080 Strawberry Shortcake)

( 090 Sweet Tart, 015 Tutti Frutti)

I picked up 4 different colours, The revlon lip butters are £7.99 each but boots have a 3 for 2 deal on right now so to begin with i had picked up 3 diffrent colours but when i got to the cheek out there was £5 of if you spend £20 as its a new store so i picked up another one and the total cost came to just under £19.

I'm so exited that I was able to get these I almost screamed when I saw them. right now I have on Tutti Frutti which is a orange colour and I love it. (review coming soon) Thank you to my friend Megan for convincing me that i would love these.  

What do you think about the revlon lip butters?


Mac Cosmetics/ Eye shadow Collection

Today's post is on my mac eyeshadow collection. 
Mac sells a million different shades of eye shadow colours and there always bringing out new ones in collections. Mac eyeshadows have recently gone up in price (so annoying) going from £11.50 to £12 for a pot and £9.50 to £10 for a pan, if your wondering what i mean by pot and pan, mac sells there eyeshadows in a pot which meant it has packaging or in a pan to go in to a pallet. 

I have been collecting mac cosmetics for just under a year now and I have picked up 15 different eyeshadows. Mac eyeshadows are amazing quality and really pigmented. when i first started collecting I would buy the pans to go in to my 15pc pro pallet but at the end of last year I had decided I wanted pots. With a lot of thinking I decided to depot all my mac eyeshadows as it would be easer to travel with.

( Vanilla, All That Glitters, Cork)

(Woodwinked, Mulch, Twinks)

 (Goldmine, Carbon, Black Tied) 

( Going Bananas, Surf USA, Aqua)

 ( Crystal, Vibrant Grape, Vile Violet)

I love all my mac eyeshadows but as you may be able to tell all that glitters is my favourite as I have hit pan on it, I also love crystal ( my first mac eyeshadow) I use purple a lot as I think it looks good with my eye colour and I also love golds. 

I love mac eyeshadows there my second favourite as Nars tops The quality for me.


Review- Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

This is my review on the Nars Sheer Glow foundation.
I have seen many reviews on this foundation and decided I would love to tell you my thoughts.

Nars Say : " A glowing, satin-finish foundation with sheer and buildable coverage. Replete with skincare benefits and the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, skin is hydrated, more luminous, softer and smoother.
Used daily, Sheer Glow Foundation improves skin brightness, radiance and texture. For normal to dry skin types."

I have been using this foundation for a week now and have discovered some really good things about this foundation and some not so good things.

After using this foundation for a week i have discovered it douse cling to dry skin even though Nars clams this foundation is for normal to dry skin. Saying this Nars sheer glow gives a beautiful finish and feels like a second skin.

Pros: Many different shades ranging from really light to really dark
     Easy to blend 
     Medium to full coverage 
     30 ml 
     24 month life 
     Feels like second skin
     So light on your skin
Cons: Gets dirty easy
      Runs in the more yellow tone
      Lid keeps turning 
      Clings to dry patches.

I'm in the shade Siberia which is the lightest shade you can get. As i have all ready said Nars has a lot of shades to choose from from really light like me to really dark so I'm pretty sure you will be able to find the right shade for you.

The coverage of this foundation is not sheer like the name suggests this foundation is more on the full coverage side.

I will deficiently be re purchasing this foundation as it is the best one I have tried so far. I give this foundation a 9 out of 10. 

Let me know what your favourite foundation is. 


Mac Cosmetics/ Lipstick Collection

As some of you may know mac cosmetics is famous for their lipstick., They have hundreds of different colours to pick from and lots of different finishes. Mac lipsticks are on the pricer side with the whole range of lipsticks available being £13.50 per lippy. You can get free lipsticks using the back to mac system.

Over the past year of collecting makeup I have picked up 8 different mac lipsticks, I went through a phase of only buying mac lipsticks and nothing else but now I only buy them every few months.

(Naturally Eccentric, Viva Glam Gaga 2, Innocence Beware!)

(Hue, Creme Cup, Saint Germain)

( Candy Yum-Yum, Brave  Red)

So as some of you may be able to tell Hue is my favourite, I used to use it every single day. I love all of them but the ones I love the most are Hue, Innocence Beware! and Candy Yum- Yum. Also I'm guessing you can tell that I love pinky nudes. 

Even though I love mac lipsticks I really want to try something else, and suggestions?


Happy Easter FOTD

Happy Easter!!!

~Urban Decay Primer Potion
~Nars Duo Eyeshadow  Isolde  ( light colour all over lid dark colour in crease) 
~L'oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss
~Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil Zero 
~ Maybelline The Colossal Volum Cat Eyes
~Maybelline The Falsies

~ Mac Eye Brow Pencil Fling 

~Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion 
~Nars Pro- Prime Pore Refining Primer
~Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Siberia
~ Mac Pro Longwear Concealer
~Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light
~Nars Laguna Bronzer
~ Nars Orgasm Blush
~Mac Sunday Afternoon Face Powder

~Mac Kissable Lip colour Enchantee

Let me know if you like these kinda posts and I hope you all have a happy Easter 


Little Lush Addiction

Lately I have become addicted to lush, the smell in there is so amazing and you just feel so fresh when you walk out. I have really sensitive skin and find it difficult to find things I can use- Lush is one of the things I can.

So of course yesterday when i went in i just could not resist.

I bought two things and the woman that served me Through in a sample as well which was so kind of her.

The sample i got was the lush cupcake face mask, This will be very helpful as i have had bad elegiac reactions to face masks you can buy in places such as Tesco- so im exited to try this out.

Now on to what I actually bought

The first think I bought was sweet heart soap. This soap was limited addition to valentines day but the lush I went to still had this one in. I was debating over which soap to get for ages but in the end decided to get this one for the reason that it wont be around much longer. this soap was around £3.25 and i got 118g witch is actually quite a lot. 

The next thing is the cutest thing of all its the Hoppy Easter gift set. This set comes with a fluffy egg (Bath Bomb) and a carrot (Bubble Bar) the carrot can be used up to 8 times- i'm exited to see how it turned out. This set retails for £10.95 so its more on the pricer side but you have to admit its so cute.

Thats all i picked up this time. look out for more lush hauls and reviews.


Sneaky Little NARS Haul

The other day I went shopping but didn't buy anything, But ones I got home I did a little sneaky order on Nars. I love Nars so much there quality is so amazing, but i have to say most of the time I buy the gift sets as there amazing deals but this time I order things by them self.

I ordered two things but when they arrived this morning I had a really nice surprise as they had added something little in the package as well.

So the first thing i got was the Nars sheer glow foundation in the colour light 1 (Siberia). I was debating over this one or the makeup forever HD foundation but everyone convinced me I should get this one. This foundation comes with 1 FL. OZ. 30mL and it costs £29.50 witch is a whopper of a price but i am trying to find the perfect foundation. (Review coming soon)

The second thing I decided to get was a duo eye shadow. everyone raves about how amazing nars eye shadow are so I decided I wanted to jump on the bagging weal and try them out. I got the colour isolde because Zoe from Zoella always wears this one and it looks absolutely amazing. This retails for £24 and comes with a NET WT .0.14 OZ. 4g.

The little extra goody i got was the pro prime pore refining primer. You don't get much product but its a nice little sample, you get 0.06 Fl. Oz. 2mL.

So it was just a little haul but i was exited to share what i got with you. look out for a review on the Sheer glow foundation as it should be up in the next week or two.


Bronzer Comparison: Nars Laguna VS Benefit Hoola

Have you ever wondered which bronzer to get? People always rave over 2 different ones you may think what is the difference between them, Well hopefully this post will help you.

Lets start with Nars Laguna.
Nars say- " Brown with golden shimmer" 

Nars Laguna is a light toned brown with gold shimmer, this bronzer is amazing for contouring as it comes out being semi matt, this means the shimmer is not over powering and can hardly be seen. The colour of this bronzer douse not come out orange on the skin and would look good on people with light to mid toned skin. 

This bronzer comes in the ever so famous Nars rubber Packaging which collects finger prints like there is no tomorrow 

Laguna comes with a Net Wt 0.28 Oz 8g, it also has a best before date of 24 months. 

Pros: Comes out true to colour on your skin
      Big Mirror for on the go 
      A little bit goes a long way
      Not Chalky or powdery 
      gives a nice glow

Cons: very expensive £25
      Gets dirty easy
      Can crack easy

I really like this bronzer and will defiantly be buying it again ones i run out.

Now onto Benefit Hoola.
Benefit say: "Dust this soft bronze powder over your complexion for a healthy, natural looking "tan" year-round. No tanning bed necessary! Complete with soft, natural-bristle cheek brush. It's pure colour - no sparkle and no shine!" 

Benefit Hoola is a matt bronzer, it is a light toned brown which has a nice soft texture. A little bit of this bronzer goes along way as it is very pigmented so make sure to only use a little bit as you can go back for more.

The Packaging for this bronzer may look cute but its not very handy. It can get broken easy as it is maid of cardboard and things attach them self to it as it has a magnet in side. 

This bronzer also comes with a Net Wt 0.28 oz 8g

As you can tell i love this bronzer as i have hit pan on it :)

Pros: Matt finish so grate for contouring
      True to colour
      Lasts a long time
      Really smooth
      Good for light to mid toned skin
      Easy to find

Cons: Packaging brakes easy
      Hard to control amount using
      Douse not say how long it can be used for

As you can tell i really like this bronzer and if i had to pick just one i would goo with hoola as I think its a lot easer to use and looks amazing (also it cheaper)