Review: Inglot Cosmetics

As some of you may know I have loved mac eye shadows for quite along time now, But now I have a new favourite eye shadow brand and there name is Inglot.

So i have been wanting to try Inglot for a while as I have heard some amazing things about them but i kept putting it of saying I have a million eye shadows (and that is the first thing I wanted to try from them.) So last Thursday I finally caved and ordered from there online store . The  shipping was very expensive being £6 but my items arrived the next day so I cant complain.

(top: 66, 378, bottom: 357)

I decided to get a 10 eyeshadow freedom system pallet and 3 different eyeshadows. i got two matt shades 
and one AMC shade which is full of glitter.

These eyeshadows are amazing so I'm really glad I decided to get them. There so pigmented and blend really well.

I love to use the matt shades to fill in brows. The purple didn't photo very well so this picture douse not give them justice.

Pros: Only £4.50 per shadow
      So pigmented
      Blend really well
      A million different colours
      Got a very strong magnet so will not fall out

Cons: Got a very strong magnet so hard to get out
      Hard to find a store. (i will have all the stores there are in the UK at the end of this post)

All together i think these eyeshadows are better than mac as some mac eyeshadows are not pigmented but all these ones are and there a lot cheaper as well.
What would you prefer to do spend £10 at Mac or spend £4.50 at inglot? I know what I would pick.

Were can you find inglot in the uk?
England : London, Westfield shopping centre.
Scotland: Aberdeen, Union Square shopping centre and 6 market street
Ireland: Dublin, Blanchardstown Centre, Dundrum Town Centre, Jervis Shopping Centre and Liffey Valley Shopping Centre
Limerick, Crescent Shopping Centre
Also if your from the UK you can order from there website hear

hope you enjoyed this review/ haul, Let me know if you have ever tried inglot and what you think.



  1. Great Colours ,i love the Inglot Eye Shadows :)


  2. I just noticed these opening up in Aberdeen... oh dear, will have to go and investigate!

    Btw I love your blog so I've nominated you for some blogger awards! Check out my page to see them :)

    1. there have 2 in aberdeen :) do u live there? i used to. thank you so much x

    2. I am at uni in aberdeen but I come from edinburgh :) when my exams are over my first stop will be inglot!

    3. i used to live in aberdeen but now i live in dundee and my sisters are in edinburgh im going to inglot on the 12th and so exited

    4. Can't wait to see what you get!

    5. im going to get some stuff for the giveaway and some eyeshadows for my pallet but dont know what ones. i hope you will enter the giveaway

    6. From what I see on their website and passing the shops I imagine you've got some tough choices, I've never seen so many colours! (sorry, mass commenting on you page just now haha) Will definitely enter the giveaway! Planning one for my blog atm but it will need to wait til I finish my exams :)

    7. yehh there is so many but i plan on collecting them all for me and for my freelance kit. i start exams this week to so i ushaly post ever 2 days but not going to manage that but i will get up a post tomorrow instead of Thursday x

  3. I've never heard of this brand before! Thanks for informing me~ it's cool how you can customize your own palette!

    1. you should try it out its supper amazing. i love that you can do that as well and its cheep to x