Review- MAC Lavish Rose Lipglass set

Hayya lovely's, Today's post is a review on the MAC Lavish Rose lipglass set from the new holiday collection. 
I managed to get this set the day before it was released in the UK because every year my nearest MAC (1.5 hours away) have a holiday event which are so much fun, I would recommend seeing if your MAC has any events on as there a lot of fun and very helpfull.

This is possably one of a few reviews i'm going to do so if you want a review from any of the sets MAC has bought out please comment in the comment section.

Guilty Passions Lip Gloss kits illuminate lips in shades and finishes too irresistible to resist. Lavish Rose includes Dazzleglass in Boys Go Crazy, Dazzleglass Creme in Demure and two Cremesheen Glass in Catwalk and Colour Saturation.

# £25.50
# Contains 4 new colours 
# Cool Tones 
# Mix of day and night colours
# Dazzleglass contains 0.09 US OZ
# Cremesheen glass contains 0.07 US OZ each

Demure- Is a Dazzleglass Creme which contains 0.07 US OZ. Its a cool toned pale pink/peach with blue shimmer. It has a sheer coverage but is nice over the top of peach lipsticks or can be worn everyday. 
Going Casual- Is a Cremesheen glass which also contains 0.07 US Oz. It reminds me a little of MAC Saint Germain lipstick. It is a pale blue toned pink. its quite creamy and feels nice on the lips as its not sticky.
Boys Go Crazy- Is a Dazzleglass which contains 0.09 US OZ. It is a bright clear purple containing  a lot of blue and pink glitter. This is the colour that really stood out to me. Its a repromote so you might all ready own it. 
Colour Saturation- Is a Cremesheen glass containing 0.07 US OZ. It is a true berry colour and is very creamy. I think it would look good over reble lipstick. This colour is also a repromote.

First Thoughts
When I first saw this kit I was drawn in by Boys go Crazy its a beautiful glitterfull purple which really drew me in as I love purple lips. Another thing that drew me in was the packaging, I love the little Hat like box its so cute and I will be keeping it, It is cardboard but the bow is plastic. I love MAC lipglasses more than any other even though I'm not a grate gloss fan I'm more a lippy girl.

What I Love
- I love the packaging of the lipglasses, The tube has a little bow on each which is pretty darn adorable if you ask me. Also love the overall packaging as its so cute.
- I love the colours, These lipglasses I'm going to be using mostly in my kit because like I said before I'm not a grate fan of gloss myself, There glosses are perfect for all occasions.
- I love the sent, Have you ever notised all MAC products smell like vanilla cupcake. I LOVE IT
- I love the size, The size of these lipglasses these are bigger than the normal ones as they may be shorter but a lot thicker. 
- I love the price, This set is only £25.50

What I dont like
Some of the glosses are quite sheer 

Hope this review was helpfull. I give this set a 4.9 out of 5. I would recommend to ever single one of you. 


  1. lovely set. i really want one of those once they launch in germany.


    1. Its really nice. when dose it come out in germany, If you want me to review another set just let me know. x

  2. I will definately be purchasing this :) Thanks x

  3. Stunning set, how gorgeous is the packaging!?
    Great review :) xo

    1. the packaging is so beautiful its much better than last year. so girly :) x

  4. this set is gorgeous! im definitely considering getting one of these sets now :D

  5. This set is definitely something i want to buy, love the colours! xx

    1. you should its amazing set and a total bargan x

  6. Replies
    1. its realy nice so are the other lipglass sets x

  7. really cute packaging and pretty colour :) definitely my christmas wishlist