Lush Review | Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar

Hay my lovelies. Today I have a lush review for you. Today's review is on the lush Pop In The Bath bubble bar. This bubble bar is part of the mothers day collection but also is pernement as this bubble bar was promoted for mothers day. I think this years mothers day collection is better than last years. This smells amazing and I will decently buy it again. 

The Lush pop in the bath bubble bar is supper cute and comes in lots of other colours. mine is pink with a blue flower and is supper adorable and perfect for mothers day. 

Lush says this bubble bar contains up lifting fragrances with mandarin and bergamot oils and orange flower. 

This bubble bar creates lot's of bubbles and leaves the bath water a beautiful pink color it also leaves the bath room smelling a wonderful lavender floral smell. This bubble bar leaves the skin feeling supper soft and smelling amazing. 

This bubble bar is one of my new favorites and i'm very happy I can buy it all the time. it creates so many bubbles and lush products are the best for bubble baths and another plus is i'm not allergic to lush!

This Bubble Bar retails for £2.90 and is defiantly worth getting as it smells amazing and feels amazing. you can pick up pop in the bath from your local lush or online

What do you think of Pop in the bath and do you think you might pick it up? 

Haul | Lush and Inglot

Hello my Lovelies. So I have done a little bit of shopping yesterday. Now I would at this point try make up an excuse to why I went shopping and today it would be "its my birthday on friday so its a birthday pressy to my self" but seriously I actully have a reason for these shopping bags. 

So as you may be able to tell, I went to lush and Inglot and did a little bit of damage to the bank. Now the reason I went to lush is because i'm in desperate need of a new skin care ruteen as to tell the honest truth, I have not used skin care in about 3 weeks "OHH MY GOD" this is because my stupid skin had a huge reaction to clineque the only skin care I had found that worked for me. so i'm going to try lush skin care. I went to inglot and bought 6 brushes because ... I now work for inglot. I'm now one of inglots makeup artists and we have to buy out own brushes so this is the first lode of brushes I have bought. 

First off is Inglot now before I tell you what brushes I got I would just like to say, RIP Wojciech Inglot, the owner of inglot sadly passed away on Saturday he was only 57 years old. 

So the brushes that I picked up this time are some basic ones. now after I got out the shop I thought ohh no I forgot lip brush and blending brush but I will get them next week when I go in for training. 
- 15BJF this brush is a powder/blush brush its a dupe for the MAC 129. 
- 21T This is your basic Foundation brush
- 24SSS This is a double ended brush. 1 side is perfect for contouring and the other for blush. 
- 29PO This is just a fluffy all over lid brush. dupe for MAC 213
- 10S This is like a tiny tiny blending brush perfect for the outer corner and under lash line
- 14M This is just a brow/ lash brush. 

From lush  I got my skin care and one item that I love from the easter collection. 

- Fluffy egg Bath balistic, This is one of my favorites from lush and i'm going to need to stock up on them before they take them away again. 
- Breath of Fresh air toner, I just picked this one as I liked the sound of it online. 
- Aqua Marine cleanser, I herd this is grate for dry skin.
- Oatifix, My friend who is like family to me always raves about this mask. 

Reviews to come on all my lush goodies soon. 

Hope you enjoyed this haul. Make sure to enter my giveaway. 

Inglot Sweet Pea Make Up Look

Hayya Lovelies. I'm here today with my first make up look kind of post. now I have done FOTDs in the past but I have been requested so many times to do post's on eye makeup. So I have thought long and hard over doing these simply because i'm really bad at taking pictures of  my self never mind just my eyes, But thanks to Blog of Shadows giving me some amazing tips here is my first Make up look post. For this look I decided to use my inglot palette to show you how it looks on the eyes as after my last review a lot of people now really want to try inglot. :) 

Products I Used | Urban Decay Primer potion Over the lid and lower lash line, Over the lid Inglot 363 mixed with 493. in the crease inglot 491 and in the outer corner and under the lower lash line inglot 325. I used soap and glory eyeliner winged out and maybeline the rocket mascara and eylure eyelashes. For the browns I used MAC Charcole brown eye shadow. 

I really hope you like this look. Purples are my favorite colours to use but this was the first time using pink of my own eyes as I always think it will make my eyes look supper red. I actually really loved this makeup though. 

If you want to see more posts like this just let me know and I would be happy to do them. if so please do request some persific looks to do. 

Inglot Eyeshadow Review (Updated)

Hay there Lovelies, So I know the brand i'm going to talk about today is not the best known but it is defiantly a brand to be exited about. today i'm doing my updated review on Inglot eye shadows. if you have followed my blog from the beginning you will know that I think inglot is an amazing brand and there eye shadows are amazing, well here is an update on the review I did in the beginning. 

Now first of before I get started with the review I would like to tell you a little about inglot. Inglot was founded 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot who was a chemist wishing to produce high quality cosmetics at a low price. it was founded in Poland. Inglot is not the most well known brand as it has not been in the Uk for very long, there are only 3 stores in the whole of the UK. 

My review is on the Inglot eye shadow freedom system. I know have the 40 pc palette which I will fill slowly. Inglot have a lot of different sized freedom palettes from 2pc to 40pc. I did have the size 10 but now I have the 40pc one as I love inglot eye shadows. 

Colours I Have so far

First row top to bottom- 
357| A dirty blond type colour (matte)
375| A reddish brown  (matte)
second row top to bottom-
361| a light coral orange (matte)
362| a bright light pink (matte)
325| a beautiful dark purple this colour is amazing (matte)
row three top to bottom
37| a beautiful bronze with glitter (AMC)
forth row top to bottom
30| a light yellow with glitter (AMC)
24| a light aqua blue (AMC)
66| a lavander type purple (AMC)
sixth row top to bottom
493| a light purple (DS)
491| a beautiful glittery dark purple (DS)

What I Love?
Inglot have such a big choice of eye shadows to choose from and all there eye shadows are supper pigmented. Inglot is avordable so basically anyone can buy it being only £4.50 an eye shadow. inglot offer pro cards to makeup artists were you can get 20% discount. also inglot do not test on animals.  There are many different textures but all are like butter and feel soft and are supper pigmented. the palette is very sturdy and the magnetic part is supper strong as well so the eye shadows will not fall out. 

What I dont Like?
This is a plus and a bad thing, as the eyeshadows are very magnatised in there, they can be quite hard to get out. I have found two ways to get them out though, use like a broken bobby pin or use the magnet and get them out like that. I'm also not to happy that you cant find inglot in many places as I know the brand would be very popular. 

Final Thoughts 
I would defiantly recommend inglot to everyone it's an amazing brand, I just wish they would open some more stores. I also think Inglot eye shadows are just as good even better than MAC. Inglot eye shadows come with 2.7g of product so you get a lot for only £4.50

Were To Find Inglot?
you can find inglot online or in store. there are 3 inglot stores in the UK so far, Aberdeen, Sterling and London. You will also be able to order over the phone.
look out for a inglot haul next week

If you have any other questions about inglot feel free to ask me. 
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Blog Sale Urban Decay, MAC, Bare Minerals

Rules and Info
- First come first served
- please leave paypal email in comment section, i will ship world wide if willing to pay little extra (cant ship nail polish out side uk)
- all items will be sent out the same day or the next day after payment.  
- If you have a question feel free to contact
- postage is £2.50 and 50p for every additional item. 
- please when paying with paypal mark as gift
- all items are in good condition and will be cleaned and sanitized before posted. 
- prices are negotiable

- Revlon Photo Ready foundation in 002 vanilla. used about 5 times still lots left. £4 PRP £12
- MAC Mineralize Satinfinish spf 15 nc15. used 2 times almost full. £10 PRP £24 (sold)
- Estee Lauder perfectly clean foaming cleanser. 50ml opened but never used. £5 PRP £16.80 or 100 ml
- Nars orgasm illumnater. used about 3-5 times more then half full. 15ml £6 PRP £22 for 30ml (Sold)
- urban decay marsh mallow powder. never used but opened. smells amazing 10g £5 PRP £14
- bare minerals original medium beige. used 1 time almost full. 2g £5 PRP £25 for 6g
- Lauren Luke my smoky collection. Never used £5 PRP £14
- the body shop limited edition collection for eyes. used a few times £2 PRP £7-£12

- Maybeline colour tatoo 35 on and on bronze. only swatched 2 times £2 PRP £5
-Maybeline colour tatoo 40 permanent taupe. only swatched 2 times £2 PRP £5 (sold)

- Nars duo eyeshadow in isolde, used 2-3 times £10 PRP £25 (sold)
-MAC mineralized duo eyeshadow in pink union. used about 3 times £7 PRP £16 (sold)
- Urban decay zero 24/7 pencil. never used selling as  have like 5 of them. £5 PRP £14
-OPI black shatter. never used  £4 PRP £11.50
-OPI Turquoise shatter used two times £4 PRP £11.50

-MAC lipstick from surf baby. in Naturally Eccentric. swatched about 5 times never used on lips (limited edition) £8 PRP £14.50
- Revlon just bitton kissabe balm stain in 040. used 1-2 times. £3 PRP £7.99

- bareminerals warmth powder. never used cap still in place. 1.5g £9 PRP £19
- bareminerals summer bisque 28 conceler. never used cap still in place £5 PRP £19

- maybeline bouncy blush, not been avalabe in the uk. been used 2 times on cheeks but been swatched about 5 times as its bouncy haha. £3

happy shopping 

Birthday Wishlist

Hay There Lovelies. So as you may know it's my birthday next Friday, the 1st of march. And i'm so exited as i'm going to be 17 yay. So this is my wishlist of stuff I would quite like but I will be buying most this stuff on the 2nd when I go to Glasgow. I'm so exited as urban decay has bought out some amazing items and I want it all. Anyway if you like this layout then do cheek it out to use on your own blog. 
Beautysets - birthday wishlist

Anyways as you can tell urban decay makes up a big part of my wishlist haha. thanks to my two favorite bloggers.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
I have wanted this palette since it came out but been seeing some amazing reviews and now need it in my life. I really hope to reseve this for my birthday or I will be buying it myself. £20

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
This has also been on my list for a while. to tell the truth i'm really wanting all urban decay naked products as there just so amazing. £20

MAC Girl About Town lippy
This is a beautiful bright pink which I just really want in my collection. £14

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray
This is a grate setting spray. Its not at the top of my list but I would love a new one. £19

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation
Everyone is raving about this foundation and I love foundation and really want to try this one £28

Urban Decay Oz the good witch palette
I have the bad witch one and I love it so really want the other one as well. £35

Urban Decay Naked Skin BB Cream
I really want this to go with the foundation as people say its amazing with it. £25

What are you wanting right now?
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Urban Decay Oz The Grate And Powerful The Theodora Palette Review + Swatches

Hay there Lovelies, So a few weeks ago Urban Decay released there Oz the grate and powerful palettes. I want them both but could only get one at the time so I decided to pick up the Theodora palette. Now urban decay are bringing out some amazing amazing items this year so look out for some more reviews on Urban Decay.
This Palette in inspired by the new Disney Oz movie that is due to come out in summer this year, Urban decay do quite a few collabs with Disney but this is my first one I have bought. If you know urban decay you will know that there amazing pigmented eye shadows that last a very long time.  

- Broken | This Is a light skin tone type shade with quite a bit of sparkle. 
- Beware | Beware is the perfect crease transition colour. Its mid toned brown with red undertones. 
- Bewitch | Is a dark dark brown with a light purple undertone, it has glitter in it as well.
- West | Is a dark red purple toned brown. its got some shimmer in it but not to much
- Spell | spell is a half and half shade one side is pure gold and the other is a dark blue
- Jealous | Is also a half and half shade, both are green but one is a dark grass green and the other is light green. 

What I Like?
This palette is perfect for everyday and evening looks. The pigmentation of this palette is so amazing and a little bit of the eye shadow goes along way. The shade range of this palette is amazing from your light neutrals to dark neutrals to some fun greens and blues. The lightest colour called Broken can be used as a highlight as well as all over the lid. the two darker browns are amazing for both smoky eyes and for everyday natural looks. The price of this palette is good as well as you do kind of get 8 colours a eyeliner and a lip pencil for £35. 

What I Dont Like?
I'm weird and dont really like the lip pencil thing as its quite sticky and I just dont like red on my lips. Its a good product just not for me. Also you could probably find colours a lot like these so I would say if your not a big Urban decay collector then this palette is not a must. 

My Final Thought?
If your a urban decay collector and you love Disney I would defiantly recommend this palette, the pigmentation is amazing and the packaging is very cute and sturdy. This palette comes with a full look, Not like foundation and stuff and not mascara but like eyeliner eye shadows and lips. So I love this palette so I will give it a 4/5 as I love the eye shadows but I just dont like the lip pencil thing and I dont like that we get Zero eyeliner as even though its amazing I like perversion more as its much creamier and a blacker black.  

What do you think about the Urban decay Oz Palettes? 
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