Review- Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

This is my review on the Nars Sheer Glow foundation.
I have seen many reviews on this foundation and decided I would love to tell you my thoughts.

Nars Say : " A glowing, satin-finish foundation with sheer and buildable coverage. Replete with skincare benefits and the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, skin is hydrated, more luminous, softer and smoother.
Used daily, Sheer Glow Foundation improves skin brightness, radiance and texture. For normal to dry skin types."

I have been using this foundation for a week now and have discovered some really good things about this foundation and some not so good things.

After using this foundation for a week i have discovered it douse cling to dry skin even though Nars clams this foundation is for normal to dry skin. Saying this Nars sheer glow gives a beautiful finish and feels like a second skin.

Pros: Many different shades ranging from really light to really dark
     Easy to blend 
     Medium to full coverage 
     30 ml 
     24 month life 
     Feels like second skin
     So light on your skin
Cons: Gets dirty easy
      Runs in the more yellow tone
      Lid keeps turning 
      Clings to dry patches.

I'm in the shade Siberia which is the lightest shade you can get. As i have all ready said Nars has a lot of shades to choose from from really light like me to really dark so I'm pretty sure you will be able to find the right shade for you.

The coverage of this foundation is not sheer like the name suggests this foundation is more on the full coverage side.

I will deficiently be re purchasing this foundation as it is the best one I have tried so far. I give this foundation a 9 out of 10. 

Let me know what your favourite foundation is. 



  1. Wow! this is maybe best review ever!
    I'll def try it! For now i am using maybellin :)


  2. Thank you for the nice Comment!
    You have a beautiful Blog ,we could follow each other if you want :)

    Lovely Greetings from Vienna ♡

  3. Great review!!! love your blog)

  4. OH WOW!i wish i could try it but having oily skin wouldnt be a good choice lol..but it looks amazing really ..the photo 'after' looks so flawless!

    1. you could try the nars sheer matt foundation i hear that one is good with oily skin

  5. This foundation looks lovely, I really want to try this along with the MAC Studio Sculpt! Your posts always want to make me try new foundations haha!
    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, check out my blog post for more info :) ox

    1. thank you i will go cheek it out. yehh you should try them both there so amazing

  6. Regardless of the cons you have (which are definitely bummers), the foundation looks wonderful on you!

    1. i realy love this foundation and the colour i have matches realy well

  7. It looks fantastic on you! Sadly, I had no luck with it at all and ended up returning it.

    Thank you for checking out my blog, I'm following you now :)

    1. ohh no sad it didnt work for you hope you find a good foundation soon. thanks for following

  8. looks great on your skin! definitely want to give this a try now

    Jordan xx
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  9. Amazing NARS Sheer Glow Review. I like all the detail you gave about it. I've been wanting to try this, but I'm quite reluctant about it because of the price. I like how the foundation looks on your skin. It gives you a very pretty glow. I can see from your before picture that your skin looks amazing to begin with. :)

    Thank you for leaving comment on my post about BB creams. It's definitely worth a try. Hopefully there are some stores in your area that carry them. Take care. :)

    1. its an amazing foundation maybe you could ask for a sample to see if you like it. my skin is not too good actually but it douse not pick up in the picture i have blotchy skin and a lot of freckles but its no way as bad as some other people. thanks for letting me know x

  10. amazing review!
    wow you are gorgeous :)

  11. I'm jealous. Your skin looks flawless even without make-up! I think you just sold me on this product. Your review was incredibly helpful and I like that you included the pros and cons. xx

    1. thank you and yeah you should most deficiently try it x