Best of 2013

Hi Everyone, Todays post is going to be on my best of 2013, I will be including all my favorite beauty products of the past year and also some of my other favorite things like movies, tv programs, music and books. 
This past year has gone past so quick it has been an amazing year but also a really auful year in different ways. this year was amazing for my makeup work getting to work with some amazing people getting published and getting to meet friends I would never of met if it was not for makeup, I can already feel that 2014 will be even better for my makeup work, but saying this this year is also the year that some bad things happened like going down to edinburgh and eveything gose tits up down there and also loosing my grandad as well which was auful for the whole family. 

anyways I will get started with my best of 2013s. 
MAC Studio Fix Fluid- this foundation has been an on off love of mine for 3 years now and at the end of this year I re fell in love with it. 
Illamasqua Skin Base- This is an amzing foundation perfect coverage colour and everything but I actully mix a bit of this in with studio fix and it makes an amazing amazing foundation. 
MAC prom Prinsess blush- this blush came out the beginning of the year and I have used it ever single day almost since. its pretty lightly applyed or even using a bit more of a heavy hand. 
Soap And Glory supercat liner- this liner is perfect for supper quick application and its not messy at all, I use this most days when I dont want to use a jel liner. 
Chanel eye liner pencil- I got this 2 years ago and use it every single day and its still big, it lasts all day and glides on really nicely. 
Urban Decay Primer potion- I love this product it keeps eye shadow on all day with out smudging or faiding or creasing, its a wonderful thing and I really do think everyone should have this in there makeup bags. 
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette- Now I do Realise that this only came out last month, but seriosly its so amazing it tops everything else from the whole year. 

You may notise I have not included any lip products, this is because I change lip colours all the time so dont really have a best one for 2013. 

For movie I have Loved LOL, for tv I have loved vampire dieries and PLL, for music I have loved kate perry and actully going to see her this year yay and finally for books I have loved divergent, its an amazing book and of corse the hunger games which is also my favorite movie too. 

so thats my best ofs and I hope you have enjoyed. 

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