Collective Makeup Haul

Hayya Lovely's today's post is a collective makeup haul from the past week. I did buy most of these items on Sunday but some were bought last week as well. before I tell you what I have bought I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting me in the blogger world on twitter and on facebook and instagram. 

On to the haul.
I did buy one other thing but i'm going to be doing a post all about it in the next few weeks so your going to have to wait to find out what it is. 

Illamasqua rich liquid foundation- £25 Ok i'm going to be honest here DO NOT buy this its so drying and looks awful on the skin i think its costume makeup to tell the truth!
MAC 316 lip brush- £16 then 10% off. this lip brush is amazing I love it and would defiantly recommend it.

2x Eylure Naturalites 020- around £5.50 buy one get one half price. as you can tell by the photo I have actully used both pairs of these in the competition I was in yesterday. I used my boots points on these so got them free!
Smashbox Arced liner brush 21- £16 this brush is really grate for applying gel liner and its amazing for wings. 
Smashbox Fan brush 22- I have been looking into getting a fan brush for so long and when I saw this one at £14.50 I had to buy it. Its really soft as is grate for wiping away fall out and for applying blush very lightly. 

ok so that's everything I have bought in the past week. I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. The fan brush looks pretty interesting! x

  2. Those brushes look pretty good. I want to pretend I'm someone who 'gets' makeup brushes, but sadly I'm not - eye makeup is not my forte, for some reason I've just never been able to get to grips wth it, but more and more, I am thinking that it might be because I've never had a decent set of brushes to work with. I was thinking of having some for Christmas, but then it's such a risk - they're pretty pricey, and I might find I'm still rubbish anyway, haha. Oh well.
    Sorry to hear that that foundation was no good, it's awful when you fork out on a product only to find it's not your cup of tea at all :(
    Mel x

    1. i thought the foundation would be amazing but its really poo. you can still have makeup brushes if you dont do eye makeup