Nail Art: Queens Diamond Jubilee Union Jack

Happy jubilee everyone, Today I'm going to show you how I did these union jack nails. I have just started doing nail art so I'm not to good but I just wanted to let you know how to do this union jack nail art. 

What You Will Need
  • Naive Blue Nail polish- I used one by barry m called cobalt blue
  • Red nail polish- I used one by china glaze called make some noise 
  • White nail polish- I just used a random white that I got in a set 
  • 2 different nail doters a thin one and a supper thin one.
Step One

Apply two coats of any naive blue polish you have it douse not have to be the one I have. 

Step Two

Using a thin dotting tool run the red nail polish in a + shape down the nail. This is quite easy but take your time to try and get the lines quite even. 

Step Three

Apply the red nail polish in a cross going through the + with the thin dotting tool. try to make the cross lines smaller than the + lines.

Step Four

last thing to do is to create the white outline. Using a supper thin nail dotting tool outline the red with a white. try to be very still handed as you can tell my hands shook a little wile doing this as I was trying to be supper still but it didn't work out. 

This union jack is quite easy to do but just take your time with it. This look is perfect if your going out to celebrate the queens diamond jubilee.

I hope you like this nail art post, let me know if you want more.



  1. Great job!!


  2. I am gonna try this tonite, its so cute :D xxx

    1. yay. send me a picture when your finished