Review- Maybelline Color Tattoo's

Hayya lovely's, I have come up with a blog plan, let me know if you like it or not! I will blog Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. On a Monday it will be a random post such as OOTD, FOTD, Haul or giveaway . On a Wednesday I will be doing product reviews and on Fridays it will be NOTD. This is because I'm now going to be very busy with collage and hopefully working a lot as well. 

Anyway today's post is a review on the maybelline color tattoo's. This product reminds me a lot of the MAC paint pots but they're about £10 cheaper.  Maybelline color tattoos were released around the end of 2011 but didn't come to the UK for a long time, just like the Revlon lip butters. I didn't pick up these items for a long time as I was not sure about them, but I finally caved and I love them. I own Permanemt Taupe, On And On Bronze and Endless Purple. 

The maybelline color tattoos are very pigmented and will stay on the lid all day. Make sure to use a primer as I find these cream shadows will crease without one. Also make sure to store them lid down as they may dry out. On and On Bronze is the most pigmented with a shimmery finish, the other two are pretty pigmented with more of a matte finish. These products retail for only £4.99 but maybelline is on 3 for 2 a lot (right now!) so you could get 3 for £9.98 which is amazing as their cream shadows are incredible. I actually like them more than the MAC paint pots!

Have you ever tried the Maybelline Color Tattoos?

Nails Of The Day - OPI Significant Other Color

Hayya Lovely's - first off, I want to say sorry for another NOTD and for how short my nails are, I had to cut them for college. Like I said before, I have a lot of new OPI and want to test them out and let you know what I think of them. Please leave some requests for other posts you want to see on my blog!

Today was my first day of college so I had to take off "into the night" as we are not meant to wear nail polish. So when I got home I decided to apply OPI Significant other color. This color is so strange but beautiful as it has greens, golds, silver, pink and purple all in the same bottle, it's so cool. This polish has more of a metallic finish to it and applies like a dream - the same as most OPI. You can also build this polish from quite sheer but still pretty to a more of a purple/pink beautifulness. In the picture I have on 3 coats. This color is permanent so you can pick it up where ever OPI is sold.

What OPI polishes do you recommend to me?
Do you enjoy these NOTD's?

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NOTD- OPI Into The Night

Hayya Lovely's, today I'm doing a NOTD! I was meant to be doing a review on the wake me up foundation which is AMAZING, but I had a reaction to it so thought it would not be a good idea for me to review it. Saying that for the time I had it on, it felt lovely and it smelt amazing, it also had a medium to full coverage. 

If you have seen my last post you will know I did a swap with one of my good friends Christine. I got a lot of nail polish so this NOTD is one of many! Today I decided to try out OPI Into The Night from the spider man collection. This colour is very different from any nail polish I own, this colour tends to look to be different colours in different light so sometimes it's purple and sometimes it's blue. OPI, most of the time is opal with one to two coats but this colour seems to be quite sheer so would use two to three coats to get it opal. 

I would recommend cheeking out the OPI spider man collection as all their colors are so different!

Do you recommend any OPI polishes to me?  

Canadian Swap With Starry Eyed Beauty

Hayya Lovely's, Hope your all having a good weekend! Today I had a nice surprise when my package came through from Christine. We have done another swap! As some of you know, when I first started my blog me and Christine did a swap - well we have become good friends since then, and decided to do another one. I also have a few things from Sallys that I'm just going to add.
Disclaimer: I bought all products my self except the items Christine sent me but I sent her products in return 

Just like last time I have receved my products first but this time it's because Christine does not get post on a weekend. Make sure to follow Starry eyed beauty to see what I picked up for her!
Lets see what I got, shall we?

I asked Christine for some OPI nail polish as some of you will know nail polish is my new obsession, and OPI is super expensive in the UK, being a whopper of £12 per bottle! 
She got me:
Lincoln Park After Dark: Super raved about so knew I wanted it
Do You Lilac It: reminds me a bit of planks alot which is one of my holy grails
Pirouette My Whistle: From the New York city Ballet collection, pretty and glitterful!
Into The Night: from Spider Man Collection, this colour is so different to anything else 

Christine also gave me a covergirl lashblast as she knew I really wanted one, but they're £35 in the UK to order from amazon. And a wet and wild pallet (not sure of name) for my kit. 

Thank you so much Christine, I love all the items and I'm so excited to try them out, expect more NOTD's 

Now on to stuff from Sallys beauty supply!

 So I start college on Monday and needed to get some Mascara wands, and I just wanted to go to Sallys as I just got my Sallys card on Wednesday :) I also wanted to have a look at the nail polish as they're so much cheaper than anywhere else !
I bought- 
Disposable Mascara wands 25 pack: £1.99
Disposable eyeliner brushes 25 pack: £1.99
OPI Significent Other Colours: £4.85 This colour is so beautiful I can't wait to wear it!
OPI Number One Nemesis: £4.85 This is from the Spider Man collection and it's just like no other, so I needed it!
Sallys prices do not include VAT but they do do no-VAT days some times, but my bill came to
£16.45 which is great as I got 2 full size OPI

I think I will be going to Sallys again very soon to get more OPI 

Hope you like what I got!

Inglot Candy Colours Haul

( 362, 361, 493, 30, 24)
Hayya Lovely's. Not too long ago I found a lovely blog called Indian Vanity Case . I fell in love with her blog straight away and one day while looking through it, I came across a post about this inglot pallet she made up, inspired by candy!  I just fell in love with the look of it and decided I needed it in my life. Then yesterday one of my sisters phoned me up asking if Inglot was any good. Of course I said it was amazing, and asked her to pick me up the 5 eyeshadows that I had fallen in love with.  

Inglot eyeshadows are so comparable to MAC with very high pigmentation but the price range is so affordable, being only £4.50 per shadow so all 5 of these cost £22.50 altogether. So I would highly recommend them as their colour range is amazing. The only down side is the shadows don't have names, just numbers. 

 362- deep bright matte pink 
361- bright matte orange coral 
493- shine light purple with a tun of glitter
24- shine Sea blue/green with a lot of glitter 
30- shine pastel yellow/gold with glitter 

Love all the colours I picked up. I will probably use the pink and orange as blush, but some people could pull them of on the lids. 

Have you ever tried Inglot?

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Drug-store Makeup Haul

Hayya Lovely's. Today I went for a little nose around Boots. I don't buy much in Boots as I'm allergic to a lot of stuff and most of the time, I go for Mac products but today I knew there were a few things I wanted, so I decided to stop resisting them and just get them. 

There are still a few products I want to pick up from Boots/Superdrug, and if you have any product suggestions I would love to hear them!

What I got
Rimmel wake me up foundation 100 ivory - £8.99
Rimmel Wake me up foundation 200 Soft beige - £8.99
Rimmel Wake me up foundation 400 Natural beige -£8.99
Rimmel products are on 3 for 2 so I got one FREE
Maybelline color tattoo 40 Permanent taupe - £4.99
Maybelline color tattoo 35 On and on bronze - £4.99
Maybelline colour tattoo 15 Endless purple - £4.99
Again the Maybelline products were on 3 for 2 so I got one free 
Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stain £5.99
Collection 2000 Lasting perfection conceler £4.50 ( bought this few days ago) 

Ok, so you way be wondering 'Why did you get 3 wake me up foundations?' Well, they're not for me they are for my kit. I heard this foundation is amazing, so decided I would like to add it to my freelance kit. 

So far I'm loving everything I have bought. I did buy all this with my hard-earned money! If you want to see a review on any of these products, just let me know. 
I have a few other hauls coming very soon, one's a swap and one's an Inglot haul, I really hope you don't mind. 

Have you been to the "Drugstore" recently? 

College OOTD 22/8/2012

Tank top- Primark 
Lace Jumper- Primark 
Light wash jeans- Zara 

Today was my Intro day at college so I wanted to look nice. I recently picked up this jumper from Primark for an amazing deal, the lace detailing on it makes it stand out and you can wear anything under it. The light wash jeans are from Zara, I got them when I was on holiday in Spain. They're the best fitted jeans I own and the material is so soft and comfy. I topped the look off with my everyday makeup found here. I think this look was perfect for my Intro day at college as it was comfy but fashionable at the same time.

Would you wear this outfit?

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How Much Does My Face Cost?

Hayya Lovely's. For a little while now I have wanted to do the How Much Does My Face Cost tag. I'm finally getting round to it now. This tag is so fun, but its also quite overwhelming. I think the reason I was putting it off is because I didn't really want to know how much my face costs! Anyhoo I tag you all to do this and please leave your links in the comment section 

♥ Face
Primer- SmashBox Photo Finish face primer £25
Foundation- Laura Mercer silk cream foundation £33
Concealer- Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer £4.50
Powder- MAC MSF Natural £21.50
Highlighter- Benefit High Beam £18.50
Blush- MAC ether Fleet Fast or Stratus £17.50 - £19
Bronzer- Benefit Hoola £23.50

♥ Eyes
Brows- MAC Charcole Brown eyeshadow £10
Primer- Urban decay primer Potion (sample) 
Eyeshadow- MAC All That Glitters, MAC Expensive Pink, MAC Satin Taupe £30
Eyeliner (liquid)- Maybelline gel liner £7 and Lo'real carbon gloss £6
Eyeliner pencil- Chanel eye kohl black £17
Mascara- Benefit there real £18.50

♥ Lips
Lipstick- Mac Lipstick of choice that day £14

Total- £246

Holly Moly that's a lot. I guess it's because I tend to use high-end makeup as I'm allergic to so much stuff. I'm happy I didn't include brushes in this.

How much does your face cost?
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First Try- Budget OOTD

Dress- Primark New Line £15
Blazer- Primark New Line £13
Belt- Primark came with dress 

Hayya Lovely's. Today, as you can see, I have done my first ever OOTD. It took me a while to figure out how to take the pictures myself but after reading up on it on Google, I figured it out with some helpful tips.

 This outfit is really to show that you can look good on a budget! I bought all these clothes from Primark yesterday and I was super impressed as when I usually go to Primark, there is nothing I like.  
This look is very simple and you can wear it anywhere. On a date or out to lunch, you pick. 

Look out for more OOTD I promise they will get better.
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Love Elysa xoxo

FOTD- Meeting Old Friends 17/8/2012

♥ Eyes
- Urban Decay Primer potion 
- MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow all over lid
- MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow  outer half of lid 
- MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow outer corner 
- MAC Charcole Brown eyeshadow in brows 
- Maybelline eye studio gel liner on upper lash line
- Chanel pencil eye Kohl in black on water line 
- Benefit There Real Mascara 

♥ Face
- Smashbox Photo Finish face primer 
- Laura Mercer silk cream Foundation
- MAC Pro longwair Concealer NC15 under eyes and on blemishes 
- MAC MSF Natural light 
- MAC Fleet Fast Blush
- Benefit  Holla bronzer to contore 
- Benefit high beam to highlight 

♥ Lips
- MAC Lip Pencil Embrace Me 
- MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick 

Hope you like today's Face of the Day. Hope you enjoy this kind of post. 
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Love Elysa xoxo

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

Hayya Lovely's. Today's post is another lipstick post. This time it's on the well loved MAC Candy Yum Yum. I'm doing this post today because as some of you know, MAC is bringing Candy Yum Yum back out (online only) by request in their collection which is already out in the US, but I think it will be in the UK in the next few weeks. Candy Yum Yum was my first ever MAC lipstick and I'm definitely going to grab another one. Remember to enter my MAC lipstick giveaway!

MAC cosmetics Candy Yum Yum Lipstick - £14

MAC first released this colour in their 2011 spring collection Quite Cute and it was right up my street, and everyone else's as it sold out within a matter of hours. 

Candy Yum Yum is a blue toned pink which would look good on any skin tone. This lipstick is VERY bright but I would still wear it through the day. I know most people would opt for this colour at night, which it is so perfect for, but I like to wear it both in the day and at night as I just love it so much. This colour also tends to make your teeth look whiter!
Candy Yum Yum is a matte formula which means there is no glossy finish, and it can be quite drying. Matte formulas are sometimes quite difficult to apply but I find the MAC matte formulas apply like a dream. Candy Yum Yum will stay on the lips for hours but I would recommend re-touching after a drink or something to eat. This colour is very vibrant that I would recommend applying with a brush to avoid any accidents. 
Are you going to try get your hands on this colour? 

Love Elysa xoxo

Worth The Hype? MAC MSF Natural

Hayya Lovely's. Today's post is a Worth The Hype, this is a new thing that I'm going to start on my blog. Today's one is on the MAC MSF Natural's. 

 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light- £21

MAC Says- "A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day." 

After hearing so much hype about this product, I just had to get it. I was very unsure about it because of the price but decided if its a really good powder, it will be worth it. Boy was I wrong. This powder is just like any other powder you can get from Boots or Superdrug but is double the price. MAC is my favourite brand but this product really let me down, I thought there would be something really great about it because of the price, but there is not except for the amount of time this product will last you. 

At first I used this product with the MAC 129 Brush but I found you had to use quite a lot of the product for a full face. I now use the MAC 182  and even though it works so much better, I just cant find anything special about this product. To tell the truth I would much prefer to buy a Maybelline powder and a Mac lipstick. 
But you get 10g of product, which is quite a lot, and the product does last along time. Not as long as I thought it would, but longer than most other powders. I have had this powder for 6 months so far, going by how long this lasts it is actually worth it. As with the powder I used to use, I would have gone through about three in the same amount of time.  There are also 10 different shades so there is one for everyone which you don't really find in powders. 

I'm really happy I tried this product, I would buy it again as it does last a long time but to tell the truth, I really do not think it's worth all the hype. 

Let me know what you think of the product
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Love Elysa xoxo

MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick

Hayya Lovely's. Today's post is on one of my favourite lipsticks from MAC called Vegas Volt. I have decided to go though all my favourite MAC lipsticks because as some of you know I'm holding a giveaway to win a MAC lipstick of your choice.

MAC describes this shade as a "full power coral" and I definitely agree. This lipstick can be really bright, but can also be toned down with a light pink colour on top (for an example click here.) 
This lipstick is very easy to wear and is great for every day, and every event you may be going to. My picture does not give it justice as it looks a little toned down. 

This lipstick is part of the Amplified formulas which means its very pigmented and very creamy.  The Amplified formulas are very long lasting and can be quite difficult to get off as they can sometimes stain your lips. You do have to be quite careful when applying as the formula is so smooth and pigmented that the slightest touch is very vibrant. I would recommend using a brush with the MAC Amplified formulas. 

I used to not like lip products but Mac lipsticks changed me, and I think my favourite formula definitely is the Amplified. The only problem I have with MAC lipsticks is they have raised the price AGAIN from £13.50 to £14.  

Hope this review helped. hope you enter my giveaway if you like MAC lipsticks

Love Elysa xoxo

Fashionista804 Party Inspired FOTD 12/8/2012

♥ Eyes
- Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion Original
- MAC paintpot idyllic
- MAC light violet crushed pigment inner three quarters
- MAC grape crushed pigment outer quarter and bottom outer lash line
- MAC reflects blue glitter all over lid  
- MAC misty crushed pigment bottom half lash line
- Maybelline gel eyeliner 01 black top lash line winged out 
- Chanel Noir pencil liner on water line and tide line
- Benefit Thet're real mascara
- Cheep lashes 
- MAC Charcoal Brow in brows

♥ Face
- Smashbox photo finish primer 
- MAC pro longwear concealer NC15
- Laura Mercier silk creme foundation soft ivory 
- MAC mineralize skinfinish natural light
- Benefit Hoola bronzer
- MAC fleet fast blush

♥ Lips
- MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick 
- MAC Innocence beware! Lipstick
- Urban Decay Lip Junkie midnight cowboy lip gloss 

Remember my Mac lipstick giveaway is still running 

Love Elysa xoxo