IMATS London 2013 Haul

Hello.... On Friday and Sunday I went to any makeup artists dream place, IMATS! And it was incredible I got to meet so many amazing talented makeup artists got to try new brands and got to meet up with a few of my makeup artist friends. I have to say these two days are right up at the top of my best days list along with me getting to do the makeup with the amazing John Farrar.
If you do not know what imats is then make sure to look out for my vlog type of post that will be coming up on Thursday.
now lets get on with this haul before I fall asleep as I'm supper tired.
P.S This post is going to be very picture heavy
over the two days I went I bought so much stuff and I'm so exited to use it all. Now I just need to put a little disclaimer out to say I did buy all this stuff my self some of it was discounted some of it was not, I saved very hard for imats and im happy with all my stuff, if you do not like hauls or think I am bragging please leave now.
Temptu Pro
Temptu was amazing they had there airbrushes and lots of makeup bits. this is were I spent the most money!! If you saw my imats wishlist you will know the temptu airbrush was on my list and its the one I wanted the most, I got it and I got it as the starter set so got the airbrush system the pack of 12 foundations and the cleaner for only £130 what a bargain!!
I then picked up two more airbrush sets, I got the S/B  (silicone based) Hi- Def set which is really beautiful and im so happy to have it because as you probably know I do mostly fantasy makeup. £36
I also got the set of aqua adjusters which was £25
I'm so happy with these items!! what a deal too.
So I have really been getting into doing body painting lately so decided to pick up a few body paints from mahron these were £8 each I got silver, light pink, lime, white and black. these smell amazing and the colours are beautiful.

From Eldora I was planning on getting about £50 worth but the booth did not except card and the cash machine charges £2 to get money out so I only got 6 pares of lashes which was £20.. I picked up a mix so some natural some coloured and I'm so exited to use these on shoots.
I got B164,B183,B130, C159,C146 and C110.. The white ones are for my snow queen look next month.

Kryolan had amazing deals on  but I went for one of the more expensive items they sell. I got the UV palette. this palette is so beautiful and bright and I cant wait to use it omg its beautiful £40
Eye Kandy
So after seeing so many americans raving about the eye kandy booth I had to cheek it out my self and by god I was inpressed. the glitters were so pretty it was hard to only pick 7. these were 7 for £30 which is a grate deal. I got from R-L Mad Melon, Hard candy, Pumpkin Pie, Marshmallow, Sour Grape, silver without name, and gum drop
It also came with a little brush and the liquid suger.

Love Makeup
At love makeup I picked up two items. the z palette which was £12.75 and they didn't have the purple one so I got the pink one. its going to be amazing so exited to depot my eyeshadows after doing this post, I also got a impulse buy there was two of these beauty's left and its was such a good price at £58 I just could not miss it, the sugerpill pro palette. this is a only imats palette and it consists of all three of the palettes they have.
I bought 1 stencil for my airbrush. this one is called frozen and its for my snow queen, this was £3
Royal and Langnickle
at royal I bought 2 brushes as I was saving my self for crown. I got the BC490 eyebrow brush which is a tiny eyebrow brush £2 and the C185 complexion brush which you can use for many things £8 these brushes are so soft and I'm so happy to have them in my collection

Crown Brush
I went a little bit crazy at crown brush and bought 19 brushes. the second picture is the ones for makeup and the bottom are the ones for body painting I got. now a lot of these don't have names on them but I will just go through them anyways.
Top R-L-  C224 oval Camouflage, 2x C140-4, 2x syntho little crease brush, 2x syntho big crease brush, round top concealer brush, C431 Precision Detail, Syntho little fan, C139 stiff crease and syntho eyebrow. these ones came to £35
Bottom R-L- C250-2, C150-2, C160-1/8, C150-10, no name conceler, no name funcky flat square, no name round top foundation, no name massive foundation. £30
And that's the end of my haul. that took about 2 hours to type up agggg I'm so exited for all these products.
Did you go to imats this year? send me links to your hauls. remember to cheek back on Thursday for the vlog.


  1. I NEED to go to IMATS next year, what an amazing haul! The Sugarpill palette looks amazing. xx

    1. it was totally amazing next year im planning on going all three days so I can see everything and also meet people. x

  2. I really want to try crown brushes but I really like the look of those lashes! The palettes look great! You must have had SO much fun at imats, lovely haul xx

    1. crown brush is amazing. wish I had got to meet up with you in London. x

  3. Wow amazing haul! I'm so excited for IMATS this year in Sydney Australia! xx

  4. Lovely haul wish I could have gone to imats!

    1. you would of loved it, maybe you can go next year

  5. Thanks for your comment! You would have loved the Nars stand which would have been stress free on Friday. I love that sugarpill palette!


    1. I know I didn't even know it was 60% off other wise I would of got some items. I love the sugar pill plette xx