My OPI Nail Polish Collection

Hayya lovely's todays post is my OPI collection. Now I was going to do my nail polish collection but it would of been very long so I have decided to do a post on my OPI nail polish and then a post on my china glaze nail polishes. 
In total i have 14 full size OPI polishes and 9 minis that I'm not going to include in this post. 

Row 1
Black Shatter- This is really just a black shatter. I find that the OPI shatters are not that grate but this one works quite well
Turquoise Shatter- This is a beautiful colour but it sucks. do not buy this shatter!!
Last Friday night- This could is from the katie perry collection I love this so much I have gone through a mini and half a full size.
Pirouetta my whistle- This was a limited edition nail polish but cant remember what collection. 
Stranger tides- this is from the pirets of the carabean collection. again love this colour and have gone through a full mini as well. 

Row 2 (my purples)
Lincoln park after dark- this is a really dark almost black purple but when applyed nicely it looks amazing
Purple with a purpose- A really beautiful dark cromographic purple 
Do you lilac it?- a light lilac purple
Significant other colours- this colour is so different it is significant other colours meaning it has a handful of colours in it.

Row 3
Into the night- is a really beautiful blue from the spiderman collection. its quite sheer so needs a few coats.
Number one nemesis- also from the spiderman collection. its a greenee silver with alot of glitter.
Live and let die- is from the skyfall collection. kind of simeler to number one nemesis but its a darked green.
Moonraker- is from skyfall collection and is a pure silver
skyfall- is of corse from the skyfall collection and is a dark burgandy red perfect for winter. 

what are your favorite OPI polishes?

MUA Freelance Kit- My brushes


Hayya lovely's, todays post is another post in the MUA freelance kit series. Not as some of you will know i'm still building my kit up and as you can see I dont have very many brushes yet in my kit. The ones I do have are a mix of MAC, smashbox, Urban decay and bare minerals. I hold all my brushes in my inglot brush belt that I got from the inglot store in Aberdeen. Just to mention i'm sorry that my brushes are a bit dirty as  have not had a chance to wash them since my last clients. 

Face brushes
Estee Lauder 1F foundation- Everyone needs a flat foundation brush, this is a staple brush that every brand makes, I want the MAC one haha but this is fine for now. 
MAC 129SE- This brush is one of my favorites for applying blush in my own kit but I hardly ever use it in my freelance kit. this is the SE one so its not as soft.
MAC 165- this was a limited edition brush from a few years ago but I got it in the cco. I use this brush for highlighting.
MAC 188- This is one of my favorite brushes for applying foundation, I really want the bigger version of this brush which is the 187. This foundation gives an amazing airbrushed effect.
MAC 109SE- again I want the original of this brush just because there better quality, I love this brush for contouring.
MAC 168- this is the brush I use when I want a heaver blush application. 
Bare Escentuals Full Flawless face- this is the brush I use for my powder application. 
Bare Escentuals Flawless Face- I use this brush for powder under the eyes. 
Bare Escentuals max coverage concealer- well this is of coarse the brush I use for concealer .
Real Techniques Pointed Foundation brush- I use this for applying foundation to the hard to reach areas.
Smashbox Fan Brush 22- I use this amazing fan brush for ether wiping away pigment from under the eyes, but I mostly use it for applying blush lightly for a hint of colour

Eye Brush
Urban decay good karma eyeshadow brush X2- I love these brushes for applying eyeshadow. 
Urban Decay Naked 2 brush- I use both sides of this brush for applying and blending eyeshadow. 
MAC 224SE brush- again I want the original one of this brush, I love it for blending out eyeshadow.
MAC 219SE- this brush is amazing for applying colour in the crease and the outer corner.
Smashbox Arced liner brush 21- This is the gratesed brush for applying winged eyeliner. you always get a perfect wing!

Lip brush
MAc 316- BEST lip brush EVER!!

Hope you enjoyed this post. if you have any brush recommendations that you think I need in my kit just let me know.

NOTD- OPI Skyfall

Hayya lovely's, today I was planning on doing another post in my MUA freelance kit series but I dont have a lot of time today as its my mums 50th birthday party tonight so there is a lot of things to do, so instead I have decided to do a NOTD. Today on my nails I have OPI skyfall from the skyfall collection. 

Skyfall is a beautiful dark brawny red. In the photo with flash it looks a lot more red but the photo with out flash shows the true colour. 
OPI nail polishes are amazing quality and are basicly the ones that take over my collection. if you would like to see my nail polish collection let me know in the comment section.

hope everyone has an amazing weekend and to my American/Canadian readers happy late thanksgiving.

Christmas Wishlist 2012

Hayya lovely's, Today's post in my Christmas wishlist for 2012. I know every year this kind of post and video are the ones i'm drawn too. If you have any other Christmas post requests just let me know by leaving a comment or tweeting me @makeupbyelysa
Please send me your wishlist posts as well. Lets get started!

1. Imats tickets- Well these are at the all mighty top of my list. since I found out about imats I have wanted to go so this year my mum said she would give me the money for Christmas to buy imats tickets. 

2. Benefit high flying glosses- this holliday set from benefit is adorable. it comes with 6 mini lipglosss. 

3. MAC 109 brush- This brush is so multy use, it can be used for contore, blush, powder, and foundation. It is one that has been on my list since I started using MAC brushes.

4. MAC beautiful iris eyeshadow - This eyeshadow has been on my list forever but for some reason I never buy it. might get it as a Christmas present to myself

5. Urban decay smoked pallet- Its so beautiful and many looks can be created with it. My dad has bought me it for Christmas so I'm very exited.

That's my wishlist for the Christmas! what do you think of my wishes?
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Collective Makeup Haul

Hayya Lovely's today's post is a collective makeup haul from the past week. I did buy most of these items on Sunday but some were bought last week as well. before I tell you what I have bought I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting me in the blogger world on twitter and on facebook and instagram. 

On to the haul.
I did buy one other thing but i'm going to be doing a post all about it in the next few weeks so your going to have to wait to find out what it is. 

Illamasqua rich liquid foundation- £25 Ok i'm going to be honest here DO NOT buy this its so drying and looks awful on the skin i think its costume makeup to tell the truth!
MAC 316 lip brush- £16 then 10% off. this lip brush is amazing I love it and would defiantly recommend it.

2x Eylure Naturalites 020- around £5.50 buy one get one half price. as you can tell by the photo I have actully used both pairs of these in the competition I was in yesterday. I used my boots points on these so got them free!
Smashbox Arced liner brush 21- £16 this brush is really grate for applying gel liner and its amazing for wings. 
Smashbox Fan brush 22- I have been looking into getting a fan brush for so long and when I saw this one at £14.50 I had to buy it. Its really soft as is grate for wiping away fall out and for applying blush very lightly. 

ok so that's everything I have bought in the past week. I hope you enjoyed this post!

My Week On Instagram

Hayya Lovely's. Today's Post is my first ever week on instagram. before I get started I would like to apologies for the lack of blog posts, lately I have been very busy with collage work and my own work. I have also been getting ready for a makeup competition that I had today so I have been up in Aberdeen all weekend. 
So last Monday I got my iphone so of course I also got Instagram and this is my week on instagram.

All my brushes washed | Ready for collage again | My fantasy makeup look
Collage | righting a blog post | Run out of face charts 
OPI Live and let die | Small Boots Haul | my order from Illamasqua 

That'ss all my photos from the week. Do you like these kind of posts?

TKmax Bargain Central- My amazing find

Hayya Lovely's. Today's post is on an amazing beauty bargain I managed to get in my very small suckish TKmax. 
If you follow the same kind of blogs I do then you would have noticed a lot of bloggers have been finding amazing Urban Decay and Too Faced products in there local TKmax, I would get so green eyed reading them posts complaining that my TKmax never has anything decent in it. Until the other day, Me, my mum and dad decided to go in after my dads birthday dinner, I looked for ages and finally found this too faced eye shadow insurance policy pallet marked down to £4.99, I thought finely I found something amazing in the place. 

This pallet retails ushaly for around £16.50 and gess what I got it for £3 as the shadow insurance that ushaly comes with it was missing. * Quick Note. If something is missing from a pallet or a set at tkmax tell them at costumer services and they will mark the price down even more* 

Too Faced is an amazing brand and if you find anything from them I would suggest grabbing it up as you will not regret it at all. These shadows are all supper pigmented and buttery just like what they would by at a too faced counter. 
If you love makeup I would recommend running to your local tkmax as you will never know what you will find. 

Do you like bargain posts?

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Makeup Artist Freelance Kit- MAC Lipstick Collection

Hayya Lovely's Today's post is another one in my Makeup Artist Freelance kit series I have alot of post planed for this series so I hope you enjoy them, Today's one is my Freelance kit MAC Lipstick collection. 

I dont have the biggest ever MAC lipstick collection in my kit as I have other brands in my kit as well, today i'm focusing on the MAC. 
I have a few MAC lipsticks depoted as well so I have not added them in this post but there Creme cup and saite germain. 
The MAC lipsticks I have are the ones I use the most Just because there really creamy and smell amazing they also have amazing pigmentation. MAC lipsticks retail for £14
The ones I have in my kit.
Gose and Gose pro longwair lipcreme- This is a vibrant dark purple, grate for an evening out as it lasts a long time on the lips and is a beautiful colour. 
Cyber- Is the darkest lipstick I own out of my kit and my own collection, Cyber is purple but can look black. Its a satin lipstick which I used to not like but have grown to love. 
Ruby woo- Every kit needs a matte red and this is the one I decided to get, Its blue toned so will make your teeth look whiter. 
Violetta- Is a amplifide finish, Its a purple with some pink undertones, Its very pretty and I love using it. 
Naturally Eccentric- Supper pale peachy pink. grate for a supper pale lip. Its a lustre finish which is one i'm not a grate fan of. 

I hope your enjoying this series, any requests? 


Hayya Lovely's, Today's post is a CCO Haul. On sunday me and my dad were taking my sister Rebecca to her new collage and we went past york designer outlet, I have been to the cco in york before but this time was so much better. 
I knew what I wanted to find and everything on my list was there and so much more. 
Lets start with the haul!
MAC Magenta Blush- This blush is from the Real Sexy collection. This blush is for my kit. It's a really pigmented "magenta" colour. £12.25
MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Goes and Goes- I'm not sure if this is a pernement product or not, This is a really pigmented dark purple colour, It is also for my kit. £11.75
MAC Venemous Villains Lipstick Violetta- This colour has been on my wishlist for such a long time, I was planning on getting after Christmas when I place my order with MAC Pro. This colour has been out a few times in collections but is a Pro product. £9.25
MAC Chanman Clear gloss- I just saw this and decided I should get it wile I was there for my kit. Its just a clear gloss £10

Thats everything I got, Hope I can go next time when I go visit my sister. 

Review- MAC Lavish Rose Lipglass set

Hayya lovely's, Today's post is a review on the MAC Lavish Rose lipglass set from the new holiday collection. 
I managed to get this set the day before it was released in the UK because every year my nearest MAC (1.5 hours away) have a holiday event which are so much fun, I would recommend seeing if your MAC has any events on as there a lot of fun and very helpfull.

This is possably one of a few reviews i'm going to do so if you want a review from any of the sets MAC has bought out please comment in the comment section.

Guilty Passions Lip Gloss kits illuminate lips in shades and finishes too irresistible to resist. Lavish Rose includes Dazzleglass in Boys Go Crazy, Dazzleglass Creme in Demure and two Cremesheen Glass in Catwalk and Colour Saturation.

# £25.50
# Contains 4 new colours 
# Cool Tones 
# Mix of day and night colours
# Dazzleglass contains 0.09 US OZ
# Cremesheen glass contains 0.07 US OZ each

Demure- Is a Dazzleglass Creme which contains 0.07 US OZ. Its a cool toned pale pink/peach with blue shimmer. It has a sheer coverage but is nice over the top of peach lipsticks or can be worn everyday. 
Going Casual- Is a Cremesheen glass which also contains 0.07 US Oz. It reminds me a little of MAC Saint Germain lipstick. It is a pale blue toned pink. its quite creamy and feels nice on the lips as its not sticky.
Boys Go Crazy- Is a Dazzleglass which contains 0.09 US OZ. It is a bright clear purple containing  a lot of blue and pink glitter. This is the colour that really stood out to me. Its a repromote so you might all ready own it. 
Colour Saturation- Is a Cremesheen glass containing 0.07 US OZ. It is a true berry colour and is very creamy. I think it would look good over reble lipstick. This colour is also a repromote.

First Thoughts
When I first saw this kit I was drawn in by Boys go Crazy its a beautiful glitterfull purple which really drew me in as I love purple lips. Another thing that drew me in was the packaging, I love the little Hat like box its so cute and I will be keeping it, It is cardboard but the bow is plastic. I love MAC lipglasses more than any other even though I'm not a grate gloss fan I'm more a lippy girl.

What I Love
- I love the packaging of the lipglasses, The tube has a little bow on each which is pretty darn adorable if you ask me. Also love the overall packaging as its so cute.
- I love the colours, These lipglasses I'm going to be using mostly in my kit because like I said before I'm not a grate fan of gloss myself, There glosses are perfect for all occasions.
- I love the sent, Have you ever notised all MAC products smell like vanilla cupcake. I LOVE IT
- I love the size, The size of these lipglasses these are bigger than the normal ones as they may be shorter but a lot thicker. 
- I love the price, This set is only £25.50

What I dont like
Some of the glosses are quite sheer 

Hope this review was helpfull. I give this set a 4.9 out of 5. I would recommend to ever single one of you. 

MAC Holiday Event Haul

Hayya Lovely's, As some of you might no if you follow me on twitter that I was at the MAC holiday event/launch. Today i'm going to do a haul on the items I ended up buying. MAC holiday collection was released today in the UK in store.

Let get on with the haul!

MAC Guilty Passion Lavish Rose Lip set- MAC Bring out both lipglass sets and pigment sets every year with there holiday collection. Last year I got a pigment set but this year I decided on the lipglass set. It comes with 4 glosses. 1 Dazzleglass 1 Dazzleglass creme and 2 Cremesheen glasses. In the set we got Demure, Going Casual, Boys go crazy and Colour Saturation. This set cost £25.50

MAC Ready To Party Extra Dimension Eyeshadow- This eyeshadow is selling out like crazy when I left yesterday there were only 6 left. Its a beautiful Purple/pink it looks amazing on the lid. The makeup artist that was assigned to me tried this shadow on me and it was love £16.50

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick- I am in the middle of building my lipstick collection for my kit. I though red would be a good colour so I went with the famous Ruby Woo. £14

MAC Cyber Lipstick- This is another lipstick I got. Its a really dark purple. I new I wanted this one for my kit. £14

MAC Moon's Reflection Eyeshadow- This is a pretty blue which I really wanted for my colour pallet. I have a look in mind with this colour. £10

MAC Contrast Eyeshadow- This is a Purple/Blue its supper pretty and I'm going to use it with Moons Reflection. £10

I also Orderd a Illamasqua Lipstick on line and thought I would just mention it in this haul, I got the Apocalips lipstick £16 I will talk more about it in another post.

What have you bought recently?