Holiday Haul ❤

Whilst on my lovely holiday I purchased a few lovely beauty items. I have to admit most of my holiday money I spent at Mac at duty free. Mac was 20% of which maid me very exited and the mac artist was so kind and very helpful.

The first item I purchased at mac was the 210 brush. I have been wanting a new eye liner brush for so long and was exited that I managed to get this brush for £13.30 which is amazing for a mac brush.

The other 4 items I got from mac are 4 eyeshadows the first one is called Brule, The makeup artist recommended this colour to me for prom makeup I will be doing next week.

The next colour is Saitin Taupe, this is a colour I have wanted for so long passably since i started collecting mac.

The 3rd colour I got was Mystery this is another recommendation from the makeup artist for the prom makeup that I'm doing.

The last eyeshadow I got from mac is Charcoal Brown which is another I have wanted for ages but it was also a recommendation. All the eyeshadows were £10 each which is the same as a eyeshadow in pan form.

Now on to items I got on holiday.

I bought 2 China Glaze nail polishes the first one is called Dance Baby which I think is from the new spring collection.

The other one I bought is called Make some noise. these were around 7 euro each.

The next item is my first ever chanel item and its a eye kohl. The chanel eye kohls are not hyped about at all but Zoe from Zoella says she really likes them so I decided to buy one. I bought this for 14. 5 euro

The last item i bought was the viva la juicy perfume this i was so exited about as i have wanted this perfume for so long. this was 30 euro.

if you have any questions about anything i bought please comment down below. I have really missed blogging and I'm glade I'm home.


Review: Too Faced Romantic Eye Classic Beauty Shadow Collection

Today's review is on the Too Faced Romantic Eye pallet. I bought this pallet after I got the summer eye palette as I loved that pallet so much BUT I do not like this one even half as much.

Too Faced say: " They say a woman is at her most beautiful when she's in love; so why not look the part everyday? now you can, with my palette of hand-picked shades that bring out your inner bride, bombshell of classic beauty, all with an ultra-feminine touch."

The packaging of this palette is so cute (not as cute as summer palette but still cute) its covered in flowers and roses which of course goes with the "Romantic" feel of this palette. And again just like all there palettes this can easily fit into your hand bag.

This palette comes with three different look cards Day, Fashion and Classic, These look cards are weird looks that I personally would not use well I might use the fashion but the others look quite strange.

The packaging on the inside is very cute as well. The colours look really nice but when you see the swatches you might disagree the ones that I do like are the fashion colours but Honeymoon (the green) has a lot of fall out which I HATE. The colours do range from something very light for the day to something you could wear at night and in the day if you wish.

This palette retails for £26 in the UK $35 US and $45 Canadian. It is available in some boots in the UK and in Saphora in the US and Canada.

The colours in the palette are:
Soulmates- A frost finish champaign with pink undertones.
I Do- A mid toned Matt Gray
Un-Veil- Matt Deep Black with blue undertones.

Kiss The Bride- Matt Baby pink
Cut the cake- Light purple (dupe for macs crystal)
First Dance- Deep Black/Purple 

Bouquet Toss- Yellow toned white 
Honeymoon- Olive green with a lot of glitter
Ever After- Olive toned brown with a lot of glitter

I do like the Honeymoon and Ever after but I hate the way they apply as there is so much fall out it really gets annoying!!!!

Hear are the swatches most of them are with a few coats. 

(Day- Soulmates, I Do, Un-Veil)

(Classic- Kiss The Bride, Cut the Cake, First Dance)

( Fashion- Bouquet Toss, Honeymoon, Ever After)

Pros- Beautiful Packaging
        Not to expensive
        I like the fashion colours
        Look Cards
        Can fit in hand bag
        Easy to find 
        Colours look beautiful in packaging

Cons- Pigmintation not to grate 
         Bad fall out 
         Not to grate colour selection
         Look cards are not looks I would tend to do
         some colours hard ton work with.

This palette is not the best but i really want to try all the other ones, maybe this palette is just a one of bad one. Have you tried any too faced palettes if so which one? Let me know in the comment section.

I might do another post tomorrow but only if I have time so if there is not one up tomorrow good bye for now and I will see you in a week and I hope your all well and have a grate week. 


What's In My Travel Makeup Bag?

Today's post is on my travel makeup bag, this post was a request as I am going on holiday in 2 days so I will have a post up tomorrow but after that my next post will be on the 1st of June.

I know this may look like a lot but I did restrain my self because if I could I would of taken my whole collection.

Face products:
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion- I need to take this item were ever I go as I get really dry skin and this moisturiser really helps.
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB- This item is for when im chilling by the pool or at the beach and dont want a lot of coverage, this also has a spf of 30.
 Estee Lauder Double Wear- This is for when im going shopping and out for dinner and i want more coverage, I picked this one as its almost empty and if it smashed its not to much of a big deal but if I took sheer glow by nars I would be really upset
 Mac Pro Longwair concealer- To cover up any darkness as I'm not wearing as much foundation
 Mac MSF natural in light- Just to set the foundation and concealer
.Mac Face powder in sunday afternoon- amazing highlighter
Mac Cream blush in Optimistic Orange- Love orange right now and cream blush gives a nice deawie effect.
Nars Laguna bronzer- Gives a nice sunny look and I dont tan :(

Eye Products:
Too Faced Summer Eye- I love this pallet so much it just has some amazing colours that i would ware ever day. want a review click hear 
Urban Decay Naked 2- Just in case i want to use something else.
 Maybelline the falsies waterproof- Because its the only waterproof mascarra i own and we will be going to water parks and swimming.
Smashbox photo finish lid primer- so my shadows dont fade through the day
Urban decay 24/7 pencil - because it stay on my water line really well.
Maybelline master Precise liquid liner- quick and easy

Lip Products: 
Revlon lipbutter in Sweet Tart- beautiful pink and easy to apply
Revlon Lipbutter in tuttie fruttie - my every day lip stick
Mac innocence bewair!- lovely nude
maybelline baby lips- grate lipbalm that smells AMAZING!
Makeup forever lab shine lipgloss in s4- lovely colour and smells really good.

so that is everything I'm taking with me and my brushes but I just washed them so could not picture them.

Let me know what you would take on holiday..

Mac Brush Collection / Review

Today's post is going to be my mac brush collection and a little review on each of them. Before I get started my mac brush collection is quite small as mac brushes are expensive but I would still like to build it up. If you have any mac brushes that you love let me know as I'm making a list of ones I would love to have in my collection.

I own 7 full size mac brushes. I own a lot of the ones that came out in kits in different collections but I'm not including them as I dont think there as good and I dont use them as there not soft and dont give the same effect as the full size ones do. I have to say this... If you want to invest in mac brushes i would go with them full size as its more expensive but you are saving money in the long run.
Lets get started with each brush-

Mac 129- This brush is a all over face brush you can use it for powder, blush and contour. I have a love hate relationship with this brush as it gives a nice even coverage when applying powder but it shreds like craze, I find that most the mac black haired brushes do and its so annoying. This brush retails for £26 but it will last you forever if you look after them... if you want to see a post on how to wash your brushes let me know.

Mac 168- This brush is one of my new ones (2 months old). It is known as the angled large contour brush. I use this brush for blush and it works AMAZING gives the perfect coverage and gives you a nice even affect. I use this brush for both powder and cream blushes. this brush retails for £26.

Mac 188- This brush was my first ever mac brush. This is the small stippling brush, can be used for powder liquid and cream products. I use this brush for foundation as it gives a lovely air brush finish. You have to make sure to not push into the black hair as again the hair dose fall out. This brush retails for £26

Mac 165- This brush was limited edition and I picked it up at the cco in York. I use this brush for applying my highlight on my cheek bones. I got this brush for around £18. There is a big one of this brush being sold called the 138 but retails for a whopper of £38.

Mac 224- another new one. This brush is possibly the most talked about mac brush in the world. The 224 is the tapered blending brush. it dues just this blends out your eyeshadow amazingly. This brush retails for £22.

Mac 217- This brush is known as the flat blending brush. It gives precise blending into the crease which is amazing. this brush is the cheapest of them all retailing at £16.

Mac 239- This brush is the flat shader brush. its amazing for packing your eyeshadow onto the lid. I love this brush so much it works so well. this brush retails for £19

I really love my mac brushes and know there going to last me a long long time. The only down side to these brushes is the writing will fade off. yesterday I decided to apply clear nail polish on top to see if it would help. I will tell you if it dose in around 2 weeks.  I would defiantly recommend all the brushes to you. do you recommend any mac brushes to me?


Review: Make Up For Ever Professional Lab Shine

Today's review is on the Make Up For Ever Lab Shine lip gloss. The one I own is from the star collection, This item is not easily available in the UK but again I got this item in a Canadian swap I did recently.

Make Up For Ever say: "LAB SHINE Lip Gloss offers a spectacular and intense shiny effect.
Especially designed to achieve an ultra-bright effect, its silky brush ensures an optimal and dazzling coverage."

There are many different colours and there is three different collections. The star collection, the diamond collection and the metal collection. 

This item is my first ever item from make up for ever, I have to say I love this and I would love to try a tun more make up for ever products so if you recommend anything let me know. 

These lip glosses retail for $18 US and around $21 Canadian. After looking up a site these are available to order in the UK for £15.50 you can order them from
You get quite a lot of product 2.6 grams which may not be as much as a mac lipglass but its still an ok amount. 

This lip gloss comes with a brush tip applicator which I really like but I don't exactly mind what kind of applicator lip gloss comes with but I know a lot of people do. Brush applicators tend to be more hygienic as they are easier to clean and can be easier to use as well.  

The colour i own is called S4 and the S stands for star. This colour is a beautiful nude pink with a lot of glitter so it has a mix of blue silver and gold glitters in this which makes it shine like the stars. 

This lip gloss is a "my lips but better" colour but I love the glow it gives to my lips. as you can see it gives a lovely highlight affect to the centre of my lips.
These lip glosses have a lovely formula as there not sticky at all and feel very smooth on the lips, so if you don't like the feel of glitter and you don't like sticky things then you will love this lip gloss.  

Pros: 35 different colours to pick from
       Not sticky
       Brush applicator
       Can be ordered in the UK
       not too expensive (compared to lots of lip glosses) 
       Grate colour pay-off
       High pigmentation
       Smells amazing!!!

Cons: There are 35 different colours so will be difficult to pick which one you want. 
        not easy to find in the UK
        Not the cheapest lip gloss
        Dont get as much product as mac and mac is £2.50 cheaper.

hope you found this review helpful again if you have any recommendations please let me know and if you have any requests let me know as well. 

What do you think of these lip glosses will you be buying some?


Review: Too Faced Summer Eye Summertime Sexy Shadow Collection

Today's post is going to be on the beautiful Too Faced Summer Eye Pallet. This pallet came out this year in the summer collection and as soon as I heard about it I new I wanted it. the down side though is it is not available in the UK, I reserved this is a swap I recently did with Christine from Starry Eyed Beauty. To see what else I got click hear. 

Too Faced say: " Dive into this limited- edition, resort-inspited eye shadow collection! Capture the sizzling seduction of summer with beachy bronzes and browns accented with the vibrancy of worm coral, pink and refreshing aqua. Three how- to cards are included to ensure you'll transformed into a tantalizing tropical tease!"

The packaging to this pallet is so cute and pretty. As it is summer themed it is lade out like a beach with all the shells then on the back its designed like water. The pallet is also an amazing size so you could easily fit this in your hand bag.

This pallet also comes with three different look cards (just like all the too faced pallets) a classic a day and a fashion. My favourite one is the classic though. These cards are very nice to have if you are a beginner in makeup but of coarse you can make up your own look as well.

The inside of this pallet is just as pretty as the outside, With the sea affect. As you can see the colours are very beautiful and range from a pretty day look to something i would weir to go out at night.
This pallet is priced at $36 US and $46 Canadian so it is cheaper than a lot of other pallets but is not the cheapest thing in the world.

The colours in this pallet are :
                Sugar sand- Light frosty Rose pink,
                Plumeria- Bright Vivid Pink,
                Cocoa Beach- Plummy Brow with shimmer.
                Peach Fuzz- Light Pink with lots of shimmer,
                Coral Crush- Orange coral with gold shimmer,
                Chocolate Sun - Dark Rich brow with silver/ gold shimmer
                 Sunbeam- Yellow undertone white with gold shimmer,
                 Mermaid- Blue aqua colour,
                 Toasted Coconut- Matt medium brown.

The colours are very beautiful I really like the coral crush as it complements my blue eyes.

So I have the swatches but the colours in the photos don't come out as good as they do in real life. I also apologise as I was cold as you may be able to tell in the photos.

(Day- Sugar Sand, Plumeria, Cocoa Beach)

( Classic- Peach Fuzz, Coral Crush, Chocolate Sun)

( Fashion- Sunbeam, Mermaid, Toasted Coconut) 

So the colours are very summery which I have been loving lately.

Pros: An ok price 
      Grate Pigmentation
      Beautiful packaging 
      Can fit in your hand bag
      Small so easy for to find storage 
      Grate selection of colours
      Look cards.  

Cons: Not Available in the UK
       Not the cheapest thing in the world

This pallet is amazing and i would most defiantly recommend it to everyone who can get there hands on it. there will be a Too Faced romantic eye review later this week as well.

let me know if you have any requests and if you have ever tried this pallet before.


Canada/Uk Swap With Christine From Starry Eyed Beauty

Hi everyone so this is my second post for today. I was so exited for this post so did not want to leave it till tomorrow.  This post is going to be on a swap I recently did with Christina from Starry Eyed Beauty. Christina lives in Canada so gets a lot of items that us in the UK can not get our hands on and of coarse the other way around. So before I get started I would like to give a huge thank you to Christina for agreeing to do this swap with my. I hope you enjoy the items I sent you. Anyway Christina send me so much amazing things which I'm so exited to use. There will be reviews on some of the items coming very soon. So lets move on to the things I got.

Everything was packaged so nice and I love the box its so pretty. (I'm weird like that). I also got a really nice letter. I am so impressed with posting as this came in only 5 days which is amazing.

So the first thing is actually something i asked for and I'm so exited about this item. Its the Too Faced Summer Eye pallet. Now even though we can get too faced in the UK this product is part of a collection so for some reason they do not come to the UK. I'm really exited to try this out tomorrow and also this comes with a mini too face shadow insurance which I'm planing on getting a full size of. So a huge thank you Christine as I know this was difficult for you to find.

The next thing was a lovely surprise. A make up For Ever Lab Shine in the colour S4 which is a beautiful pink with blue reflex glitter which is grate as it will make my teeth appear whiter. I have always wanted to try Make Up For Ever but it is very hard to get in the UK it is possible but difficult. I'm exited to try this and will possibly order some more Make Up For Ever in the next coming months.

Next up is another surprise this is the Maybelline New York Baby Lips. I'm really exited about this product as this is not available in the UK. This one I think is just a clear one but I have heard really good things about them and I really exited to use this as I get supper chapped lips.

Next up is another item i asked for. A Maybelline New York Dream Bouncy Blush in the colour Hot Tamale. I first heard about these blushes around new years and I really wanted to try them but of course there not getting brought out in the UK for some silly reason which I will never understand. So when I got the change to get one I went for it. This is a beautiful colour which I'm really exited to try out.

The next item was a surprise. the bare minerals Pure Radiance Hightlighter. I'm so exited for this as this is my first ever bare minerals product which I'm also exited to try out. I have heard amazing things about bare minerals so I will see what I think and will let you all know.

Last but not least is a mini sample of the benefit Ring My Bella perfume. This is a really nice sample and i love the packaging :)

Again a huge thank you to Christina for sending me all these amazing products. Hopefully we will be able to swap again in the next few months as this has been really fun. I will be doing reviews but if there is certain products you want to see a review on just let me know.

To see what i got Christina click hear.

Hope your all well.

Current Favourites

Today's Post is on my current favourites, this post was originally going to be April Favourites but as were all ready over a third through may I decided it would be better to call this my current favourites. All most all these products have been mentioned all ready on my blog in reviews.

Nars sheer glow foundation in Siberia This is my Number one foundation ever i just love it. gives amazing coverage but feels very light on the skin. For a full review click here  I just love this foundation and would recommend it to you all.

Revlon Lip Butters Sweet Tart and Tutti Frutti These Lip Butters are amazing i have been wearing them since I got them, they feel so soft on the lips and the colour is very pigmented. For a full review click here 

Mac CremeBlend Blush In Optimistic Orange This blush is from the shop shop shop collection. This month I have really been in to orange so this blush has been the only blush i use lately. I recently did a full review on the mac cremeblend blushes so click here to see that.

Nars Laguna Bronzer This is one of my favourite bronzers along with hoola. This one is perfect for the spring/summer as it douse have a little shimmer so it gives a lovely glow. I did a comparison on the bronzer and Hoola click here to view.

Benefit There Real Mascara I recently hauled this item but had to through it in here as its one of the best mascaras i have ever used. It is quite expensive but worth every penny. for a full review click here

Real Techniques Buffing Brush This brush is one of the best brushes I have ever used to apply foundation. I got this brush in the core collection at boots and it was the best purchased I have maid in a wile. I use this brush every singe day as it gives an amazing airbrush affect and even better the brush is so soft.

That is every thing I have really really been loving lately. If I was to show ever favourite of mine the list would go on forever.

What are you current favourites, anything you recommend?