A Review! MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in Basic Red

So its no surprise that I am not MAC's greatest fans right now!! first of they need some nicer staff in stead of hiring the snobby ones that ignore you and think they know everything, and second they keep making the prices higher... WHY MAC WHY Lipsticks are now £15 WHAT!!! 
anyways enough of that rant I actually have a positive review of one of MAC's products that I got the beginning of this year when it was like £12.50 instead of £13.50 its the MAC Chromagraphic pencil in basic red. the cromographic pencils are amazing I own a few of them now and no joke there the best pigmented creamy liners I have ever used and I have tried a lot of pencil eyeliners.
As always mac pencils come in sleek black packaging with the colour on the bottom. there packaging is simple but handy dandy. there easy to sharpen unlike the urban decay 24/7 glide on pencils which I personally find hard to sharpen as they keep braking for me.
this pencil is part of the pro line that mac dose but any one can order it you do not have to be a pro member.
this colour that I'm reviewing is called basic red but I don't think this is basic at all, this colour for one is the only red that looks good on me and two it has some orange tones which I really like.
the formulation of this pencil is not like mac lip pencils that I have tried this is a lot more creamy and I ware it alone without a lipstick and it dose not feel dry or look dry at all.

This is the perfect red for very pale skin like me and a plus it looks really great with my hair colour which has actually faded so much and its been done 2 time :( anyways I like this colour with my hair.
what do you think of this colour?
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  1. this is really pretty on you Elysa! The color looks so good with your hair color, I've dyed mine back to red too :)

    xoxo aly

    1. thanks hun, my hair is ment to be purple but it has faded so much it looks red. :(