Naked Pallet Comparison/ Review

Are you a newbie to makeup and looking for a good neutral pallet or just after the Naked pallet but wondering which one is better? hopefully this review/ comparison will help you decide.

This comparison is going to be between the Naked original and the Naked 2 pallet. I know that these pallets have been out for a long time but I wanted to be able to do a good review/ comparison. I have done a video on these pallets before but it wasn't very good but if you want to see the video click hear.

(top: Naked 2, Bottom: Naked original) 

As you can tell the packaging of these pallets are very different, one being metal and the other being carbord covered in fabric.

The pallet I'm going to start with is the Naked original.
Urban Decay say: " THIS is how Urban Decay does neutral! Far from boring, Urban Decay's Naked Palette features a shade range that runs from the palest champagne to the grittiest gunmetal. Not just "shades of beige", each shadow has a distinctly Urban look, yet works for EVERYONE."

(Virgin ,Sin ,Naked ,Sidecar ,Buck ,Half Baked , Smog, DarkHorse , Tosted, Hustal, Creep, Gunmetal)

The Naked original came out about 1 year ago and had so much hype around it, it was imposable to find. I was able to get this pallet from house of Fraser summer of 2011. I have to say I don't use this pallet as much as I would like to. The colours in this pallet are very nice but some I would not say are very neutral. I would of liked some more matt shades as all most all these are shimmery or glittery, matts are better for a everyday look. 

  (Virgin ,Sin ,Naked ,Sidecar ,Buck ,Half Baked , Smog, DarkHorse , Tosted, Hustal, Creep, Gunmetal)

Urban decay shadows are very pigmented and that's what I love about them but some other brands I would say are a little better and cheaper such as inglot. You get some nice golds in this pallet which i really love but all the colours are in the brown line. A bad point about this pallet is that the packaging kind of sucks as it can fall apart.  

Pros: Very Pigmented
      £36 (not to bad as you get 12 colours)
      Can create lots of different looks 
      Creamy formula  

Cons: Hard to find 
      Lots of fall out
      Cardboard Packaging can get wrecked easy

Next up is the naked 2 pallet.
Urban Decay says: " The most anticipated sequel of the decade! Our new palette is meticulously packed with 12 Taupe + Greige Neutrals, featuring FIVE EXCLUSIVE NEW SHADES."

(Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite,Suspect, Pistol,Verve,YDK, Busted, Blackout)

This pallet came out the beginning on this year (2012) on high demand. But to my surprise it was not hard to get at all. I got this pallet at debenhams before the realise which I was very exited about. When I first got this pallet I used it like crazy but then I haven't really used it for about a month or two. But this pallet is amazing for a neutral smoky eye. I like how this pallet has more matt colours but still most of them are shimmery. 

 (Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite,Suspect, Pistol,Verve,YDK, Busted, Blackout)

I love how this pallet has a mix of browns and greys as that is what was missing from the naked original pallet. The formula of these eyeshadows are there new formula that they just released and I love it, there so smooth and pigmented. They have also really improved on the packaging as this one I don't think will get wrecked as easy. 

Pros: Very Pigmented
      Nice selection 
      Very Smooth 
      Easy to find

Cons: Has half backed like the original
      Lots of fall out 

All together I love both these pallets after getting re introduced to them I would say I prefer the original as I use it more. But I also love the naked 2 as its amazing for smoky eyes.

You can find both of these pallets at Debenhams and there on sale for only £32.40 
Hope this review/comparison helped you out, let me know which one you prefer.



  1. I've just got the naked original palette and really love it, so I was thinking about getting the naked 2 one later in the year or something, so this post couldn't have been more helpful! Have you got any other favourite eyeshadow brands other than urban decay or inglot? x

    1. i also really love mac eyeshadows but there £10- £12 each so i dont think there worth it. hope you like the naked pallets x

  2. I love this post... I have been wanting the naked palette for ages but since I have found out about inglot, i'm not so sure but I will try to get it and this post is really helpful :D xxx

    1. I would recommend it but I think inglot is better as there is more product and it more pigmented

  3. Replies
    1. i love them both to but for different reasons x