Bronzer Comparison: Nars Laguna VS Benefit Hoola

Have you ever wondered which bronzer to get? People always rave over 2 different ones you may think what is the difference between them, Well hopefully this post will help you.

Lets start with Nars Laguna.
Nars say- " Brown with golden shimmer" 

Nars Laguna is a light toned brown with gold shimmer, this bronzer is amazing for contouring as it comes out being semi matt, this means the shimmer is not over powering and can hardly be seen. The colour of this bronzer douse not come out orange on the skin and would look good on people with light to mid toned skin. 

This bronzer comes in the ever so famous Nars rubber Packaging which collects finger prints like there is no tomorrow 

Laguna comes with a Net Wt 0.28 Oz 8g, it also has a best before date of 24 months. 

Pros: Comes out true to colour on your skin
      Big Mirror for on the go 
      A little bit goes a long way
      Not Chalky or powdery 
      gives a nice glow

Cons: very expensive £25
      Gets dirty easy
      Can crack easy

I really like this bronzer and will defiantly be buying it again ones i run out.

Now onto Benefit Hoola.
Benefit say: "Dust this soft bronze powder over your complexion for a healthy, natural looking "tan" year-round. No tanning bed necessary! Complete with soft, natural-bristle cheek brush. It's pure colour - no sparkle and no shine!" 

Benefit Hoola is a matt bronzer, it is a light toned brown which has a nice soft texture. A little bit of this bronzer goes along way as it is very pigmented so make sure to only use a little bit as you can go back for more.

The Packaging for this bronzer may look cute but its not very handy. It can get broken easy as it is maid of cardboard and things attach them self to it as it has a magnet in side. 

This bronzer also comes with a Net Wt 0.28 oz 8g

As you can tell i love this bronzer as i have hit pan on it :)

Pros: Matt finish so grate for contouring
      True to colour
      Lasts a long time
      Really smooth
      Good for light to mid toned skin
      Easy to find

Cons: Packaging brakes easy
      Hard to control amount using
      Douse not say how long it can be used for

As you can tell i really like this bronzer and if i had to pick just one i would goo with hoola as I think its a lot easer to use and looks amazing (also it cheaper)



  1. You've hit the pan haha... Loads of people talk about Benefit Hoola, whats ur favourite highlight, I like hard candies highlight and my favourite bronzer is Nars Laguna but I'm gonna have to try hoola now

    1. My favourite highlighter is mac sunday afternoon face powder from the vera collection but im going to try the benefit high beem hopefully soon.
      yehh you should defo try it out its amazing i love them both but i perfer hoola

  2. hoola looks and sounds amazing! I never really pay much for a bronzer, but I might have to splash out soon as i've heard so many good things about the benefit one :) Lovely blog! xo

    1. you should defiantly try hoola its amazing it was my first bronzer and it maid me fall in love with bronzer ever since i got it i have used ether that one or Laguna everyday. Thank you xoxo

  3. I hate that about NARS compacts, how they get so dirty,that's why I haven't repurchased one since I bought my first.

    1. yes it is soo annoying :( have you tried hoola?

  4. hoola is amazing! :) x

  5. They book look good :) I love the packaging on the Hoola one! Great post


    1. its cute packaging its just not to grate as it can get smashed easy. thank you xx

  6. I've been meaning to do this review for ages! They're so similar but I really can't decide which one I prefer...! xCx

    1. i love them both so much but the reason i picked hoola is because laguna gets dirty but i have been using laguna a lot more lately so i think there equal now

  7. Brilliant review, I'm torn between the two atm!!!
    Got a small Hoola in a Tan About Town kit and really impressed with it so far :)

    Laura xoxo

    1. there both really good but if you want somthing more sheer that you can build up go for the laguna

  8. you convinced me to try hoola. i have light cream skin and people kept telling me that it's gonna make me look like i have mud on my face. lol!! and i heard that the nars has a orange tones in it. good blog;)

    1. you should try it. the nars one is not orange toned at all its very simmiler to hoola just a bit more expensive and has a tini bit of shimmer