My Mac Eyeshadow palette

Hello Peeps, So I got my college kit today and its great so let me know if you want a haul post of whats in side it. 

Todays post is a requested post its a post on my own mac eyeshadow palette, if you know me you will know im actully a makeup artist but the thing is I actully keep my makeup seperate to my kit makeup, I actully own 3 mac eyeshadow palettes but two of them I class as belongig to my kit and the one im going to show you is my personal one that I have just compleated on sunday. Hope you enjoy this post.

So my mac palette is in the new packaging personaly I like the old packaging better but never mind it still holds the eyeshadows, this palette holds 15 eyeshadow and each eyeshadow in the pan form is £10 Mac eyeshadows is one of my favorite eyeshadow brands along with sugerpill and illamasqua. 

In this palette I hold a mixture of colours from purples to orange to blacks. All of these colours i use and oviosly I use some more than others. 

First three- Stars and Rockets, Parfait Amour, Vile Violet (LE) 
Second Three- Sketch, Shadowy Lady, Satin Taupe 
number three- Expensive pink, Coppering, Rule
forth row- Brule, Naked lunch, Charcoal brown 
Last row- Swiss chocolate, Mulch, Black Tied 

Stars and Rockets, Parfait Amour, Vile Violet (LE) 

Sketch, Shadowy Lady, Satin Taupe

Expensive pink, Coppering, Rule

Brule, Naked lunch, Charcoal brown

Swiss chocolate, Mulch, Black Tied 

So has this post tempted you to get any mac shades? I do use charcoal brown on my eyebrows thats why im running very low on it


  1. Being that it's Mac, I would have expected a lot more from the packaging. It's just too plain lol Not pretty, but like you said, it IS functional. So I guess that's what really counts, right? lol The colors are super pretty and pigmented. Love!

    1. the packaging dose not really bother me i wish it was there old tipe packaging but i like things to be plane in my kit even though this is for my own personal use. yehh the colours are amazing

  2. How do you feel about the pigmentation of Shadowy Lady. I've been on the fence. Is it easier to work with than it is to swatch?

    1. i think its a really good colour for these swatches i used a eyeshadow brush to apply them to my arm. i like shadowy lady. x

  3. Ohh absolutely loving your palette! Mulch, Expensive Pink, Naked Lunch and Satin Taup are a few of my faves :D