Review- M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation

This is my review on the mac studio sculpt foundation.
I thought this review might be very useful for some of you as when I was looking into buying this foundation myself i could not find a review on studio sculpt all I could find was studio fix. so hear is my thoughts.

Mac says "A creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium buildable to high coverage with a natural satin finish. Hydrating, instantly revitalizes the skin while keeping it looking smooth, soft and plush. Long-wearing, water-resistant" 

I have been using this foundation for 1 month and it has some good points and some bad points. I am in the colour NC15 (the shades run a shade lighter than all the other mac foundation)

 Pros: 23 diffrent shades to choose from
       Easy to blend 
       Only need a little bit for entire face
       medium coverage
       40 ML 
       Has Spf 15

 Cons: Not water-resistant
       Rubs off even when been set
       Only good in colder weather

This foundation retails for £23 in the uk. 
Even though there are a few bad points about this foundation I really like it as it matches perfect with my skin. I will defiantly be reaching for this foundation when autumn comes back around. 
I would not recommend this foundation to people who have oily skin but would defently recommend it to people with dry skin.
i would recommend only warring this foundation in the colder weather. 



  1. Sadly I have oily skin so wouldn't be perfect for mee, what foundation would you recommend if you had oily skin?

  2. i would recommend the mac studio fix for oily skin as a lot of people love it also i have tried it and i really like it too.

  3. I will definitely try that out and I will let you know how it works for me

  4. great!! i been looking for a sculpt review x

    1. when i fist was wanting this foundation i could not find any reviews so i thought this would be helpfull x

  5. never been able to like MAC foundations..i tried all of them and always irritated my face and everytime i apply it ,it feels blotchy(the skin)..but they do have nice coverage x

    1. i love this foundation but it douse rub of. im trying to find the best foundation for me so there will be more foundation reviews