Favourite Blog's Of The Week #2

It's time for my second favourite blog's of the week. This post was meant for yesterday but I did not have access to the internet as I was at a wedding in England. So it is going up today. I have Five new blog's to tell you about and I think you should deficiently follow them as there all amazing.

  • Behind These Closed Eyes -Kirsty is also from Scotland which is ace as I  dont really come across blogers from Scotland. her blog is all beauty related with a lot of nail thing haha (she has gotten me obsessed with nails) she is so friendly and her blog posts are a pleaser to read. I found Kirstys blog last Sunday and ever since I have read ever single post on her blog. 

  • Zoella - I found Zoe's blog when I found Louise (sprinkle of glitter) this one again is one that maid me want to right a blog. Zoe is so funny and her blog posts and videos are amazing. 

  • What I Heart Today - Lily blog's almost every day and that's what I really love as there is always new things to read. her posts are very informative and also fun at the same time. 

  • Starry Eyed Beauty * - Christine is amazing she is so helpful and we are good friends. she really inspires me and I'm like amazed at her makeup collection. I think we are quite simler when it comes to makeup as we always tend to go with the same things. 

  • Florals and Freckles - Amy is so sweet and her blog posts are grate. she was one of my first followers and she is just amazing and makes people happy also her prom makeup was amazing. 

Thats all the blog's for this week remember if you would like me to cheek out your blog then let me know in the comment section below. 


  1. Cutee... I love seeing these type of posts as u can share the love, havent talked to u in ages, where are u :P ? xxx

    1. hayy i know miss you.. i just got home a few hours ago we can speek through email if you want.

  2. Zoe is one of my favourites too! xo

  3. ahhh elysa you are too sweet seriously <3 thank you so much!!!!! xxx i absolutely adore your blog to bits!!

  4. Thank you so much Elysa, you really have made my night!! This was so sweet of you and I have to say I'm absolutely loving your blog so far. Keep up the fab work girlie and I can't wait to read more of your posts x