New Collection: MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

Today's post is on a new collection called Mac Marilyn Monroe which is due to by released fall 2012. I am so exited for this collection and even my sister is and she douse not wear mac makeup.   This collection is meant to be released in October but no official date has been released for either UK or US/Canada This collection also is massive having 30 products.

♥ Eyeshadows £12  British Pounds/ $15 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- How To Marry: (Veluxe Pearl) Soft white 
Preferred Blond: (Veluxe Pearl) Pale champagne beige
- Silver Screen:  (Veluxe Pearl) True Silver
- Show Girl: (Veluxe Pearl) Dark Blue Gray

 ♥ Eye Kohl £14 British Pounds/ $15 US Dollars (Permanent)

- Smolder: Intense Black
- Fascinating: Intense Matt White 

 ♥ Lipstick £13.50 British Pounds/ $14.50 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- Deeply Adored: (Matt) Deep Scarlet 
- Charmed I'm Sure: (Matt) Dark True Red
- Pure Zen: (Cremesheen) Hot Nude 
- Love Goddess: (Satin) Mid Tone Red Pink 
- Scarlet Ibis: (Matt) Bright Orange Red (Repromote)

♥ DazzleGlass £16.50 British Pounds/ $19.50 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- Phiff!: Sheer Yellow Peach (Repromote)
- Little Rock: soft sheer white with pearlized pigments 

♥ Lip Pencil £10.50 British Pounds/ $14 US Dollars (Permanent) 

- Beet: Vivid Reddish-Pink
- Redd: Clearly Red 
- Cherry: Vivid Bright Bluish Rad

♥ Beauty Powder £21.50 British Pounds/ $23 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- Forever Marilyn: Sheer Pale Peach Highlighter 

 ♥ Powder Blush £17.50 British Pounds/ $20 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- Legendary: (Satin) Pale Soft Coral 
- The Perfect Cheek: (Matt) Natural Pink Beige (Repromote)

♥ Nail Lacquer £9 British Pounds/ $16 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- Vintage Vamp: (Cream) Rich Deep Retro Wine (Permanent)
- Stage Red: (Cream) Dark Red Berry
- Flaming Rose: (Cream) True Red
- Orange Kid: (Cream) Coral (Repromote)
- Rich Rich Rich: (pearl) Glitter Gold

♥ Penultimate Eye Liner Rapid Black £16 British Pounds/ $18.50 US Dollars (Permanent)

♥ Penultimate brow Marker Universal £15 British Pounds/ $18.50 US Dollars (Permanent)

♥ Clear Brow Finisher £12.50 British Pounds/ $15 US Dollars (Permanent)

♥ False Lashes Extreme Black £18.50 British Pounds/ $19 US Dollars (Permanent)

♥ Lash £10 British Pounds/ $19 US Dollars (Limited Edition)

- 35: Dramatic Lash with emphasis on the center of the lash

Is anyone else really exited about this collection. I think it would be best if there was Limited Edition Packaging as it would look supper cute but ohh well i will still get something from this collection.


  1. this collection looks awesome! i hope that there will be special packaging, that would be so cute :D

    1. I know im really exited for it think i will get both blushes but i wish there was a purple lipstick as im in love with purple lips right now. haha I wish they did special packaging to