Inglot Candy Colours Haul

( 362, 361, 493, 30, 24)
Hayya Lovely's. Not too long ago I found a lovely blog called Indian Vanity Case . I fell in love with her blog straight away and one day while looking through it, I came across a post about this inglot pallet she made up, inspired by candy!  I just fell in love with the look of it and decided I needed it in my life. Then yesterday one of my sisters phoned me up asking if Inglot was any good. Of course I said it was amazing, and asked her to pick me up the 5 eyeshadows that I had fallen in love with.  

Inglot eyeshadows are so comparable to MAC with very high pigmentation but the price range is so affordable, being only £4.50 per shadow so all 5 of these cost £22.50 altogether. So I would highly recommend them as their colour range is amazing. The only down side is the shadows don't have names, just numbers. 

 362- deep bright matte pink 
361- bright matte orange coral 
493- shine light purple with a tun of glitter
24- shine Sea blue/green with a lot of glitter 
30- shine pastel yellow/gold with glitter 

Love all the colours I picked up. I will probably use the pink and orange as blush, but some people could pull them of on the lids. 

Have you ever tried Inglot?

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  1. I love inglot ! You Should try their lip pencils :)

    1. Me to! I will check them out when i go up to aberdeen next time :) x

  2. That is a beautiful palette, love the minty green :) I'm gonna have to invest in some inglot soon! :)

    1. need to think of another 2 colours to get for it. inglot is amazing you should deficiently get some :)

  3. Inglot is absolute loooove! That orange is gorgeous!

  4. I've never heard of Inglot before but these are such pretty shades! When I see shades all together like this I always wish I could wear them all at once, clearly not a good idea though! But my 6 year old self would have had a ball!!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at! :)

    1. Inglot is amazing there quality is just as good as mac.
      hope you have a good weekend as well x