Blogmas Day 5 TAG- All I Want For Christmas

Hayya Lovely's. today's post is going to be a Christmas tag called All I Want For Christmas. It was created by the wonderful Lauren Alice. This year I'm going to be doing a few Christmas tags and decided to start with this one.  I have also decided to do blogmas, I know its the 5th today but its better late than never. 

1. What was the best present you received as a child? Well how old would you class a child..... I would say it would probably of been the Bratz rock angels car. When I was a child I was obsessed with bratz dolls.
2. Whats at the top of your wish list this year? I really hate to say it but at the top of my wishlist is money so i can buy stuff for my kit as that is quite expensive. also so i can get my imats tickets.
3. Do you have a funny Christmas tradition? we have a lot of traditions but non of them are funny sorry. 
4. What are your 3 Christmas party beauty essentials? My sheer glow foundation, Mac glitters + Pigments and mac reble lipstick. 
5. Whats your favorite christmas movie? santa clause 2 im watching it right now.
6. Are you a giver or a receiver? I'm both I enjoy giving but I think every one enjoys receiving but some people just dont admit it. 
7. who will you be kissing under the mistletoe this year? Emmm SANTA hahaha... No one 

I tag everyone to do this tag as its really fun.
ps. sorry for the low quality photo I used one of my instagram photos.