TAG! Why Do We Ware Makeup?

Hayya lovely's, sorry for the lack of blogging lately I have been very busy, so this is just a quick post today as I have a wedding booking later on that I need to get things ready for. 
Today I have decided to do the "why do i ware makeup" tag as I have seen it floating around my feed on both blogger and youtube. I hope you enjoy. 

1. When did you begin loving makeup
I began loving makeup just after my 15th birthday. I stated getting into buying makeup and finding out how to use it the right was, as both my sisters didn't live with me and my mum dose not have a clue I started watching youtube videos. It was just the beginning of 2012 that I decided that I was going to start freelancing, and I have to say its amazing, I dont have the best of confidence but since I started freelancing it has grone so much I can take to people without being shy when I do there makeup. I think its means that i'm doing the job I love and should be doing.  

2. How do you feel with out makeup
I'm not going to lie and tell you I feel amazing as I dont I love wairing makeup not because I always want my face covered its because I love to apply it. Makeup gives me more confidence. I didnt used to go out without makeup but i can go to the shop (tesco) and the doctors with out doing my makeup now.  

3. What do you like about makeup
I like a lot of things about makeup, I like how it can change some ones face, add light and depth, make a statement and show who you are and how you feel. and as I said before I really love applying makeup its the best part of my day. 

4. 3 holy grail items
this is a hard one... MAC studio fix NC15 (in summer) or Laura mercer silk cream or nars sheer glow (winter) 
MAC charcole brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows
Cover girl lash blast mascara 

Hope you enjoyed this tag! I tag any one that would like to do this tag. 


  1. I love this tag! I think freelance is the perfect career for you!

  2. Ooooh i think i'm going to do this myself :) fun!


  3. I love makeup jus lite colors to bring out the naturals in my skin and eyes