My OPI Nail Polish Collection

Hayya lovely's todays post is my OPI collection. Now I was going to do my nail polish collection but it would of been very long so I have decided to do a post on my OPI nail polish and then a post on my china glaze nail polishes. 
In total i have 14 full size OPI polishes and 9 minis that I'm not going to include in this post. 

Row 1
Black Shatter- This is really just a black shatter. I find that the OPI shatters are not that grate but this one works quite well
Turquoise Shatter- This is a beautiful colour but it sucks. do not buy this shatter!!
Last Friday night- This could is from the katie perry collection I love this so much I have gone through a mini and half a full size.
Pirouetta my whistle- This was a limited edition nail polish but cant remember what collection. 
Stranger tides- this is from the pirets of the carabean collection. again love this colour and have gone through a full mini as well. 

Row 2 (my purples)
Lincoln park after dark- this is a really dark almost black purple but when applyed nicely it looks amazing
Purple with a purpose- A really beautiful dark cromographic purple 
Do you lilac it?- a light lilac purple
Significant other colours- this colour is so different it is significant other colours meaning it has a handful of colours in it.

Row 3
Into the night- is a really beautiful blue from the spiderman collection. its quite sheer so needs a few coats.
Number one nemesis- also from the spiderman collection. its a greenee silver with alot of glitter.
Live and let die- is from the skyfall collection. kind of simeler to number one nemesis but its a darked green.
Moonraker- is from skyfall collection and is a pure silver
skyfall- is of corse from the skyfall collection and is a dark burgandy red perfect for winter. 

what are your favorite OPI polishes?


  1. I love OPI, they're great quality and come in so many gorgeous colours!

  2. I love stranger tides, the POTC line was soo good x

  3. These all look lovely! Love the names on them too!
    I actually only have one OPI polish, the Nothin' Mousey 'Bout It, but I'm not overally thrilled with it! Although I'd still try others I think :) xx

  4. You should defo give them another go. I heard that collection was not to grate. Maybe try one from the pernement collection x