My Mac Eyeshadow palette

Hello Peeps, So I got my college kit today and its great so let me know if you want a haul post of whats in side it. 

Todays post is a requested post its a post on my own mac eyeshadow palette, if you know me you will know im actully a makeup artist but the thing is I actully keep my makeup seperate to my kit makeup, I actully own 3 mac eyeshadow palettes but two of them I class as belongig to my kit and the one im going to show you is my personal one that I have just compleated on sunday. Hope you enjoy this post.

So my mac palette is in the new packaging personaly I like the old packaging better but never mind it still holds the eyeshadows, this palette holds 15 eyeshadow and each eyeshadow in the pan form is £10 Mac eyeshadows is one of my favorite eyeshadow brands along with sugerpill and illamasqua. 

In this palette I hold a mixture of colours from purples to orange to blacks. All of these colours i use and oviosly I use some more than others. 

First three- Stars and Rockets, Parfait Amour, Vile Violet (LE) 
Second Three- Sketch, Shadowy Lady, Satin Taupe 
number three- Expensive pink, Coppering, Rule
forth row- Brule, Naked lunch, Charcoal brown 
Last row- Swiss chocolate, Mulch, Black Tied 

Stars and Rockets, Parfait Amour, Vile Violet (LE) 

Sketch, Shadowy Lady, Satin Taupe

Expensive pink, Coppering, Rule

Brule, Naked lunch, Charcoal brown

Swiss chocolate, Mulch, Black Tied 

So has this post tempted you to get any mac shades? I do use charcoal brown on my eyebrows thats why im running very low on it

Massive Beauty Haul and a update

Hello my Lovelies, today I have a pretty big beauty haul and a bit of an upate, will start with the update first, I will try keep it quick as I know you all want to see the haul I have been telling you about for 2 weeks 
So first of I now live in edinburgh with some really nice flat mates there all my age and are very friendly, Moving to edinburgh means I start collage again tomorrow and that also meens I wont get to blog as much also I have alot of family things going on right now so i might actully take a little brake from blogging but do remember I will always come back. 
anyways thats enough infomation for the moment and I will start with my beauty haul, now i forgot to photographe one items so I will just let you know what that is at the end. 

so I have gone a but crazy this past month defently because I have also done alot of clothing shopping and also shopping for the flat but a few of these things I did need a few were treats for myself. 

So first things I bought are from Macadamia, I have always wanted to try some of these products so when I saw they were on sale I had to get some, I bought the shampoo the conditioner and the leave in conditioner, If you guys didnt know I have been having a few problems with my hair and had to get it cut so if you have followed me for a long time you will know my hair was past the bottom of my ribs and now its at my sholders as it was so dead so I really hope these products help my hair. 

Baby lips of corce I had to get these as I love them they really help my lips so when I saw they were on 3 for 2 in supperdrug I had to pick up the pink the and peach and the mint ones. I have so far used the pink one and to tell the truth its not very pigmented probably because I have really pigmented lips but this is supper moisturising I use this under all my pink lipsticks and bloody love it so moisturising. these were £2.99 each but on 3 for 2 

Next I bought dome airbrush paints these are my favorite airbrush paints ever, so im actully selling my temptu airbrush paints as personaly i dont like them but these I love, I bought gold silver and baby blue but im planning on getting all of them over the next few months. you get alot of product in these mehron airbrush paints and they retail for £16.25 but totaly worth it.

So as you might know I have been on a mac strike for a while because I just cant handle the way the girls treet the customers any more anyways thats another story I bought 2 mac eyeshadows from the shop today, i got rule which is a orange and swish chocotlate which is live a chocolate colour, i also bought copper beach cream sculpting cream of a blog sale and I have to say it is amazing. 

So last but not least is 11 pairs of eyelashes and nail glue i got all this stuff from savers the nail glue was £1 and and eyelashes ranged from 70p to £1.99 bargain for a makeup artist..

I also have bought the crown brush conceler palette but I have forgoton to photographe it sorry, I will be doing a review on it though. 

Let me know what posts you would like to see... mac eyeshadow collection? 
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talk to you all soon

My 1000 follower Giveaway

Hay lovelys so my second post of the week is actully my 1000 follower giveaway, so I recently hit the 1000 follower mark on GFC and also 550+ on Blog lovin, It means so much to me that people read my blog and follow it, So I have done a few giveaways on my blog and this one will be ran the same way as the others. 

So today im giveing away a illamasqua liquid metel in electrum and a forever 21 necklace which I love and thought you all would love too. 

this giveaway is internatunal so everyone can enter. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

thank you all for supporting my blog. 

Blanx White Shock Review and Giveaway

Hi everyone, Today Im doing a review on a new toothpast whiteing system from Blanx called the Blanx white shock.

This system comes with the Blanx white shock toothpast and the Blanx led bite. 

this toothpast contains somthing called Actilux which reacts to light hence why there is a led bite, this toothpast can be used regualy and dose not contain peroxide so it will not harm your teath. 

The led bite is comfy and should be used after the toothpast for 1-10 minutes, there is no discumfurt when wering it, This toothpast and bite should be used 2-3 times a day to get the full effect. this toothpast is recomended to be used for 2 weeks and can make your teeth 4 shades whiter 

Now I do have to say, my whole family have staned teath as when I was younger there was copper in our whater and it turned our teath and hair green, now the green has gone out our hair and mostly from our teath but my teath are still slightly staned but this product has worked wonders so far, I have seen a huge difference my teath are alot whiter. 

The Blanx white shock treatment is avalable at boots for £14.99*

Now for the giveaway, Blanx is offering 5 of my readers a chance to win this amazing whitaning product
im really sorry but this giveaway is open to uk only 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Blanx Is also having a giveaway on there facebook  to win a £500 holliday vocher 

Thanks for reading I hoe this review was helpfull. 

All About Face Charts... TIPS, Ticks ect

Hello lovelies, So the beginning of last week I asked on twitter if any one wanted to see a blog post on face charts and I got such a good response so thats what i'm doing today.... I was planning on putting this post up last week but its been hetick, so on friday when I was planning on doing this post I had work longer than I expected then when I got home we went out for dinner then when we got in I had to get everything ready for the next day as we had a wedding. on the saterday I was up at 6.30 to get ready for the wedding and to go over to the brides house and do the wedding partys hair and makeup, then went to the wedding and was at the venue untill midnight then yesterday i sleped then went car booting then watched a movie with my family. busy busy busy but im back now ready to right this post for you. 

Ohhh and before I start I just want to say a huge thank you to all my followers for there support, I reached 1000 followers which is crazy to me, it meens the world and there will be a giveaway comming soon when I manage to find the item I want to giveaway in the shop. 

Face charts are disigned for mostly for makeup artists, there used for a mixture of things from when your board and want to create a look, preperation for a shoot or just when somthing pops in to your head and instead of righting it down to actully do the makeup on the charts. 

I personaly find face charts very helpfull and fun, you may know that I have dislexia so when a photographer/ model askes we what I have planed or want to do in stead of trying to explane through words which I find hard I show then a face chart. I also find face charts really great for my creative side, as a makeup artist I have to be creative as I dont want my work to be the same as everyone elses. 
The face charts I use are called pro charts and they come in different sizes, I have the A4 full face charts but you can get eye charts and also A3 full charts as well. 

These are a few of the face charts I have resently come up with these are for shoots this month so a sneek peak for you. 
alot of people ask me what to use on face charts wether they should use coloring pens/pencils or use actual makeup... I always anser to use actual makeup as I think it gives a better effect and when you go to actually do the makeup then you know exactly what products to use. 

when doing face charts it is always best to use flat brushed as fluffy brushes are not going to apply the product to the flat paper. Flat brushes are dence so you can press the product on to the paper so you could use flat foundation brush which I use to apply a face powder to the areas of the face that need to stand out more I leave the areas that ushaly get highlighted whight then I take a flat conceler brush and use a contore product to sculped the areas that are ushaly contored so the temples the cheek bones the jaw and the sides of the nose. then with a flat eye brush apply eyeshadow. for the brows I ushealy use a eye brow pencil as it looks more realistick. for the lips I just use a normal flat lip brush. 

eyelashes are somthing people tend to have problems with on face charts but pro charts actully sell the perfect solution to the problem they sell the eye lash pen. it is so easy to use and makes drawing eyelashes amazing. you can also use this pen for eyeliner or black brows. 

one more tip before I go, dont apply gloss to these face charts as it wont look nice and glossy, if you want the lip to look glossy leave holes were you would apply lip stick and top off with a top coat nail polish. 

so if you want any more info or tips on face charts all you have to do is ask.