How To Depot Lipsticks

What you will need!!!
I MAC duo palette (or another palette depending on what you want)
2 MAC 12 well insurts 
Your lipsticks (all of mine were MAC for this palette)
A stainless steal meshering cup
A spatula
A hob or a candle 

Step 1- Take a lipstick your wanting to depot and wind it up to the top the one im using is cyber. 

Step 2- cut the lipstick at the end then use a spatula to get the rest of the product out. you get alot of extra product in the bottom of these lipsticks so its quite handy to depot defo if your a mua.

Step 3- hold the stainless steal cup over the hop or candle and let it melt it might take upto a minute 

Step 4- let the lipstick totaly melt then pore it into the palette. 
Then if you wish take the labe of the lipstick and stick on to the palette. and your done... this dose take quite a while but I do think its worth it in the end. this 12 well palette take a whole lipstick too. 

So thats all my lipsticks now depoted and I now have anough for 3 more lippys from back to MAC so if you have any recomendations please do let me know what they are.. 

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