Lime Crime Haul

Hay everyone, I know I Know I said last month that I was going to blog alot more and I havent and I feel really bad for it so going to try better I promise. anyways I have found a new love, and its Lime Crime, last week I was being very naughty as I dont have alot of money right now but I had discount codes anyways I was being naughty and I ended up ordering some lime crime goodies, 

so I bought 3 lime crime lipsticks, I have heared mixed reviews on these so wanted to try them myself and so far I actully love them and want more haha. so the colours I bought are d'lilac which is beautiful but slightly unwarable but I have uses for it hehe. I bought Airborn Unicorn which is a beautiful lilac toned darker purple its so pretty and as you can tell I have used it a few time and also used it in todays photoshoot. and last I bought Countessa Fluressent which is a beautiful pink which I might be using in a shoot next monday. 

I then bought a pink velvetine which omg its amazing I love it and im going to use in next monday in a shoot ohhh its amazing. 

and last but not least I bought this amazing pastal palette called D Antoinette ohhh its beautiful and I already have 2 shoots that it will be defo getting used in. 

I have no regrets with these percheses, I love them all. beautiful products. 

anyways hope you enjoyed this post, and post requests let me know in the comments. 


  1. I really want the pink velvetine heard so many good things about it x

  2. Really wanna try these no idea what colour to get! x

  3. i heart the Lime Crimes lippies :) You'll need to put a review up on the Velvetine! Really wanna know if it is worth getting :)