Review- Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser

Haya Lovely's, Todays post is a review on the Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser, I was sent this Cleanser for review from Pure spa so I have decided to tell you a little about pure spa before we get into the review. 

Pure Spa
Pure spa is a beauty salon located it Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. 
"PURE Spas are havens of tranquillity, where you can truly switch off and enjoy a superb therapy in luxurious surroundings.
With today’s hectic lifestyle, we feel it is essential to take some time out for reflection and relaxation, and the benefit of the whole experience on your general health and wellbeing lasts much longer than the therapy itself.
We strive to provide a friendly, personal and professional service, whether you are visiting for a quick eyebrow wax or a full day spa package.
We want you to leave PURE feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised!"

Elemis say's
"This luxurious anti-ageing deep cleansing cream delivers an exceptionally clean and clear skin, scientifically formulated with cell protecting Moringa Seed Peptides, balancing Great Burdock and anti-oxidising Noni and Assai Fruit. Active fragrance of Sweet Brazilian Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Patchouli veil the face, whilst essential plant extracts purify and richly moisturise dehydrated skin. Make-up and grime is gently dissolved, revealing a radiantly youthful looking complexion.
Apply daily to dry skin and massage in to give a deep cleanse. Use a damp cleansing mitt to remove the excess product. You will notice the effects after just a few days, with your skin looking brighter and clearer and lines appearing reduced."

- Full size retails for £29 for 150ml
- Available on the pure spa website and the Elemis website
- Has anti ageing products in it
- Is a king of cream/gel formula 
- Meant for dry skin

First thoughts
The first time I used this cleanser I new I was going to love it, It feels lovely on the skin, I new I would love it but was not sure how it would work for me as its meant for dry skin but right now I have a dehydrated skin as I had a huge reaction not two long ago. This product has a very strong scent which I'm not to much of a grate fan of but scents dont exactly bother me.

What I love
This Cleanser removes ever single bit of makeup on my face with just a tiny bit of product so it will last a supper long time. you dont need to use any water which is handy for traveling. It feels really nice on the skin and dose not sting my eyes like my clineque one.

What I dont Like
I'm not the gratest of fans of the scent but thats about it. 

I would defiantly recommend this product and give it a 5 out of 5.  you can buy this product at pure spa

* This product was sent to me for review, I'm not sposered by the company and all opinions are my own. 

Winter wonderland giveaway- China Glaze All That Glitters

Hayya Lovely's. So here in the Scotland it has decided winter will start early its been snowing and the MAC Holliday collection comes out this week so to celebrate I'm Holiday a China Glaze winter giveaway. 
On twitter I asked if you would like OPI or China Glaze better and most people said china glaze because they find it hard to get. 
This set comes with 4 small China Glaze polishes, when I say small I mean 9.6 ml in each polish so only like 3.5 ml less than full size. It comes with Pure Joy (the red) Glitter All The Way (multy-colour) Champagne Kisses (gold/pink) Angel Wings (gold/yellow) This set is called all that glitters and is one of there holiday gift sets. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you like the prize, Good luck to everyone, you have one month to enter so make sure to get your entry's in. 

TAG! Why Do We Ware Makeup?

Hayya lovely's, sorry for the lack of blogging lately I have been very busy, so this is just a quick post today as I have a wedding booking later on that I need to get things ready for. 
Today I have decided to do the "why do i ware makeup" tag as I have seen it floating around my feed on both blogger and youtube. I hope you enjoy. 

1. When did you begin loving makeup
I began loving makeup just after my 15th birthday. I stated getting into buying makeup and finding out how to use it the right was, as both my sisters didn't live with me and my mum dose not have a clue I started watching youtube videos. It was just the beginning of 2012 that I decided that I was going to start freelancing, and I have to say its amazing, I dont have the best of confidence but since I started freelancing it has grone so much I can take to people without being shy when I do there makeup. I think its means that i'm doing the job I love and should be doing.  

2. How do you feel with out makeup
I'm not going to lie and tell you I feel amazing as I dont I love wairing makeup not because I always want my face covered its because I love to apply it. Makeup gives me more confidence. I didnt used to go out without makeup but i can go to the shop (tesco) and the doctors with out doing my makeup now.  

3. What do you like about makeup
I like a lot of things about makeup, I like how it can change some ones face, add light and depth, make a statement and show who you are and how you feel. and as I said before I really love applying makeup its the best part of my day. 

4. 3 holy grail items
this is a hard one... MAC studio fix NC15 (in summer) or Laura mercer silk cream or nars sheer glow (winter) 
MAC charcole brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows
Cover girl lash blast mascara 

Hope you enjoyed this tag! I tag any one that would like to do this tag. 

OPI Skyfall Collection- My picks

Hayya Lovely's Today's post is on my picks from the new OPI holliday collection "Skyfall" This collection is inspired by the new James Bond film which will be released this month some time. Now in no way did I buy this collection because its James bond as to tell the truth I have never seen any of the movies. 

Anyways I was in sally's today as I knew there were some colours I wanted and I had to get a few things for my kit and for Christmas presents. the colours I picked up are:

Skyfall- This is a red berry colour its beautiful for the winter season. I dont own any colour like this so this is the first one I picked up  

Live And Let Die- this is a green even though the swatch makes it look black. its full of glitter which is so beautiful and again I do not own anything like it so had to grab it up

Moonraker- Is literally a pure silver with a hint of purple. it reminds me a little of a china glaze one i own but after looking closely at swatches they look nothing alike. 

I'm really happy with the colours I picked. one of the ones i wanted was sold out all ready so i might be able to pick it up another time. 
Did you pick anything from the OPI Skyfall collection?

Makeup Artist Freelance Kit- Haul

Hayya Lovely's, Today I'm doing a Haul on some items i have bought for my MUA kit. I'm really exited about this haul, it gives me an excuse to buy makeup that's not for my own use. 
anyway I placed an order on superdrug and also went to superdrug. 

The order I placed on superdrug was for some mua products as we cant get them in my superdrug. *boo*. 
mua Undressed pallet- This pallet is just like naked 1 by urban decay the colours are supper pigmented and only costs £4
mua Glitter Ball pallet- This pallet has some bright and neutral colours in it there all supper glittery £4
mua poptastic pallet- This pallet is supper bright its crazy and I cant wait to use it £4
mua extreme volume mascara black/brown- I needed a brown mascara in my kit £2
mua mascara shade 2- I got this for a surprise makeup which I will let you know more about soon £1 

then at superdrug today I bought some sleek the weird thing is superdrug on line do not have many sleek products *weird*
Sleek i-Divine Supreme pallet- a lot of these colours are Matte. There all beautiful and I have a look in mind for this pallet £7.99
Sleek true colour lipstick Mystic- this is a Matte purple lipstick. as some of you know I love purple lips so I knew I wanted one in my kit £4.50 there about
Sleek Pout paint peek a bloo- this is a blue lip paint. this is for the surprise I'm was telling you about £4.99
Sleek eau la la liner white noise- this is a white liner which I did defo need 
sleek Hide it concealer 00 01 02 03- I dont actully have any concealer in my kit which is kind of a must so I got this one for now till I can get the MAC one I need £3.25 or so 

this is everything I have got for my kit today. any products you think I should get?

Review- Urban Decay Smoked Eye Pencil Set

Hayya Lovely's. Today i have decided to do a review on the Urban Decay Smoked Eye Pencil Set. This set Has the perfect shades for a smoky eye and would go grate with the smoked pallet. This set is part of the urban Decay holliday collection so if you want it grab it now while you can. 

Urban Decay Says
"Forget everything you thought you knew about creating super-sexy eyes. This set takes smoky WAY beyond basic black.
The perfect pairing for our popular Smoked Palette, the Smoked 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set contains six pencils in all—including two limited-edition shades we brought back by popular demand, and two amazing new shades you won’t find anywhere else! From shimmering pewters and deep, dynamic jewel tones to chocolate neutrals and our award-winning black, we’ve got your every smoky eye need covered."

Det ails 
-£26 British pounds $38 US dollars
- Available on line or at any urban decay counter
- 6 shades in set
- Travel size liners 0.8 grams in each liner 
- 2 new shades 

First thoughts
I have used Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils for such along time, so when I saw this set and the price I new I had to grab it up. Zero is my favorite liner for lining the water line and I needed a new one and this set has another 5 liners in it, its a really good deal.  The Urban decay 24/7 liners glide on the waterline and lashline like a dream there is no tugging or struggle. they also last all day!

What I Love
I actually love the price tag on this set, its so worth the £26! I love how you get 6 colours, 2 being new 2 back on popular demand and the other 2 are best sellers. I love that they glide on the lid/ waterline like a dream and that there quite waterproof. These eyeliners are supper pigmented so the slightest touch gives you colour 

What I dont like
The only thing i dont like about the urban decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils are that there really hard to sharpen, I would recommend getting a eye liner sharpener like the one from Chanel.

Uzi- Gunmetal taupe with silver micro glitters (Back on popular demand) 
Zero- Urban Decays famous black eyeliner (best seller)
 Demolition- Deep matte brown (best seller)
Smog- copper (brand new)
Mainline- Matte deep green/blue (brand new)
Empire- Dark eggplant (back on popular demand)

I would give these eyeliners a 5 out of 5 and would defiantly recommend them to everyone as there so creamy and stay proof and so pigmented. 

Collective Makeup Haul- MAC and Urban Decay

Hayya Lovely's, So as some of you will know I have been in england visiting family (and shopping) so today's post is a collective (over 2 days) makeup haul. 
So I'm a little shop a holic and went to both the metro center and newcastle, as I love them both. I bought mostly MAC items but did buy one thing from urban decay and a few bits and bobs which I did not photograph as I could not get good pictures of them. I also bought some Christmas presents which I'm not going to show ether. 

Lets get started with the haul!

Urban Decay Smoked eyeliner set- Well this is an amazing buy as its only £26 for 6 travel liners. I bought this mainly because my dad bought me the smoked pallet for Christmas so i have to wait 2 months but thought the matched perfect, also we needed to spend like an other £15 to get 1000 points haha. 
MAC Minrelized satinfinish foundation- £24 I will be reviewing this ones my skin is better as my skin is going crazy right now since I had a reaction to bobbi brown. I'm not sure if i'm going to like this foundation as it has glitter in it which I did not relies when I bought it.  
MAC no.7 Lashes- £10 this is my first ever pair of MAC lashes, I got them for my mums birthday party. I picked theses as I have heard Tanya from Pixi2woo talk about them a lot. 
MAC Quad- £6.50 I wanted to make a everyday quad to take to collage and other places were I'm travailing to. I also thought the colours I picked would be grate for a bride. 
MAC Patina Eyeshadow (pro pan)- £10 This is leading from the quad. I picked this colour again because of Tanya as I have seen it in a lot of her videos
MAC Expresso Eyeshadow (pro pan)- £10 this is the perfect crease colour as its a matte brown shade. the picture dose not show the full intensity of this colour. I got this colour because of Nic from pixiwoo
MAC Omaga Eyeshadow (pro pan)- £10 I picked this colour as I thought it would look good all over the lid and in the brows. Again I got this because of Nic from pixiwoo and Tanya from pixi2woo
MAC Naked Lunch eyeshadow (pro pan)- £10 ok i know I should of had this colour ages ago, but like a few people I thought it would be like the same as all that glitters. 
MAC Pure Zen Lipstick- £14 I bought this in the normal packaging because the limited edition one was sold out (cry) This colour is the perfect nude for Autumn and winter. 
MAC Reble lipstick- B2M. I got this lipstick after eyeing it forever and its the perfect shade for Autumn!

The stuff I did not photograph 
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual- £20 this book has been on my wishlist since I started makeup so decided just to get it.
Mark Hill Wicked waver- £29.99 on sale. I bought it waver as I love waive hair. I own a curling wand which gives tight curls, the dont look to grate on my haha. I knew I wanted one of these and when I went into boots I just had to grab it up. also its zebra print 

So that is everything I have bought. I will be going to MAC again next month for the Holiday event so I will try to save up before then haha (good news is I have almost finished my xmas shopping)

FOTD- Going To MAC

Hayya lovely's Im down in England right now and thought I would show you the makeup I'm warring to go to MAC. As you all know by now I'm obsessed with MAC Cosmetics and when ever I'm down in england I have to go as there is no MAC were I live, I have my shopping list ready so i dont over spend so keep an eye out for a haul post coming in the next few days.

anyway lets get on with my FOTD 

♥ Face
- MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15
- Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer 
- MAC Studio Fix powder plus NC15
- Urban Decay Tease eyeshadow to contore 
- MAC Giggly blush
- MAC Sunday Afternoon face powder highlight

♥ Eyes
- Sleek Brow kit on brows 
- Benefit Stay Dont Stray eyelid primer
- inglot eyeshadow 378 in crease as transition colour 
- Urban Decay Virgin eyeshadow all over lid 
- MAC Vile Violet eyeshadow in crease 
- MAC eyeshadow Crystal over the lid 
- MAC Vibrent Grape eyeshadow outer part of lid 
- MAC Glitter in Reflects purple duo over the lid 
- MAC Chromaline in Black Black winged out
- Chanel Intense eye pencil le. craton kohl in noir 
- Cover Girl Lash Blast very black 

♥ Lips
- MAC Vegas volt lipstick 

Hope you like my FOTD today 

All About The MAC Pro Student Program

Hayya Lovely's. As some of you will know I recently got my MAC Pro student card and thought it would be a good idea to tell you all about MAC pro student and the full pro program. 

MAC Pro Student Program
The MAC pro student program is for students over the age of 16 studding Makeup artistry, Cosmetology, Hair styling, Photography, Fashion styling, Aesthatics and performing arts. 
- Students can get a student only makeup kit 40% off
- 15% discount UK 20% discount US 10% Ireland
- have access to pro products 
- Have access to masterclasses and events
- Exclusive access to the MAC pro website 
- Costs £6 UK or £10 US
MAC pro student program is a 6 month paid for program. On the website it says only schools that are in the pro program will be accepted, In the UK any school that dose any of the mentioned subjects will be excepted. 

MAC Pro Program
The MAC pro program is exclusive to over 18 doing Makeup Artist, Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, Performers/On-Air Talent, Fashion Stylist/Costume Designer, Photographer, Model, Hairstylist, and Nail Technician.
- 40% discount for Makeup Artists and 30% for all over category's
- Master classes available
- Pro to Pro Party's
- complementary shipping 
MAC pro program is available for a one or two year membership. It is also a paid for program.

Mac pro is so easy to apply for all you have to do it go to mac pro website  find the right application fill it in and send it to the address given along with the documents needed. MAC pro takes about 2-3 weeks to get back in touch with you to let you know if your application is excepted, ones its excepted you can start using your membership over the phone then ones your card arrives you can use it in any pro store or freestanding store. discont is not available on the viva glam products or selected limited edition items 

To contact MAC Pro you can phone: 08700342676

Hope this post helped in some way

TAG! 8 Fall Loves

Hayya Lovely's, Today i'm doing the 8 Fall Loves tag. I was tagged by the creator of the tag Forever Glam X who also helped me create my new layout so thank you Khadija. This tag is Basically your favorite products for fall but there are a few questions at the end  

lets Get started 

Favorite Fall Eyeshadow- I have 3 favorite shadows this fall, I love these 3 shadows when used together, Expensive pink, Coppering and sketch make the perfect fall eye look
Favorite Fall Blush- MAC Stratus which came out in the heavenly creatures collection is the perfect colour for fall. it has a mix of purple and gold mixed together to grate *fall*
Favorite Fall Lipstick- You have probably guessed that its MAC up the amp lipstick. this colour is the perfect everyday purple and I think purple is perfect for fall.
Favorite Fall Nail Polish- OPI Number One Nemesis 
Favorite Fall Perfume- Viva la Juicy is my favorite perfume for all time I dont really get new favorites for each season.
Favorite Fall Jewellery Item- this is a neaclase which I love its one of the only jewellery items I wear exeped for the ring I got from my mum which I never take of. I got this for my birthday from one of my supper good friends who I dont get to see much. 
Favorite Fall Miscallaneous Item- MAC melon pigment I got this last Autumn and it just screams fall
Favorite fall clothing item- I got this dress from my sister as it shrunk in the wash. Its from H&M

What is the thing you most look forward to about Autumn?
I look forward to the MAC collections haha you probably all had guessed that haha.
Do you go trick or treating if so what do you dress up as?
I used to go trick or treating when I was younger but have not been in years. I am hoping to go out with one of my friends though. and at collage we are having a Halloween competition

Who do I tag?

and anyone else who wants to do this tag

How I deep Clean My Makeup brushes

Hayya Lovelys, its the time of the week that I have to wash all my makeup brushes so thought I would show you how I deep clean them. I didn't have to do all my brushes to day *thank god* as i have a LOT. I have also learned something doing this post, Its hard to take pictures when needing to used two hands.
It is very important to wash your brushes regularly as dirt and bacteria can build up on the bristles which can cause comadones, pustules and papules. A lot of people (including myself a year ago) thought you can just use a foundation brush till its full of foundation then get a new one. You can spot clean your brushes daily to make sure you dont spread bacteria on your face the next time you use the brush. 
Anyway lets get on to how I wash my brushes. 

- Lay out all your dirty brushes next to your sink ready to get washed 
- Dampen your brush with warm water
- Swirl your brush in some Baby shampoo (this is a mild shampoo so will not harm the brush)
- Keep swirling and squeezing the brush adding more water as you go till the water is clear meaning no foundation or dirt is left on the brush
- rinse out all the soap with water
- repeat on all brushes 
- leave your brushes out to dry (this could take up to a day depending on heat and the brush hair) 

I hope this post was helpful to you all. If you have any request please let me know.

I'm So Bad- MAC Pro Haul

Hayya Lovely's. I'm really sorry but I have been bad and could not help myself from spending money (It runs in my family) I got my MAC pro card and just could not help placing a order. I dont think I'm cut out for a spending ban anyway but i have learned some things like how to say to my self i dont need something. I am going to go to MAC next week and I will try control myself and see how it turns out haha. 

Anyway last Friday I was really upset and needed to do some retail therapy so I was going to order of the MAC website but then decided to wait to the Saturday and phone up MAC pro and get a few of the products that have been on my list for the time I get my pro card. So I phoned up and maid my order and it arrived today. The shipping was very good being the same price as the MAC website. 

Ordering over the phone was one of the hardist things ever. for one I'm quite shy when on the phone and for two the phone line was bad so I ended up getting a product that I did not ask for but its ok as I will use it.
What did I get?
Pro Mixing Medium Gel - The is the product I did not order it got mixed up as I asked for the eyeliner mixing medium but this is fine I will get the other one in my next order. £12.74 
Pro Chromaline Black Black - One of the makeup artists at MAC said I needed this as its the blackest black you can get in gel formula. This product can be used anywair but make sure to read the warning book first. £11.90
Pro Cromographic Pencil Hi-def Cyan - This product came out in a collection last year but I was not to into makeup artistry then and thought I would never ever use it but now I'm doing makeup artistry for a living I decided I need somthing crazy haha. £11.90
Pro Glitter in Terquoise - This is the colour I'm going to weir for my mums birthday party. I saw a video on youtube by fashionista804 and she did a look with this glitter and I new state away I wanted to do that look. £14.04
Pro Glitter Reflex purple duo - I did order a diffrent one but they sent this one but its ok I like it. I bought this as I love anything purple. £14.04

That's everything I bought. I'm really happy with everything I got, My next MAC pro order will be after Christmas I promise you that as I'm going to MAC two more times before then so I think I will be able to hold myself together. 

Have you done any MAC hauling lately? If so please send the link.
Just to let you all know my best friend from foreverglam x is holding a amazing giveaway to win one of three prizes. I hope that you will go enter it as it would mean the world to her. 1000 follower giveaway