Is GFC Closing Down?

Hello Lovelies, so the past few days I have seen panic brewing on twitter, blogger and facebook over GFC closing down. there is nothing out there from google saying GFC is closing down the actual thing that is closing is google reader, These are different things.
google reader is kind of like blog lovin in the way it organises and shows the blogs you are following, It is not the blogger dashboard a lot of people read there blogs on.
google friends connect is a way of following a blog you like, if you follow a blog with GFC it will come up in the blogger dashboard which is not going anywere as far as I know.
Tomorrow is the day that google reader dies this dose not mean that you will loss all your followers so please do not worry.
GFC might close at some point but i really do not think it will be tomorrow
the places you can follow my blog are..
and GFC
if you have any questions please feel free to comment below

IMATS London 2013

Hello Lovelies, todays post is a very picture heavy post its basically my IMATS experience/vlog post.
IMATS was one of the best experience I have ever had, I got to meet some amazing inspiring makeup artists, some of my makeup artist friends and see some amazing American brands and brands you can only get online. I went to IMATS on Friday and the Sunday. On the Friday I met up with Rachel Gallagher and we went round the show together and I have to ask her what she has done to me as i'm now even more obsessed with buying brushes haha. it was grate to have a catch up with her as well. we stayed from 4-6 that day then got the tube back to the hotel and went for dinner. On the Friday I got some amazing items and talked to grate makeup artists at the different brands.

On the Sunday It was kind of crazy the lines were massive and I got there about 9.50 and was like ages away from the front of the line but I was actually the first one in because of my pro card, I have to say though I did feel bad getting to cut in front of everyone else. when I got in I went striate to Charles fox to pick up the beautiful UV palette you can see in my haul, I will also be doing some reviews on the products I bought at imats, I then went to the other stalls I new I wanted to get stuff from. I then met up with my friend Bryony and we wondered around, I bought MORE stuff then we went to watch some of the talks and demonstrations, at the end of imats I got to meet and get a picture with Karla the makeup artist for crown brush, she inspires me so much and she is so talented. we left imats at the closing time of 5pm.

carry on reading for photos. (sorry about the quality I was using my iphone as my mum was not comfy me taking my camera to London)

the amazing Mehron booth, My new favorite body paints are from here. 

 The amazing crown brush booth, so many brushes at such good prices and the amazing karla creating her snow queen of sweets makeup look

some of the amazing looks created at imats, so much insperation. 

not the best picture of me but it was amazing to meet and chat to karla. 

the looks I saw at imats were amazing so much talant in one place. i will deffently be at imats all three days next year. are any off you planning on going? 

what do you think of all the looks created at imats? 

IMATS London 2013 Haul

Hello.... On Friday and Sunday I went to any makeup artists dream place, IMATS! And it was incredible I got to meet so many amazing talented makeup artists got to try new brands and got to meet up with a few of my makeup artist friends. I have to say these two days are right up at the top of my best days list along with me getting to do the makeup with the amazing John Farrar.
If you do not know what imats is then make sure to look out for my vlog type of post that will be coming up on Thursday.
now lets get on with this haul before I fall asleep as I'm supper tired.
P.S This post is going to be very picture heavy
over the two days I went I bought so much stuff and I'm so exited to use it all. Now I just need to put a little disclaimer out to say I did buy all this stuff my self some of it was discounted some of it was not, I saved very hard for imats and im happy with all my stuff, if you do not like hauls or think I am bragging please leave now.
Temptu Pro
Temptu was amazing they had there airbrushes and lots of makeup bits. this is were I spent the most money!! If you saw my imats wishlist you will know the temptu airbrush was on my list and its the one I wanted the most, I got it and I got it as the starter set so got the airbrush system the pack of 12 foundations and the cleaner for only £130 what a bargain!!
I then picked up two more airbrush sets, I got the S/B  (silicone based) Hi- Def set which is really beautiful and im so happy to have it because as you probably know I do mostly fantasy makeup. £36
I also got the set of aqua adjusters which was £25
I'm so happy with these items!! what a deal too.
So I have really been getting into doing body painting lately so decided to pick up a few body paints from mahron these were £8 each I got silver, light pink, lime, white and black. these smell amazing and the colours are beautiful.

From Eldora I was planning on getting about £50 worth but the booth did not except card and the cash machine charges £2 to get money out so I only got 6 pares of lashes which was £20.. I picked up a mix so some natural some coloured and I'm so exited to use these on shoots.
I got B164,B183,B130, C159,C146 and C110.. The white ones are for my snow queen look next month.

Kryolan had amazing deals on  but I went for one of the more expensive items they sell. I got the UV palette. this palette is so beautiful and bright and I cant wait to use it omg its beautiful £40
Eye Kandy
So after seeing so many americans raving about the eye kandy booth I had to cheek it out my self and by god I was inpressed. the glitters were so pretty it was hard to only pick 7. these were 7 for £30 which is a grate deal. I got from R-L Mad Melon, Hard candy, Pumpkin Pie, Marshmallow, Sour Grape, silver without name, and gum drop
It also came with a little brush and the liquid suger.

Love Makeup
At love makeup I picked up two items. the z palette which was £12.75 and they didn't have the purple one so I got the pink one. its going to be amazing so exited to depot my eyeshadows after doing this post, I also got a impulse buy there was two of these beauty's left and its was such a good price at £58 I just could not miss it, the sugerpill pro palette. this is a only imats palette and it consists of all three of the palettes they have.
I bought 1 stencil for my airbrush. this one is called frozen and its for my snow queen, this was £3
Royal and Langnickle
at royal I bought 2 brushes as I was saving my self for crown. I got the BC490 eyebrow brush which is a tiny eyebrow brush £2 and the C185 complexion brush which you can use for many things £8 these brushes are so soft and I'm so happy to have them in my collection

Crown Brush
I went a little bit crazy at crown brush and bought 19 brushes. the second picture is the ones for makeup and the bottom are the ones for body painting I got. now a lot of these don't have names on them but I will just go through them anyways.
Top R-L-  C224 oval Camouflage, 2x C140-4, 2x syntho little crease brush, 2x syntho big crease brush, round top concealer brush, C431 Precision Detail, Syntho little fan, C139 stiff crease and syntho eyebrow. these ones came to £35
Bottom R-L- C250-2, C150-2, C160-1/8, C150-10, no name conceler, no name funcky flat square, no name round top foundation, no name massive foundation. £30
And that's the end of my haul. that took about 2 hours to type up agggg I'm so exited for all these products.
Did you go to imats this year? send me links to your hauls. remember to cheek back on Thursday for the vlog.

IMATS London Wishlist

Hello My Lovelies, its a very exited Elysa Here today as tomorrow night is the beginning of IMATS London. As some of you will know IMATS is hosted in 6 city's every year and this weekend there in London. I will be there at the pro only hours on Friday and also at the public hours on the Sunday. so if your there one of those days and you see me make sure to come and say hi as i would love to meet you. So todays post is my IMATS wishlist, my haul will be coming up on Tuesday most likely.
So my wishlist is not to big but it is quite expensive.
1. Graftobian walk around airbrush, this is one of the show specials at imats this year. (I might not get this its on my list with another 2 airbrushes but you will just have to wait till the haul to see what I get)
2. Crown brushes. ss005, ss006, ss012, ss020, c323, lb119... These are the brushes I want the most but depending on deals and things I might end up getting a few more.
3. occ liptars in Feathered, RX, Traffic and Vintage. Feathered is a white which I really need for a shoot coming up next month, RX is a blue which I also need for a shoot coming up, Traffic is a yellow which will be fun to have and Vintage is a more darker vintage red which I need for a shoot next month.
4. Meyron airbush paints in white, black, yellow, blue and red. these airbrush paints are amazing and can be mixed that's why i'm getting primary colours
5. Meyron Paradice paints in teal, white, light green, black and pink. might not get all those colours but im really getting in to body painting now but hate using snazaroo.
6. purple z palette. for depotting my illamasqua eyeshadows into
7. the temptu airbrush system is another airbrush on my list.
There is a few more items on my list but could not fit them in the grid. The iwata airbrush is on my list to cheek out and maybe I might get some airbrush stencils
Are you going to imats this weekend? if so what do you plan on buying?

All About My Skintone | Foundations That Match Me

Hello there Lovelies. Today I was debating what post to do as I have a few on my list so it was ether this one or my IMATS wishlist which I thought would be better going up on the Thursday the day before i'm at IMATS., So todays post is a post that has been requested its all about my skin tone and what foundations match me.
So as you will know if you follow my blog I have got very very pale skin and find it very hard to find a foundation that matches. So far I have found 3 but only one of them is a perfect match. Now if some one was to ask what shade I am in a mac foundation I would literally not be able to answer as to tell the truth I would be about a NC05 which mac do not do.
The three foundations I have found are the Loreal infallible in porcelain, Illamasqua skin base in 02 and nars sheer glow in light 1. out of all these three the illamasqua skin base in 02 is the one that matches the best.
Loreal Infallible in porcelain- This foundation dries darker than what it is so it matches when I apply it but then it oxidises so it dries darker and its also far too pink for my skin tone. This foundation is one that I don't actually use on my self it belongs in my kit and its grate for people who have about a mac NC10 skin tone. retails for £12.29
Illamasqua skin base 02- This is a very very pale foundation that matches me perfect. this is also my holy gale foundation  as it apply's really well and it looks the same on the face all day long. this is also a pink tones foundation but its not too pink so matches my skin really well. I would recommend cheeking out skin base what every skin tone you have as they have a huge colour range. I have actually just bought 5 more for my kit which I will blog about after imats or maybe when they arrive this week. retails for £27
Nars sheer glow in Light 1- This was my holy gale foundation for a long time but it is slightly to yellow for me and it also looks very powdery on my skin. but the nars sheer glow is a grate foundation and I went through 2 of these. I thought this foundation was the best I could get until I tried skin base. £30.50
these three foundations are amazing for really pale people but for me I have to use the illamasqua skin base, 1 because of my undertone and 2 because it is the lightest one of all three.
Illamasqua have two other types of liquid foundation as well. I love there light liquid foundation which also comes in many shades, I'm not a grate fan of the rich liquid as its just two drying for my really dry skin. all the illamasqua foundations and concealers come in many shades, even white so you can mix the white with another foundation to get the right skin colour for you.
I use illamasqua skin base every single day and really love it a lot. in the picture I had been warring it for 8 hours and it was still perfect.
Also just a quick question what do you think of my purple hair, its a lot brighter in real life. you can see a picture of its full brightness over on my facebook
Have you got really pale skin?

Review | Deborah Milano Rosseto Milano Red Lipstick in 14

Hello Lovelies, Today I'm using a new laptop so i'm sorry if this post is a bit off as i'm not used to this windows 8 and touch screen but ohh well we will try our best.
Todays post is on the Deborah Milano Rosseto Milano Red Lipstick in number 14* This lipstick isn't just any lipstick its a purple lipstick and as you all know I love purple I love how purple looks with my skin tone and i'm actually getting my hair died purple at the hair dressers tomorrow.
Deborah Milano say- "Infused with real Ruby Powder for luscious, full colour. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid for up to 10 hours** of supreme comfort and hydration. Hypoallergenic*. SPF 15"
First of the packaging of this lipstick is quite nice it looks expensive and stands out against my mac lipsticks that are in my own collection.  
Its quite a light lipstick and has nice really dark purple righting on the side. Both the top and the bottom have the colour of the lipstick on so however you store you lipsticks you will be able to tell what colour this one is.
The lipstick its self is very nice its smooth and smells amazing (it smells like palma violets!!!) It applys really nice to the lips and feels really soft.
The colour I was sent is perfect for me as its like a purple lilac colour which I love, think this lipstick colour might be my new favourite.
This lipstick lasts about 4 hours on the lips which is grate as you could go out shopping without taking your lipstick with you. But if you are going out and having something to drink or eat defiantly take the lipstick with you as it will not stay on even with a little drink of water.
Its very pigmented and looks the same colour in the tube as on the lips.  
There is 14 different colours in the Rasseto Milano red range of lipstick. its quite a good colour range but maybe they colour branch out and make a few more colours.
This lipstick retails for £8.50* and can be found hear
I still think I like my mac lipsticks a little better but I really love the colour and texture of this Deborah Milano lipstick so will be using it quite a lot.
I would give this lipstick a 4/5
have you tried anything from Deborah Milano?

Review | Maybelline The Mega Plush Mascara

Hay There.... I have a review today, As you might of been able to tell since I have not been blogging much I have had bloggers block (sad face) I get blogger block every now and then but right now its lasted for ages and its made me very sad and frustrated but I have a few blog posts planed for the next 3 weeks including a IMATS wishlist IMATS haul and IMATS picture vlog kind of thing, I also have a few reviews comming up as well. 

Today i'm doing a review on the Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara, Now i'm not a person who enjoys buying mascara (I know weard right) I just enjoy buying other things way more like airbrushes or foundations or lipsticks, but when maybeline brings out a new mascara I have to have it!! 

So the Maybelline Mega Plush came out in the US quite a wile ago and I really wanted it! Then the Rocket came out I thoght I would never be able to try Mega Plush but I was wrong, Mega Plush came out in the UK about 4 weeks ago and I bought it as soon as it came out but I had been waiting to try it untill about a week ago. 

This mascara is one of the Volume Express mascaras but I have to say it dose not really give me much volume but gives me quite a bit more lenghth, which is fine but I quite like volume and lenghth, maybe this will work better with a voluming mascara like the rocket. 

The texture of the mascara is diferent and I really like it as it dose not feel think and gluppy like some other mascaras I have tried. 

Like all the maybelline mascaras this comes in a really cute package and I really love the light blue colour. 

The brush on this mascarra is nice but I feel its pretty flimsy and when using it I feel like the end will fall off as its very wobbaly. Other than that I like this mascarra its not to expensive at £7.99 but I think I will be using this mascara with the rocket so I can have lenghth and Volume. 

What do you think of this mascara?

The IMATS 2013 Tag

Hello there Lovelies, Today I was having a few problems deciding what to blog about and then I decided I would blog the imats tag. The Imats tag has been going around youtube for many years so since this is my first time going to imats i'm going to do it, ohh and its 18 days away so i'm very very exited. 

1. Which imats are you attending?
Im attendng Imats london this year on the friday and the sunday

2.Have you attended imats before?
Nope this is my first time and i'm so so so exited to go and see people and buy stuff

3.How are you getting there?
Im getting the plane to london from aberdeen then getting the tube to imats

4.Are you bringing any one along with you?
No i'm not my sisters will be in london with me but there not commng to imats with me 

5. Is there anything else in the imats host city that you want to go to?
I want to go to oxford street and just look around london as its my first time there

6. What days will you be in the imats host city?
I will be in london Friday the 21st Saterday the 22nd Sunday the 23rd and Monday the 24th

7. Who do you want to meet?
I would love to meet Louise from sprincle of glitter, Cole from colyyyful and Zoe from zoella 

8. What company exhibits are you most exited to see?
Well i'm most exited to see graftobian as thats were i'm most likaly getting my air brush from and im really exited to see mayron and also crown brush.

9. What products are you looking for?
  • Graftobian airbrush set 
  • Mahron airbrush paints in white, black, blue, yellow and red
  • Crown brushes
10. How much do you plan to spend?
between £350 and £450

11. What do you want to get out of imats?
well i'm very exited to get my airbrush, But on the sunday when i'm there i'm going to see all the speaches and spechal events. 

If your going to imats this year do this tag and leave it as a comment below.