Blogmas #9 | Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

Hi Everyone, I have got a review for you today, On the Morgan Taylor nail polish brand, Its a newish brand that came out this year and its avalable at sallys and I think thats the only pleace its avalable in the UK.

Morgan Taylor nail polishes are 15ml and have a cool shape bottle and are a high end brand retailing for like £10 to the public and like £4.75 to sallys traid members. Morgan Taylor have a big range of polishes including many glitter polishes which I love. They are very fast drying and dont chip much but if your wering glitter nail polish its best to put on a top coat. I personaly have 3 jobs and all my jobs are chalanges for nail polishes, so today at work I did chip it a little and ended up picking at my nails all day, this always happens though but I have tried nail polish remover with asitone on this glitter but its very very hard to remove. 

the two colours I own so far are Whos that girl? and new york state of mind. there both purply of corce as everyone knows I love purple. Out of them both I like new york state of mind the best and its the one that didnt chip at all so I love it even more. 

these polishes are full of glitter and are very opace neeing just 2 coats to get a nail of full on glitter. Im personaly very very in love with this brand of nail polish, its amazing and I think there glitter polishes are so much better then OPI. (please donk kill me though its just me personal opinion)

anyways thats my day 9 of blogmas, hope you enjoyed, if there is anything you really want to see in blogmes let me know. as i'm starting to run out of post ideas but I have enothe idease I hope for this week. Its only 15 days till christmas and 14 more days of blogmas and i'm very exited, who else is exited?

our hanging star

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