Blogmas #10 | My Christmas Wishlist 2013

Hi everyone, I can not beleve its day 10 all ready and its only 14 days till christmas, Im really exited but as soon as next week is over i'm going to be buzzing but i do have to work the 23rd and 24th :( also im working all next week as well so i'm not to happy about this as I want to enjoy the christmas spritit and would of liked to have been asked if I wanted the extra shift of not but oviosly they dont really care so ohhh well guess im working, atleast im off christmas day though and it will come fast too like the rest of this year has been.

anyways today blogmas post is my christmas wishlist 2013. 
1. A owl contact lens case, As you may know about 2 months ago I started wering contact lences when my eye doctore told me my sight had gotton alot worse and I would have to were glasses full time. Now I like my contacts but really want this cute little case to hold them in. it retails for about £4
2. Rose gold watch from miss selfride, I love this watch and need a new watch and this remids me alot of the micheal kors watch. its £20
3. Urban Decay Vice 2 palette, This is a beautiful palette and I love all the colours and it would be amazing to have in my kit. its £42 
4.any morgan taylor nail polishes, If you saw my last post you will know im in love with the new morgan taylor nail polishes evelable in sallys for about £4.75
5. Kindle Fire, this is the top thing on my wishlist, I really want a kindle fire as I travel alot and think it would be really good to hold my port folio on. £99 on amazon.
6. Iwata Eclipse airbrush gun. this is actully something im going to buy with my money after xmas, its something I need as my iwate neo is not powerfull enoth for a body paint. its about £120
7. urban decay naked 3 palette. again im going to be buying this on monday as soon as it comes out as I really dont want to miss it. £37

so thats my wishlist for this year. Would you like to see a christmas "haul" ?