The IMATS 2013 Tag

Hello there Lovelies, Today I was having a few problems deciding what to blog about and then I decided I would blog the imats tag. The Imats tag has been going around youtube for many years so since this is my first time going to imats i'm going to do it, ohh and its 18 days away so i'm very very exited. 

1. Which imats are you attending?
Im attendng Imats london this year on the friday and the sunday

2.Have you attended imats before?
Nope this is my first time and i'm so so so exited to go and see people and buy stuff

3.How are you getting there?
Im getting the plane to london from aberdeen then getting the tube to imats

4.Are you bringing any one along with you?
No i'm not my sisters will be in london with me but there not commng to imats with me 

5. Is there anything else in the imats host city that you want to go to?
I want to go to oxford street and just look around london as its my first time there

6. What days will you be in the imats host city?
I will be in london Friday the 21st Saterday the 22nd Sunday the 23rd and Monday the 24th

7. Who do you want to meet?
I would love to meet Louise from sprincle of glitter, Cole from colyyyful and Zoe from zoella 

8. What company exhibits are you most exited to see?
Well i'm most exited to see graftobian as thats were i'm most likaly getting my air brush from and im really exited to see mayron and also crown brush.

9. What products are you looking for?
  • Graftobian airbrush set 
  • Mahron airbrush paints in white, black, blue, yellow and red
  • Crown brushes
10. How much do you plan to spend?
between £350 and £450

11. What do you want to get out of imats?
well i'm very exited to get my airbrush, But on the sunday when i'm there i'm going to see all the speaches and spechal events. 

If your going to imats this year do this tag and leave it as a comment below. 


  1. I'm staying in London Friday- Sunday too. Such a shame that you're going on the Sunday! It would have been so good to meet you & get tips on what products to buy :( x

    1. ohh wish we could meet. I would say you shound get some crown brushes, OCC liptars, come kryolan products. i meen i have had to reduce my list alot beause im getting my air brush and some air brush makeup which is quite expensive. i might do a wishlist video if you would like that. x

  2. I really wanted to go to IMATS this year but I think i've left it a bit late, plus I'm under 16 so have to be accompanied by an adult and I don't think my mum would enjoy the experience unfortunately, haha. Jealous of you, so many things there I would love to try xx

    1. Ohh no do you not have any sisters/ cussons that are older than you that you could go with? its not to late to get tickets you can buy tickets up till the day.