Blogmas #16 | Urban Decay Naked 3 First impressions

Hi everyone, Sorry I missed yesterday, im not to good with thi blogging everyday thing, haha. anyways todays post is a post im very exited about it my first impressions on the urban decay Naked 3 palette, now this post is litraly a first impressions as I got home from work 45 mins ago and thats when I opened this up and god im already in love with it. 

First of packaging. I like the outer packaging and the palette packaging better than the other too as this one is card board packaging with the colours in the palette on it, is it just me or dose everyone else like that. also I like how they have maid this palette bumpy and my favorite colour rose gold. 

this palette also comes with a sample of all the urban decay primer poshions. I love urban decay pp anyways as it makes your eyeshadow stay all day with no faiding no creasing and no going anywere, if you dont have it you need it!!!

now as for inside this palette, we have a brush which is nice its quite like the one we get in naked 2 but this one is better quality and nicer shape. you also get your 12 colour like the other palettes ranging from the light to the dark. this palette is more rose toned and I really like all the colours way more than the other two, dont get me rong though i love love love my other 2 nakeds but you know I think everyones the same when they get a new palette and there like this is amazing my new favorite. but yes the colours in this are beautiful and I cant wait to were them, I wont be wering them tomorrow though as im going to be using some bright colour which may be a bit ott for work but strate after work im going to be doing something every exiting so I need to look a sertin way, You will learn more about that at some point though but all you need to know now is to please wish me luck!.

so this palette is avalable now, not sure on stock but you may want to grab it as soon as you can because like the other naked palettes it is highly wanted and its not going to stay in stock for long. 
avalable at urban decay websight, debenhams, beauty bay, house of fraser, sophora and urban decay counters. 
this palette retails for £37 

so what urban decay naked palette do you like best? I will be doing a comparasing post in a week or so after xmas though. 

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