Favourite Blog's Of The Week

Its that time of the week again its time for my favourite blog's of the week. I think next week I will do my four favourite blog's for the month to change it up a little bit.

  • BeautyBaby44 - She has been doing youtube for a long time but just started her blog and so far I'm loving it. 

  • Fleur De Force -  I have been watching Fleur on youtube for about a year now and her videos are amazing she is also in some of sprinkle of glitters videos so i like them even more haha. Her blog is full of reviews and she often has giveaways as well.

  • EssieButton - I found this blog through sprinkle of glitter and zoella and fell in love with it right away its well designed and her posts are very detailed.

  • Lips so facto - The pictures on her blog are amazing quality and that's one of the things I look for when I look at blog's, I love to see things clear as it gives me a better idea of what I could buy and that's why I love this blog. 

  • Temptalia - One of the best blog's out there. Tamptalia shears info on all the upcoming collections and gives very full detailed reviews both in blog form and video form. 

That's all the blog's for this week. I hope you cheek them out and love them as much as I do. remember our giveaway is still running so make sure to go enter for a chance to win a big nail package.

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