Review: Too Faced Romantic Eye Classic Beauty Shadow Collection

Today's review is on the Too Faced Romantic Eye pallet. I bought this pallet after I got the summer eye palette as I loved that pallet so much BUT I do not like this one even half as much.

Too Faced say: " They say a woman is at her most beautiful when she's in love; so why not look the part everyday? now you can, with my palette of hand-picked shades that bring out your inner bride, bombshell of classic beauty, all with an ultra-feminine touch."

The packaging of this palette is so cute (not as cute as summer palette but still cute) its covered in flowers and roses which of course goes with the "Romantic" feel of this palette. And again just like all there palettes this can easily fit into your hand bag.

This palette comes with three different look cards Day, Fashion and Classic, These look cards are weird looks that I personally would not use well I might use the fashion but the others look quite strange.

The packaging on the inside is very cute as well. The colours look really nice but when you see the swatches you might disagree the ones that I do like are the fashion colours but Honeymoon (the green) has a lot of fall out which I HATE. The colours do range from something very light for the day to something you could wear at night and in the day if you wish.

This palette retails for £26 in the UK $35 US and $45 Canadian. It is available in some boots in the UK and in Saphora in the US and Canada.

The colours in the palette are:
Soulmates- A frost finish champaign with pink undertones.
I Do- A mid toned Matt Gray
Un-Veil- Matt Deep Black with blue undertones.

Kiss The Bride- Matt Baby pink
Cut the cake- Light purple (dupe for macs crystal)
First Dance- Deep Black/Purple 

Bouquet Toss- Yellow toned white 
Honeymoon- Olive green with a lot of glitter
Ever After- Olive toned brown with a lot of glitter

I do like the Honeymoon and Ever after but I hate the way they apply as there is so much fall out it really gets annoying!!!!

Hear are the swatches most of them are with a few coats. 

(Day- Soulmates, I Do, Un-Veil)

(Classic- Kiss The Bride, Cut the Cake, First Dance)

( Fashion- Bouquet Toss, Honeymoon, Ever After)

Pros- Beautiful Packaging
        Not to expensive
        I like the fashion colours
        Look Cards
        Can fit in hand bag
        Easy to find 
        Colours look beautiful in packaging

Cons- Pigmintation not to grate 
         Bad fall out 
         Not to grate colour selection
         Look cards are not looks I would tend to do
         some colours hard ton work with.

This palette is not the best but i really want to try all the other ones, maybe this palette is just a one of bad one. Have you tried any too faced palettes if so which one? Let me know in the comment section.

I might do another post tomorrow but only if I have time so if there is not one up tomorrow good bye for now and I will see you in a week and I hope your all well and have a grate week. 



  1. Soooooo chic! Check my blog sweetie and tell me if you wanna follow each others blog! Kisses

  2. lovely palette dear.. specially kiss the bride, honey moon and ever after are gorgeous shades <3

    1. the only ones i like are honey moon and ever after but there is so much fall out :(

  3. I love it :) great review

  4. I love the packaging >.< I was contemplating buying this a couple months ago but settled for the Insurance Palette when it went on sale, I haven't actually touched it or swatched any of the colors yet since I'm lazy and I don't have enough time :/

    1. i really want that pallet as it comes with the shadow insurance and i really want that x

  5. I was gonna get this when I bought the Natural Eyes. I was torn; mainly because I like how the palette is based around love. :P *sucker for gimmicks*

    I still think it looks pretty though, but if the quality isn't great then that's a let down. :(
    Thank you for the review, it's really helped me out. (:

    1. im happy i could help :) there the too i was torn between but going to get that one next time :) x

  6. i personally really like this one, the colors aren't too out there for me! sorry it didn't really work all the much for you. are you getting other ones??

    1. the colours are colours i would wear but the pigmentation in this palette is rubish maybe i got a duff palette though but yes im going to try collect the all :)

  7. The packaging is always so pretty- the colors are gorgeous. But! Big pigmentation makes all the world of a difference. =-/

  8. Ah, I've been eyeing these up for aaaages because of the pretty packaging, but haven't purchased yet as I thought the shadow colour combos looked a little odd...seems I may have been right >.<

    Just discovered your blog and love it! Greetings from your newest follower! :D


    1. thank you so much for following and im glad i could help :D x

  9. Love this! :)
    I've tagged you in a tag on my blog! x

    1. Thank you i will cheek it out x

  10. great blog love.
    definatly going to follow.
    feel free to give mine a look.