All About My Skintone | Foundations That Match Me

Hello there Lovelies. Today I was debating what post to do as I have a few on my list so it was ether this one or my IMATS wishlist which I thought would be better going up on the Thursday the day before i'm at IMATS., So todays post is a post that has been requested its all about my skin tone and what foundations match me.
So as you will know if you follow my blog I have got very very pale skin and find it very hard to find a foundation that matches. So far I have found 3 but only one of them is a perfect match. Now if some one was to ask what shade I am in a mac foundation I would literally not be able to answer as to tell the truth I would be about a NC05 which mac do not do.
The three foundations I have found are the Loreal infallible in porcelain, Illamasqua skin base in 02 and nars sheer glow in light 1. out of all these three the illamasqua skin base in 02 is the one that matches the best.
Loreal Infallible in porcelain- This foundation dries darker than what it is so it matches when I apply it but then it oxidises so it dries darker and its also far too pink for my skin tone. This foundation is one that I don't actually use on my self it belongs in my kit and its grate for people who have about a mac NC10 skin tone. retails for £12.29
Illamasqua skin base 02- This is a very very pale foundation that matches me perfect. this is also my holy gale foundation  as it apply's really well and it looks the same on the face all day long. this is also a pink tones foundation but its not too pink so matches my skin really well. I would recommend cheeking out skin base what every skin tone you have as they have a huge colour range. I have actually just bought 5 more for my kit which I will blog about after imats or maybe when they arrive this week. retails for £27
Nars sheer glow in Light 1- This was my holy gale foundation for a long time but it is slightly to yellow for me and it also looks very powdery on my skin. but the nars sheer glow is a grate foundation and I went through 2 of these. I thought this foundation was the best I could get until I tried skin base. £30.50
these three foundations are amazing for really pale people but for me I have to use the illamasqua skin base, 1 because of my undertone and 2 because it is the lightest one of all three.
Illamasqua have two other types of liquid foundation as well. I love there light liquid foundation which also comes in many shades, I'm not a grate fan of the rich liquid as its just two drying for my really dry skin. all the illamasqua foundations and concealers come in many shades, even white so you can mix the white with another foundation to get the right skin colour for you.
I use illamasqua skin base every single day and really love it a lot. in the picture I had been warring it for 8 hours and it was still perfect.
Also just a quick question what do you think of my purple hair, its a lot brighter in real life. you can see a picture of its full brightness over on my facebook
Have you got really pale skin?


  1. I've always wanted to try Illamasqua as I', pale too. I do not live near any stores that buy it. Do you know if it is possible to get samples from them so I could try it first? I could purchase it on the internet then if I'm happy with it :)

    Becky xx

    1. Im pretty sure they do a sample if you ask them for one. its a really grate foundation. x