OPI Skyfall Collection- My picks

Hayya Lovely's Today's post is on my picks from the new OPI holliday collection "Skyfall" This collection is inspired by the new James Bond film which will be released this month some time. Now in no way did I buy this collection because its James bond as to tell the truth I have never seen any of the movies. 

Anyways I was in sally's today as I knew there were some colours I wanted and I had to get a few things for my kit and for Christmas presents. the colours I picked up are:

Skyfall- This is a red berry colour its beautiful for the winter season. I dont own any colour like this so this is the first one I picked up  

Live And Let Die- this is a green even though the swatch makes it look black. its full of glitter which is so beautiful and again I do not own anything like it so had to grab it up

Moonraker- Is literally a pure silver with a hint of purple. it reminds me a little of a china glaze one i own but after looking closely at swatches they look nothing alike. 

I'm really happy with the colours I picked. one of the ones i wanted was sold out all ready so i might be able to pick it up another time. 
Did you pick anything from the OPI Skyfall collection?


  1. really pretty colors!! im going to check the stores near me and i hope the collection is in! x

    1. i hope you manage to get some of this collection x

  2. Moonraker looks awesome! :)


  3. Love these! I especially love the Skyfall berry shade :)

    Kirsti xx

  4. Skyfall is a lovely shade :)


  5. Replies
    1. there really pretty the whole collection is

    2. I need some of these. They're absolutely beautiful shades and perfect for winter.

      I'm now following you :)

  6. I love the shade 'Skyfall' this whole collection is gorgeous you picked some lovely shades xx

  7. thanks for sharing.