Beauty and Fashion Haul

Hi everyone... So far this year I have bought so much and were only 10 days into the year some one needs to stop me from spending as for one I have a studio to pay for for 2 I have besses to pay for and for 3 its almost my 18th birthday and if I keep shopping there wont be anything left I would like for my birthday, Ohh well today I have a fashion and beauty haul for you all. 

First of we will start with new look, now the stupid thing is I have a £8 voture for new look and I didnt have it with me yesterday when I bought this stuff :/ Anyways I bought this wonderful fox jumber I love this so much as I love foxes right now, this jumper is amazing and was down to £11
I bought theses silver heals I actully tried on like 5 pares but im bad in big heals and these ones are not that high so hopfully I will be ok in them, I bought them to were with my dress for my birthday, these were down to £6 
last thing I got at new look was a pare of amazing boots, I had seen these in a haul youtube video and fell in love with them and when I saw them in bergandy in my size I just had to grab them they where down to £22.50 and there just amazing, I really wanted the black ones with white sole as well but they didnt have a size 4. 

next of my ted baker kindle fire case arived and btw it looks alot better in person, I love this beauty and it was down to £25 from £35

now for love makeup, Love makeup has a really good sale on right now so I picked up some really good bargains. first off I bought 3 lip tars in Zhora, batty and love craft all down to £9.50 which isnt the best of deal but you litraly never see the occ lip tars on sale. I also bought the deer and buterfly paper lashes for a shoot and they were down to £8 then last thing I got from them is the real techneques fine liner brush which was down to £4.50 I then got 10% off my order as well. 

next of I ordered some more bad ass stencils for airbrushing and body painting, I actully ordered these from the american websight as it works out about £8 cheeper getting them from there and not the uk, these were $4 each 

Last but not least I bought some more urban decay products, as we all know urban is my favorite makeup brand and its an amazing amazing brand that sell products that are crulty free and amazing quality, I will revew these items for you all but I bought the Urban decay naked foundation in shade 0.5 and I have this foundation on today and I have to say its the best ever!!! it was £27 I got a lip liner in venum this is amazing as well so creamy and looks a perfect colour as well. stays on all day too this was £13 then I got a 24/7 pencil in deep end this is a beautiful blue which im so exited to use, Finaly I bought another mini urban decay primer potion decided just to get another travel size for now but I will be getting a full size in eden soon. 

so yes you can all probably see now why I say someone needs to stop me haha its so hard though.