Is GFC Closing Down?

Hello Lovelies, so the past few days I have seen panic brewing on twitter, blogger and facebook over GFC closing down. there is nothing out there from google saying GFC is closing down the actual thing that is closing is google reader, These are different things.
google reader is kind of like blog lovin in the way it organises and shows the blogs you are following, It is not the blogger dashboard a lot of people read there blogs on.
google friends connect is a way of following a blog you like, if you follow a blog with GFC it will come up in the blogger dashboard which is not going anywere as far as I know.
Tomorrow is the day that google reader dies this dose not mean that you will loss all your followers so please do not worry.
GFC might close at some point but i really do not think it will be tomorrow
the places you can follow my blog are..
and GFC
if you have any questions please feel free to comment below


  1. i'm glad someone finally said it. i thought i'm the only one who think it's only google readers but all bloggers keep saying it's the gfc... i also never see google said they will close down the gfc...

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    1. i know what you mean thats why i wanted to do a post about it as everyone is like gfc is going follow me hear there and everywair. x

  2. Amazing post this explains a lot so thanks for sharing :) I was in a panic too as I love GFC its easy to use :) xx

    1. i love gfc its amazing so easy. glade i could help x

  3. I've been saying this for ages. I too panicked when it was first announced about Google Reader, then I googled it and realised that Reader and GFC are two different things and there's no mention of GFC leaving us at all.

    It's always good to have another place like Bloglovin' where people can follow you - just in case one day google decide to get rid of GFC. I can see why people are panicking because they have hundreds of followers so it would be a shame to lose them, but just a quick research and they'd realise the two are different.

    Hopefully Google will never get rid of GFC though, because it's so easy to use and I much prefer reading blogs on my blogger dashboard than the bloglovin' site. Haha.

    Juyey xx