Blogmas #12 | Christmas gift guide for him

Hay everyone, its blogmas day 12 today!!! its getting so close to christmas im so exited. I'm heading down to england in a few hours and wont be back till saterday night so I wont be doing a blog post tomorrow but will be back on saterday with hopfully a good post. 

Anyways for todays blogmas im doing the Christmas Gift Guide For Him. 
I found this quite hard to do as i'm a girl but just thought of a few things so I will share them with you. 
1. A red lether retro radio. this one is avalable on ebay store for £39.99. my dad has asked my mum for a good radio this year so she has got him a red lether one, not shure if its the same as this one but its a idea. 
2. mens socks, Every male needs socks as lets face it men seem to make holes in socks faster than woman. you can pick up good socks from places like sports direct for around £4
3. a watch. I have asked for a watch like you saw in my wishlist but all men seem to like watches too my dad likes a good watch so thats another idea there. 
4. a phone case, this ones a cute christmas male iphone case, but you could get him one with like his fave sport ect on it for his one tipe phone. these ushaly vairy in price from like £1 to £10 
5. lynx deo gift set, lets face it if you find it hard to find something there is no harm getting a deo gift set. these are like £2.99 or so in home bargains right now. 
6. and finally a onsie, my dad wants one most people have them I love mine so its a nice gift defently if you have a pj trodition at christmas. 

anyways that that for my male gift guide. hope it helped even just a little bit. 

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