Beauty Haul!

Hi everyone, hope your all having a grate weekend. As some of you know I have been away for a week visiting family and doing some makeup shopping, So i bet i don't have to tell you but today's post is going to be a makeup haul.

If you have not seen yet im hosting a summer giveaway so i would recommend going and entering. 

Lets start with the mac items, shall we?
Just before i went away i decided to phone mac cosmetics if they had any products left from the Heavenly Creature collection, I was presently surprised that they still had a few of the items that i wanted in stock. So i asked them to keep the products for me. I got Star wonder MSF which is my first MSF and i love it, So i ended up getting light year from another mac. I got the last one of both of these products (don't you just love it when that happens) 
(Light Year, Star Wonder)

I also asked them to hold two of the blushes, both these blushes are amazing and gorgeous and im so exited to have them. I got Supernova which i just swatched for the first time and it is so beautiful its unbelievable then i also got Stratus which i have worn two times all ready and its perfect all i have to say is use a very light hand! 

(Supernova, Stratus) 

Since I had some items to back to mac I decided to get a new lipstick in Vegas Volt, this lipstick has been on my list for a long time so im so happy I got it. Its the perfect coral!

(Vegus Volt)

Now on to the other brands!

I desided to pick up the urban decay build your own palette as it is limited edition and it was the last one in the shop i was at. I love the packaging

I went to benefit and finally decided to go a head and get high beam. so happy i did as i love this little bottle of shine.  Review coming soon!

Last but not least i got my laurs mercier silk creme foundation (little party) I love this foundation so much it is most defiantly the best foundation i have ever used and i can tell you this, this product will now be my holy grail foundation and i am going to be buying this foundation again. 

So thats everything i bought and i love every item so much. No more hauling for me till after i get my camera! 

Have you bought makeup products lately?




  1. the supernova blush looks amazing! will have to get that for my holiday :)

    Kayleigh xx

    1. its beautiful along with the other blush and the msf i love all of them

  2. I am so jealous you got your hands on the MAC Heavenly Creatures collection! I really love the MSFs!! Xx.

    1. i love the collection and was so surprised to be able to get some of the items

  3. Love everything u bought especially the mac blush in supernova and laura merciers silk cream!! Nice haul!! xxx

  4. great haul!! can't wait to read all the reviews you are gonna post on productS!

    what urban decay shadows are you thinking of getting? x

    1. i will be doing a review or something today. love all the products :) i dont know yet but defiantly the color mushroom

  5. The blushes look absolutely stunning!