Last Buyes of 2013

Hi everyone, Its the new year and by crist the past year has gone so fast, I hope you all had a great christmas and a good new year. This year is going to be a very eventfull one for me and if will  be wonderful, anyways today i'm doing my last buys of 2013, this post is inspired by Khadija over at I was originaly going to do a boxing day haul but saw her post and thought the name sounds better as I didnt buy it all on boxing day. 

lets start with my makeup type items... first off i bought a new airbrush system this time I got the iwata silver jet compresser off amazon was £120 and i got the iwata eclipse airbrush which is perfect for body painting this I also got of amazon for around £125, to go along with my new airbrush system I bought 3 new airbrush paints from mist fx, I got yellow, black and bright pink. 

Next I bought some new clothing. I got a pair of high waist legons from tesco but there really really good quality and a perfect fit as well. these were like £14 I also bought 2 things from the miss selfridge sale, I bought this lovely meroon skater skirt for £15 and this lovely blue jemmed crop top also for £15

I then have got the Katy Perry queen perfum set which I love and got for a wopper of a deal of £11.75 which is amazing, I got my new geisha wig for a upcomming shoot which will be amazing, and I also bought the host on dvd for £7, I have bought a few other things as well but im still waiting for them so will probably include them in another post. 

Anyways thats my haul for you, One of my new years resolutions is to try blog a bit more so i promis i will try my best. 


  1. I love the skater skirt, it's gorgeous! You bought some lovely things :)